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Get Acquainted with-Mr.Rajan Simkhada and Team at Earthbound Expeditions : who have over 20 years of experience on tour and trek planning for you 

Let me introduce the President of Earthbound Expeditions, Mr.Rajan Simkhada.
Rajan was born in the year 1977 in Dhading which is a few hours trek from Ganesh Himal Mountain Base Camp which is located within north-west of Kathmandu. Rajan graduated with a Business Management Degree from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. After that, he effectively completed the Trek Guide Training program conducted by the Hotel Management and Tourism Training Center in Kathmandu. He also finished his training in National Commissaries training from UCI international commissary.

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Rajan’s career in tourism started as a Front Desk Attendant at a Hotel in Thamel in 1994. In 1996, after which he joined a reputed trekking company, as a tour and trek coordinator. During this period, he led tours across Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri-lanka, and India. Consequently, he established himself as a senior guide.

Rajan is the spine of Earthbound Expeditions Nepal. His dedication is infinite and this venture started for him when he partnered with friends and founded Earthbound Expeditions Nepal. He still organizes and coordinates trips, where sometimes depending on client’s requests he jumps at the chance to lead a trip!

He is adept in English, Hindi, Nepali & other local dialects of Nepal.
Rajan has extensively traveled around the world to improve his understanding of tourism facilities and services. Some of the countries he visited over the years are USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Sri-lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

He is also a documented and a licensed trek guide certified by the Government of Nepal.
To sum up his experiences, we have mentioned a few of his achievements where Rajan has traveled to various places like:

  1. Mustang (7) seven times
  2. Simikot – Limi Valley (3) three times
  3. Annapurna Base Camp (47) forty-seven times! That is a record in itself! Isn’t it?
  4. Holy Mount Kailash – Mansarovar (14) fourteen times and counting!
  5. Mt.Everest (3) three times
  6. Langtang (17) seventeen times
  7. India – Nepal tour (3) three times
  8. Lhasa Tibet (2) two times
  9. Bhutan (2) two times
  10. Sri-lanka (1) one time
  11. Mera Peak in 1999 which is 6500 meters located in the Everest region.
  12. All Southeast Asian countries 

Here a brief history why Rajan and his team is capable of planning your trip right way
•    August- September 1997– he led a study trip for a group of geologists including Mr. Damian Hodkinson, Mrs. Carmala Garzione, Mr. B.N. Upreti (Gold medalist in Geology, Nepal) from Arizona University based in USA to Mustang for (37) thirty-seven days. His personal relations with the king of Mustang including his son and his doctor (Mr.Amchi) makes Rajan a significant visitor!  He also happens to know a number of villages, gompas in and around Mustang.
•    May – June 2000 – Rajan led his 4th trip to Kailash with a group for (35) thirty-five days.  This trip also included Simikot, Indus, Saga Dawa festival, Tholoing Tsaprang and Ali.
•    Sept – Nov 2000 – He organized and led a trip to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar for (33) thirty-three days with (1) one American researcher and a geologist, that is Mr. Bob Ronald’s and Ned Sterne Edward. This trip started by taking a flight to Simikot which is within the west of Nepal and its trail follows the Karnali River all the way to Rakhas Lake. Eventually, you go around and set off to go to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar where you trek back to Simikot via Limi valley.  The entire trip took (33) thirty-three days to complete. Anyways, what made this trip so rare was the fact that they completed the entire trip on foot.
Earthbound Expeditions Nepal is the 4th trek company to have arranged this sort of tour.
•    July to Oct 2001 – Rajan organized and led (3) three trips to Mount Kailash- Mansarovar region as well as he led trips to Mt. Everest Base Camp and Lhasa.
•     May 2002 – He organized and led a tour for (15) fifteen days with (25) twenty-five students from the City University of Hong Kong.
•    June- Oct of 2002 – He organized and led a trip of (4) four to Mount Kailash – Tholing Tsaprang, Everest Rongbuk and Lhasa. Esteemed Mr. Madhukar www.madhukar.org along with Indian Sadhus / saints with other travelers was involved in this trip.
•    April – May 2003 –  He organized a (16) sixteen days tour for (6) six ladies from Hong Kong to  to Kailash-Everest and Lhasa in Tibet
•    June-July 2003 – He organized and led a (12) twelve days tour for 41 students from Hong Kong University based in Hong Kong.
•     December 2003 – He organized and led a (9) nine days tour for (24) twenty-four travelers from Hong Kong.
•    March 2004 – He organized and led a (12) twelve days trip to India and Nepal for (8) eight American nationals.
•    May – June 2004 – He organized and led a (30) thirty days trip to Nepal and Tibet for (3) three American nationals.
•    July – Aug 2004 – He organized and led a (25) twenty-five days trip to Nepal and Tibet for (14) Dutch nationals.
•    Sept – Oct 2004 – He organized and led a (16) sixteen days trip to Tibet for (6) six American nationals.
•    April – May 2005 – He organized and led a (15) fifteen days trip to Mustang for a trek for (8) eight Italian and Swiss nationals. They also attended the Mustang Fiji Festival structured by the Easy Moving Company. www.easymoving.it
•    May 2005 – He organized a (15) fifteen days outing for Nepal and Tibet cultural tour for (13) thirteen Swiss nationals of Astro – Sesam company. It was a trip for renowned astrologers. www.astrosesam.ch
•    May – June 2005 – He organized a (22) twenty-two days  trip to Kailash and Tibet for (4) four  people for the SAGA DAWA festival and among them was one of the most respected individual Mr. Prashantam www.prashantam.com
•    May- June 2005 – He organized and  led a (13) thirteen days trip to places in Nepal for ( 13) thirteen students from CITY University based in Hong Kong
•     Aug. – Sept 2005 -He organized a (19) nineteen days tour to India, Nepal and Tibet for (2) two American nationals.
•    Sept – Dec 2005 -He organized a (7) seven days trips for Nepal and Tibet meant for Dutch nationals.
•    Feb 2006 – He organized and sponsored trips in Nepal for www.overland-underwater.com, a charity drive from UK and NZ
•    March – May 2006 – He organized numerous trips in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan including trips to Mt. Kailash on May 7.
•    July 2006 -He organized and led a trip to Kailash – Mansarovar  for (11) eleven people from the Jain community in UK
•     Dec 2006 – He organized and led a trip to India for (10) ten people from California, USA comprising of Vietnamese and American Doctors as well as army personnel’s.
•    Jan – Feb – March 2007 – He organized a trip to Annapurna Base Camp for (2) two South African nationals, 2 British nationals and (15) fifteen Chinese nationals from Hong Kong, as well as (3) three Argentinean nationals.
•    Feb – March 2007 – He organized and led a trip to India and Nepal for (4) four American nationals and the places they visited were the Ajanta caves, Taj Mahal, Boudhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar and Lumbini – Buddhist circuit tour.
•     August 2007 -He structured and led a trip for Nepal and Tibet for (11) eleven French nationals including a Yoga teacher and a group of students.  www.parisyoga.com
This trip also included the Nepal Cultural tours for (14) fourteen Italian nationals who worked for UNESCO which also included Mr. Claudio Margottini.
•    Sept 2007 – there was group of (31) thirty-one visitors from Getinbank Polandtravel who visited Nepal and Rajan was there to serve them with the best of Hospitality that Earthbound Expeditions Nepal has to offer.
•     Oct 2007 -He planned and led a trip for Nepal and Bhutan for (4) four Italian nationals where we were honored to be joined by Mr. Antonio Gozio the owner of Distilleria Francia Corta in Italy.    www.distilleriafranciacorta.it .
Earthbound Expeditions Nepal also guided some American nationals to Bhutan and led trips for a couple of Mexican nationals.
•    Nov – Dec 2007 – He structured the Everest Base Camp trip and additional treks for the American nationals who visited Nepal.
•    Feb – March 2008 – He planned the tours for Nepal and Bhutan for (4) four Australian nationals.

•    2008 – 2015 – He organized and led many trips within Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri-lanka and India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Bali. 
We have experience planning trips for clients  from different walk of life such as geologist, astrologers, lonely planet author, famous actors, respected Guru, pilots, travel blog writers,  journalists, senators and many other high profile clienteles. 

With all the above mentioned achievements by Rajan, he has also served as an Executive Member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) 2005 -2007 where he was elected by representatives of more than 502 trek agencies in Nepal on 24th Sept 2005.
He is also one of the founder members of Dhading tourism development society and Manmohan Memorial Hospital (community hospital) in Kathmandu.
He previously served as an executive member for Porters Progress Nepal (PPN) an organization working for the betterment of the porters.
He was also involved in the core group project in support of Sustainable Tourism Network (STN).


A number of articles about Rajan and his pictures have been published in the national and international newspapers and magazines. Rajan has also been interviewed a couple of times by the FM radian and television network on the topic that is his forte “Tourism planning / promotion”

An article appreciating Rajan and Earthbound Expeditions Nepal’s commitment for their exquisite tours was published on 30th Dec 2001, March 2004, and March 2005 in Apple daily newspaper & weekend weekly, Action Asia magazine in Hong Kong , The New York Times, The Guardian, Dubai Explorer, Times and Silk winds.
Rajan simkhada have written many article about Nepal’s tourism products, have given talks around the world including at Adventure travel show in London. 

With so many planned, well-organized and successful trips in Nepal, Tibet, India, Sri- Lanka, Bhutan and southeast Asia. Rajan has the expertise to entertain Earthbound Expeditions Nepal’s guests, explicitly.
He is a very promising, vivacious and hardworking gentle man who loves his job exceptionally.
Other members within the company are often inspired by Rajan and have managed to learn reasonably a lot from his records.
An added appealing characteristic about Rajan is that, he is also an acknowledged and a renowned comedian here in Nepal with radio and television programs to his credit. In the present, he lives in Kathmandu with his family and his belief in Good Karma makes him an authentic man.

Nischal Kunwar
Managing Director (MD)
Earthbound Expeditions Nepal (P) Ltd

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