Everest Base Camp Snowy Trek in February

February is a cold month in Nepal and going for high altitude trekking is highly adventurous. Choosing to do Everest Base Camp trekking can be extremely adventurous in this month but the rewarding experience it brings to the trekkers is incredible. A group of two people set out this month to trek up to the […]

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Plan to be in the Festival of Colors this March in Nepal

The Holi Festival Tour is a very good chance to immerse into the culture which will give you a great idea about the social cultural celebrations in Nepal as well as a real fun time with colors. As a multi-religious and multi-cultural country, Nepal celebrates several festivals throughout the year in such a magnificence that can totally […]

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Himalayan Wonders in Pocket for Travelers in 2016

What does Nepal have in Pocket for Tourists in 2016? This question sounds too simple but very crucial for the travelers to decide to travel to Nepal in 2016, especially in the post earthquake scenario. The year 2015 brought an unimagined and unimaginable destruction to this beautiful Himalayan country in the form of earthquake and […]

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Kathmandu: A Haven for Shopping Adventurers

If you are an avid traveler and following the travel trends and the situation around the world, you must have come across the articles about Nepal published in different travel magazines and travel forums. All those articles mentioned Nepal as one of the destinations that travelers should go in the year 2016. For many reasons, […]

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So Many Reasons to Travel to Nepal in 2016

There are so many reasons to travel to Nepal, the amazingly beautiful Himalayan nation. But The year 2015 was not a good year for Nepali tourism industry as it was badly shaken by the devastating earthquake in April. Since then, millions of billion gallons of water has flowed down the river. Nepal has seen quite […]

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Visit Nepal and Make a Happy New Year 2016

Closing of the year 2015 is here and we are excited to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and welcome a very brand New Year 2016 bringing a lot of fun, excitement, adventure and happiness into our lives. We extremely hope that your year 2015 has left you some worthy memories to cherish as travelers to […]

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This is why you should visit Nepal during winter

Wondering if it is good to be in Nepal during winter? Just be there yourself with expectation of an incredible cultural exploration and you will see the magic it spills upon you. The chilly days of winter are no less romantic and wonderful than any other days of the year. Only thing that is a […]

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Himalayas Make Your Special Day an Extraordinary One

We all have certain days in our life that have special importance and value although everyday of life is a special day. Those important days deserve some special ways of celebration to make them even more remarkable. And people find out so many different ways to make their special day a really special one. Trekking […]

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Come and Enjoy the Elephant Festival This Holidays in Nepal

Do you love to see wild animals? Want to spend some fun time with the elephants, friendly domesticated elephants? Want to see hundreds of these land giants taking part in various competitive activities? That too in the land of the Himalayas, Nepal! How does this sound to you? If this is appealing to you, the […]

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A Beautiful Natural and Cultural Exploration Around Kathmandu

Earthbound Expeditions decided to explore and establish a new hiking route around Kathmandu thus a team of eight people left the valley towards Kakani of Nuwakot district to start hiking exploration last Friday. The beginning of the journey was quite adventurous in itself as the team got a ride on top of a public bus […]

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