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Kathmandu valley day trips – day hike, day bike, Nepali cooking class, Yoga class, UNESCO heritage tour, meditation 

You have an extra day in Kathmandu? Here is the list of 10 best things to do in Kathmandu Valley  when you have just short time here. 
It can be a rewarding day hiking from the famous hill stations near the Kathmandu valley for the spectacular views of Himalayan panorama . Or visit national park, take Nepali cooking class, join Yoga class or  day biking adventure  or spent a day doing some charity work,  go for UNESCO heritage sightseeing tour, or go for Ayurvedic  message,  we are ready to help you to plan when you have just one day extra in this medieval city Kathmandu before of after your trek or tour. 

When people think of Nepal they always think of high mountains, cold weather, magical and mystical landscape which is very true but that’s not the only thing Nepal offers the visitors we have many non trekking trips in Nepal. That you can do for all season even in winter, summer or Monsoon. 

Although Nepal is known as trekkers’ paradise and backpackers’ heaven, this friendly nation has a lot more to offer to people of different taste. Nepal is a world of diversities in all aspects from geography to weather and culture to language and this beautiful country carries a legacy for amazing art and crafts and has people who are world famous for heartwarming hospitality.  One certainly doesn’t have to be a trekker or mountaineer to travel to Nepal. This concept has to change and it’s slowly progressing. As long as one loves adventure, culture, spirituality and people, Nepal is a perfect place to travel. One can enjoy a spiritual delve into yoga and meditation, feel like a local by taking up Nepali cuisine cooking class, float around on a boat ride, fly along with birds on a glider, feel the gut wrenching speed down on the fastest zip flyer in the world, throw your heart out as you bungee jump off a bridge, paddle down with a gush of mountain river and many other activities that will just leave you speechless.

 Let’s take Kathmandu, the exquisite capital city of Nepal. It has a number of magical places to visit, not essentially the mountains. Amongst many, cultural heritage monuments of Kathmandu valley have a different but unbelievably beautiful charm to offer to visitors. From the biggest Buddhist shrine in the world to medieval palaces with beautiful art works and amazing architecture; cheeky monkeys around the oldest monument in Kathmandu valley to the most unique cremation in open funeral ground; all these heritage monuments leave you with an adoringly beautiful experience of your life time. This is a perfect cultural, historical and aesthetic immersion. You will be amazed to see the intricate wood, stone, metal craft works in temple and palace buildings.  Revelation of the number of Hindu gods and goddesses will leave you with your jaws open. Kathmandu is the only place where you can see a living goddess. You will feel yourself highly spiritual when you come across the Buddhist monks and Hindu Holy men called Sadhus. An emotional feeling will grip you as you watch the final farewell for a Hindu from this world by family members, relatives and friends. You can feel these different but life changing experiences nowhere but only here in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Just thirty two kilometers away to the east from Kathmandu, you meet astonishing natural surroundings in Nagarkot. The stunning mountain and incredible sunrise view from here will leave you awestruck. You can do number of day hike around Kathmandu valley. 
Here is the list of 10 best things to do in Kathmandu Valley if you have a extra day.

1. Nepali Cooking Class – a Day trip 

Learn how to cook Nepali food like a local, and take part of real Nepal back home with you.

A Nepali cooking class, taught by qualified Nepali Aama cook, is something you can continue to use and share for a lifetime at home or for gatherings. And the best thing is that this souvenir requires no extra luggage and your friends and family will love it! Read More

2. Yoga Visit – a day trip 

Come indulge yourself in restoration, rejuvenation, health and well being of the whole person – body, mind and spirit – through Yoga in Nepal.

Yoga, or union of the self with the cosmic soul, is believed to revitalize an individual along with the release of hidden energies as it frees the mind. It is said that a true yogi (practitioner of yoga) is able to surmount the physical world and comprehend divinity. Read More

3. a Day Hiking 

Whether you have one day or a week, there are spectacular treks or hike around Kathmandu valley Rim

Experience rural Nepal with out going too far or too high. The Kathmandu valley rim hikes are perfect for those who looking for that one last trek before they leave, for those wanting a great introduction to or a taste of trekking and hiking in Nepal, or just have limited time.We have arranged many day hike and day bike trips for airlines crew, pilots.  Read More

4. Kathmandu Valley Day Biking

You have an extra day or two and want to do some mountain biking, we have great biking  trip around Kathmandu valley for you.

If you are here in Nepal for short time or have an extra day or two, and want to have a taste of the Kathmandu valley, try our Nepal mountain Biking day tour, go mostly down hill seeing Himalayan vistas, village rural life and terrace farming. Read More

5. Visit UNESCO Historic sites in a day 

Kathmandu Durbar Square | Patan Durbar Square | Bhaktapur Durbar Square | Swayambhu | Boudhanath | Pashupatinath | Changu Narayan

Earthbound Expeditions can organize tours to the various UNESCO Heritage Sites within the city of Kathmandu, and around the valley. Visit Durbar Square, which translates to “palace square” in Kathmandu, where you will see The house of the Living Goddess, and the ferocious Kaal Bhairab! Read More

6. Sunset at Swayambhunath – 4 hours trip 

No stay in Kathmandu is complete, without a visit to Swayambhunath, the oldest temple in the valley famously known as the Monkey Temple.

Swayambhu is a short walk from Thamel. Experience the city as you walk through its diverse neighborhoods, ending up at the eastern steps of the temple. As you ascend the 360 steps (one for each day of the year), the grandeur of the Stupa will come into sight and you can hear the chants, om mani padme hum. Read More

7. Meditation at a monastery – 4 hours trip 

If you are looking for peace, to learn to eliminate stress, anxiety and to clear your mind, or simply want directly experience the spiritual side of Nepal, a mediation visit to a local monastery can be a fulfilling complement to your stay in Nepal.

Nepal is the place on earth where heaven meet earth. If you are looking for peace, to learn to eliminate stress, anxiety and to clear your mind, or simply want directly experience the spiritual side of Nepal, a mediation visit to a local monastery can be a fulfilling complement to your stay in Nepal.Read More

8. Charity Visit Orphanage or Blind center

Add to your good karma with a stop at a local orphanage.

Beside travel and trekking business we at Earthbound Expeditions believe in our responsibility towards our society and good Karma (deeds). We believe in making a difference through tourism and being responsible to maintain or improve the Nepali environment and culture. Read More

9. Himalayan Mountain Flight – a morning trip to Everest

If you want that once in a lifetime view and photo opportunity.

With a bird’s eye view, you will experience panoramic mountain views stretching west from the Annapurna range to Mt. Everest in the east you can see 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. Read More

10. Extended Culture Tour of Kathmandu – a day trip 

Many lesser known temples in the area suffered little or no damage during the recent earthquakes.

Kathmandu is known as the city of temples and the UNESCO Heritage Sites are only the beginning. Many lesser known temples in the area suffered little or no damage during the recent earthquakes. And the earthquake did not diminish Nepal’s historic culture. Read More

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