Martin Pitwood

15, December, 2016

The great time we had on our trek in the Annapurna

Dear Rajan,
Maz reminded me that you wanted a quote from us to put on your website – apologies for forgetting to send earlier. “Thanks to Earthbound Expeditions for the great time we had on our trek in the Annapurna. With the professional guide and porters taking care of us, all we needed to do was enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Earthbound Expeditions to our friends, and we hope to be back ourselves one day!” Finally, I have the new Sponsors page ready to upload but for some reason can’t do it. I believe it’s to do with restrictions the Chinese government . I’ll upload as soon as I can – probably in about 2 or 3 more weeks (assuming it works properly in Laos!). overland-underwater.com

– Martin Pitwood (martin@overland-underwater.com)


Ria and Katrien

15, December, 2016

It was completely hassle free

Dear Rajan,
With this e-mail we would like to thank you for the good organization of our trek to the Annapurna Base Camp from 4th – 16th November 2005. We enjoyed it ever so much; you provided us with a reliable and good guide( Narendra and a nice porter, Arjun), who looked after us from the beginning to the end.

It was completely hassle free, we never had to worry about anything, just enjoy the walking, the nature and the view of the mountains. Even the weather was clear! (how did you do that?). We are definitely thinking of coming back to Nepal in the future, and perhaps bring some friends along. Meanwhile, we wish you all the best, and hope to meet again.

– Ria and Katrien (katrien.provoost@versateladsl.be), Brugge , Belgium


Bart Thiel, Holland

15, December, 2016

The lovely time we had in Nepal

Dear Rajan,
What should I say…it was very hard to get back to work again after the lovely time we had in Nepal. Everything was just perfect! trek, raft, safari all went fine. We had a really wonderful trip! We both enjoyed it very, very much and Bishnu and Hari (our guide and porter) where great.

Trip was very well organized thanks again for that. I will send you a proper letter of recommendation soon. Actually a colleague of mine wants to visit Nepal (probably only in a years time, but anyway) and she’s very interested in Earthbound. So I’ll give her your e-mail and web address and who knows.

– Bart Thiel, Holland


Allin Kipp, west Arichat, Nava Scote

15, December, 2016

Thank you for your excellent, efficient and courteous service

Dear Rajan, Namaste!
Thank you for your excellent, efficient and courteous service in my recent trek to Langtang / Gosinkunda / Helambu in October / November 2005. It was a one-person trek with one guide / porter Kabi. He was very knowledgeable and is to be commanded.

In the planning stages by e-mail, you stressed the need of possible flexibility to take into consideration local circumentences weather, illness, etc. This certainly worked well for me and made my experience that much more enjoyable. If any of your prospective client would like to contact me by e-mail regarding a recommendation for your trekking company I would happy to respond. Thank you again !

– Allin Kipp, west Arichat, Nava Scote, Canada


Leonardo, Brazil

15, December, 2016

I really enjoyed my stay in Nepal

Dear Rajan,
Hey! my friend, got back to Brazil yesterday. Thanks a lot for everything, I really enjoyed my stay in Nepal, and I will definitely make all effort to go back soon and visit one of the inhospitable and remote places of your amazing country.

My boss really wanna go too, and will find more nice people to join. Maybe going to Dolpa, what do you think? Yesterday I watched the film Himalaya, it is a spectacular film! And yes, you can pass on my email to your potential customers from the Americas . All the best,

– Leonardo, Brazil 

Tadapani View

Beth and George

15, December, 2016

We had a wonderful time

Dear Rajan
Namaste and greetings from the USA!
We are terribly sad to be home and our minds and hearts are still in Nepal. We had a wonderful time and cannot thank you enough for all your helpful planning to make our trip so great!
I think we are both dreaming of our last dinner with you and I have come to discover only one Nepalese restaurant in all of New York City but we are excited to try! We don’t imagine that it will be nearly as nice (nor as festive) as the Nepali Chulo but all the same, we’re glad there is one!
Have not gone through the pictures yet, but when we do, we will be sure to send you a few! Will send a message to Dibash ( our guide) as well, but please let him know we are awaiting instructions for preparing the tea we bought!

Please keep in touch as well look forward to continuing our talk with you!

Cheers and all the best,
– Beth and George, New York, USA

Tadapani View

Megha, Japan

15, December, 2016

I had many interesting encounters

Dear Rajan and other staffs in Earthbound Expedition,

This is Megha. I came back to my home on 11th safely. After that, I visited my parents’ home and I stayed in their house more than one week. I could not send e-mail till now, because my parents do not have a computer in their house. The journey to Mt. Kailash and Lhasa tour was so great. And I had many interesting encounters while my staying in Nepal. My travel this time was fruitful. On the day I left Nepal, the car came to pick me up at my hotel just on time.

Thank you very much for everything you took care of me. My flight to Japan was good. In Japan, the rainy season finished a few days after my coming back to Japan, and it is so hot every day now. The highest temperature of the day is about 34 – 36 in my city. How is it in Kathmandu now? Does the rainy season in Kathmandu continue till August? Please be careful of your health. I really hope to see you again. Namaste!

– Megha, Japan

Tadapani Jungle

Alexandra schmid, Switzerland

15, December, 2016

You and all involved people did a very good job

Dear Rajan
Thank you for you mail. Am terribly late with answering. My life is running faster than I can at the moment. As you know I have started the new radio job, next to my normal job. It is good fun, but a lot of work.

I want to thank you again for your good organization and the work you have done for our Nepal and Tibet tour group. The entire 13 group members were very satisfied and went home with good memories. We were very lucky with a guide like Surendra. You and all involved people did a very good job. Thank you !

– Alexandra schmid, Switzerland

Tadapani Jungle

Andrew & Janet Steer, England

15, December, 2016

Thank you for all the smooth arrangements in the trip of Nepal

Hi Rajan
Just got back to work this morning, and I am in mourning! So many wonderful memories make work a really depressing place to be! I wish I was back in the Mountains of Nepal. For future contact please use: ‘steer_andrew@hotmail.com‘ as I will be leaving the company in the next 3 months or so. Thank you for all the smooth arrangements in the trip of Nepal from Dec. 23rd to Jan. 7th 2005.

– Andrew & Janet Steer, England

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