Nepal for All

With the highest peak and several other peaks soaring over eight thousand meters above the sea level in the Himalaya, Nepal is well known for the adventurous mountain climbing and trekking. Nepal is famous as the trekkers’ paradise. It’s a hundred percent true fact that mountains have been the first and foremost attraction for the […]

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Awesome Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang also known as the lost Tibetan Kingdom is the district behind the Himalayas in Nepal, is an incredible place to be. Situated in behind the Annapurna, Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri range, Mustang enchants the visitors with her breathtaking topographic awesomeness. Upper Mustang covers two thirds of Mustang Region, one of the seventy five districts in […]

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What to Expect when You Travel to Nepal this Season

Many travelers are still unsure of what to expect in Nepal if they travel this season. Basically they are worried about the safety in the trekking and other tourist areas. As the tourist season starts in Nepal, this beautiful country is continuously striving to bring tourists and revive tourism in the aftermath of the April […]

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Multiple Adventure Experience in Nepal

What is it that fascinates you as an adventurer? Is it trekking or rafting or yoga? Or do all these adventures appeal you and you want all of them at a go? If you want all these adventures to be in your single trip, consider going to the Himalaya for Nepal Multi Adventure Tour. This […]

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Trekking Adventure in Annapurna

Annapurna region trekking in Nepal is one of the most sought after trekking trips in the world. Thousands of trekkers from around the world visit this incredible trekking region every year. Annapurna region is ready again to serve the adventurers this year as well after it was declared safe by a post-quake survey done by […]

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Yoga Trekking in Nepal

Yoga Trekking! What is your thought right now after reading the word phrase “yoga trekking”?  Does it sound fascinating or you are wondering what it is? Whatever your state of mind is now, you read it right – Yoga Trekking and that too in the Himalaya. Isn’t it an appealing idea to you if you […]

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Kathmandu Heritage Experience is Alive

Introduction Kathmandu valley is well known for its cultural heritage properties. Three medieval palace squares, two Hindu temples and two Buddhist temples compose a cultural heritage site in Kathmandu. The cultural heritage monuments of Kathmandu valley are the most appropriate representation of Kathmandu valley. These ancient and medieval sites are very rich resources of art, […]

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My Great Nepali Adventure

I have been in Nepal since before the earthquake, in Kathmandu during the quake, and stayed to help with the relief efforts afterwards. This is my perspective on Nepal after The Great Earthquake. In March of 2015, I decided to take a world tour to check off items on my bucket list. The Annapurna Circuit […]

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Is Nepal safe to travel? Travelers’ concern and the reality

Is Nepal safe to travel after the Earthquake? This question among travelers from around the world has caused a huge loss for Nepali tourism industry and the nation in the wake of earthquakes.The ill-fated Nepali tourism industry after the devastating earthquakes is trying to rise back on its feet. One of the top job creators […]

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Amazing Festivals of Janai Purnima and Gai Jatra

As the festival season starts in Nepal, many festivals of different cultural importance are on the line. Cultural celebrations are one of several reasons to bring Nepali people together and socialize with each other. Apart from socialization, these celebrations have great cultural importance. Festivals having a base on different religious and cultural faith are widely […]

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