Our Best Selling Trips in the Himalaya for 2016

Himalaya, an unbelievably incredible thing to see in the world, has the unbeatable reputation of attracting people from around the world to behold the beauty it projects. Humans and other living creatures are equally fascinated to be in or close to the Himalaya and just a glimpse of those magnificent snow-capped peaks spread the sense […]

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We Don’t Do Only the Business; We Care for the Society As Well

“Companies should not have a singular view of profitability. There needs to be a balance between commerce and social responsibility… The companies that are authentic about it will wind up as the companies that make more money.” As a trekking and tour operator, at Earthbound Expeditions we obviously intend to bring in more travelers, serve […]

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Trekking in the Everest: A Rewarding Experience

Imagine yourself being in the high Himalayan region for several days enjoying the stunning views of the Himalayan range. And when it is in the Everest, things turn out to be extremely beautiful beyond your imagination. Marveling at the mystery and elegance of the high snow-capped Himalayas including the highest one on earth has a […]

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Hello Cultural and Spiritual Seekers! Nepal is an Ideal Destination for You

To many, Nepal is a trekking adventure destination. To a great extent, it is true as Nepal has beautiful landscape to go trekking in the Himalayan lap. But calling Nepal only for the trekking adventure would be an injustice to the country’s diverse and incredible beauty. Nepal’s cultural diversity is one of the amazing wonders […]

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Pia Finds Nepal an Amazing Country

Pia-Marie Hug from Berlin, Germany writes a guest post for our blog about her experience in Nepal. Here is her experience that she has written in German and English. German Version of her experience Im September 2015 habe ich in Deutschland meinen Bachelor of Arts in BWL-Tourismus gemacht. Um praktische Auslandserfahrung zu sammeln, bin ich […]

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Tourism and Celebrations

Life has innumerable moments to celebrate and we just need to cash those moments to unforgettable ones. This is a high time of celebrations in Nepal. With the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain, just observed with joy and soon followed by another big festival in the country, the festival of lights, Dipawali, Nepalese are in […]

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Go around the Himalaya

Himalayas are enigmatic and enchanting phenomena in the nature that can overwhelm anyone from anywhere with just a glimpse. With the mysterious power and energy, the giant snow capped, high rising mountains leave an incredible impression upon the beholders. Once the mountain impressions caress your mind, it is impossible to erase those impressions from your […]

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No matter what, Nepal rises back

Although Nepal is gifted with immense natural beauty that can overwhelm anybody, this beautiful country has faced many natural and political problems and instabilities. An ideal destination for all kinds of travelers, Nepal has a huge potential to grow as one of the top travel destinations in the world. The prospective of tourism in Nepal […]

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Better Nepal is in the making

The promulgation of new constitution has shown various possibilities of stability, development and prosperity. An almost seven decade long wait of people to get the constitution through constituent assembly has finally come true which is certainly a good move towards a better future. Although there are some unsatisfied groups in the spirit of the new […]

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Birthday Hike to Everest Base Camp

Ms. Luiza Panosso Macedo, an anaesthetist from Sao Paulo, Brazil is currently trekking in the Everest with earthbound expeditions. She signed up with us for her birthday trekking to Gokyo Lakes and Everest Base Camp and is enjoying her trek now in the world famous Everest region. She flew in to Kathmandu on the 6th […]

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