Celebrating Dashain Mania

Nepal, as a multicultural country, celebrates lots of festivals throughout the year. The cultural celebrations of different ethnicities and religious faiths have been in practice for ages. There are lots of festivals that some particular ethnic groups celebrate in different parts of country. In a sense, they are regional festivals. But there are some festivals which are widely celebrated throughout the country amongst grand ceremonies. Festival celebrations are based on the traditions and customs of various religious and cultural beliefs.

Nepal is in high festive fever now as the country is celebrating the biggest festival of Hindus, Dashain. The festival is celebrated by Hindus for fifteen days with great zeal, devotion and excitement. Devotees worship of nine major goddesses visiting their temples during the first nine days of the festival. The tenth day is considered as the main day although other days are also equally important. On the tenth day, elder people bestow younger ones with their blessings by offering teeka (rice grains dyed in homemade yogurt and red color) and jamara (special seedlings of rice, wheat, corn, barley etc.). On the rest of five days, people move around to the home of their relatives to receive teeka, jamara and blessings. All family members get together on the festival occasion and celebrate together. Various delicacies are prepared and family members feast in its grandest manner. According to the belief, this festival is observed to celebrate the victory of good and truth over evil and falsity. This time is highly expected by people especially small children as they get to be around all of their family members and get gifts, new clothes, and money etc. along with blessings. Dashain garners high mood of brotherhood amongst the people that it is also a very important occasion of social gatherings.

Dashain Blessings
Dashain Blessings

Although Dashain is a religious festival, it has a great cultural significance too. This festival is a great opportunity for cultural enthusiasts from around the world to experience a different cultural charm in Nepal. People can experience and witness the devotion of people to their faith when they go around the temples of goddesses around the country. From the process of growing jamara and its intense care with proper religious traditions to worshiping of nine different manifestations of goddess Durga known as Nava Durga, all the rituals have an immense spiritual aura and cultural charm that cultural enthusiasts are sure to enjoy.

People also enjoy the traditional swings set in different localities during the festival. 


Because of such cultural celebrations and other interesting rituals throughout the year has made Nepal one of the best destinations for cultural immersion. Festival tourism is a high potential sector in promoting cultural tourism of Nepal other than just trekking. For the entire world Nepal is just a land of the Himalayas and many are unaware that diverse cultural riches are also alluring assets of this beautiful country. One can enjoy the various cultures and celebrations whilst they are in Nepal.

Earthbound Expeditions always believes in growing wider in world perspective by exchanging cultural experience. Thus, we have been promoting festival and cultural tours in Nepal to give an in-depth experience of diverse cultural atmosphere of the country. We have been advocating the proper promotion of cultural and festival tourism to make Nepal an all-time destination for travellers. Cultural and festival tourism brings people closer together and they have better understanding of some new culture that they were unaware of its existence. Festival tourism in Nepal brings you closer to ever smiling and friendly people and a beautiful experience of their warm hospitality that they inherit from their past generations. As Nepali people have a deep belief and respect for “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means GUESTS ARE OUR GODS, we have that feeling grown culturally in us. To experience such wonderful cultural immersion, we heartily invite you to Nepal on our festival tours.

If you have interest in coming to Nepal for cultural and festival tours, please write to us here. We will design you a perfect cultural itinerary to give you the best experience of Nepali culture and festival.

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