Bhutan - happiness is a place! that is what their tourism slogan says!  Today Bhutan is best known to the world as the last Shangri – la that has a rare combination of harmony and decree amidst a landscape of incredible beauty. It has also been known discreetly around the Globe and to most people it is a hidden kingdom shrouded in mystery.

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Bhutan is cradled in the deep folds of the rich Himalayas which offer the flora and fauna, dazzling white peaks and lush valleys with stunning beauty and aesthetic grandeur.
An element that is crucial in understanding the Bhutanese people is by getting a basic idea about Bhutan Buddhism Idealism which is enriched by the essence of Drukpa Kagyu School of Buddhism.

Bhutan is a tiny country that relies on farming and about 95% of the populations are subsistence farmers. But this factor only has an added value and in present times Bhutan is classed as one of the most exotic destinations in the world.

Bhutan has also made a name for itself for not having any traffic lights! It just adds a tad bit dynamism and this factor often arouses curiosity. Now they want to introduce only electric car and working towards becoming an organic county! 

Explore and unravel the untouched wonders of Bhutan for yourself. Witness the snow-capped mountains, emerald green landscapes, fascinating wildlife and impressive Dzongs. You can combine Bhutan tour with Nepal or India. 



The ideal time for trekking and touring in Bhutan is late September to late November. This is the time when the skies are generally clear and the high mountain peaks rise to the flamboyant blue sky.

March and May is another option to make up your minds about visiting Bhutan although it is the monsoons and you are likely to get wet no matter what. The plus side to this time of the year is that you could witness one of Bhutan’s most exotic natural surroundings in bloom.

To avoid the monsoons you could visit Bhutan during the months of June and August when an average of 0.5meters that is 1.5feet of rain water hits Thimphu and up to 1meter that is 3feet saturates the eastern hills.

Winter is a good time for touring in western Bhutan including activities such as bird watching in the subtropical jungles in the south and white water rafting. The days during winters are sunny and cool but it's quite cold once the sun sets. From December to February the road from Thimphu to Bumthang and the east are generally closed because of the snowfall issues. It would be best not to plan to visit these regions at this time of the year while you are on your visit to Bhutan.

In recent years overcrowding has become an issue in Bhutan during the major Buddhist festival known as Tsechus which takes place at Thimphu and Paro. This festival takes place during the best seasons and you stand a much better chance of getting flights, accommodation and probably a more intimate and rewarding festival experience if you schedule your trip around one of the other cultural events.

We at Earthbound Expeditions generally don't suggest a limited itinerary to visit Bhutan as it cost quite a lot and you have to enjoy the tour taking enough time to explore it.

• Bhutan tour can be combined with Nepal,  Darjeeling, Sikkim, Tibet Lhasa, Taj Mahal or Jaipur in India.


• It can also be combined with Buddhist circuit tour like Lumbini - Nepal, Boudhagaya, Kushinagar or Sarnath in India. 

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      Bhutan – Exploring the Hidden Kingdom in the Himalayas

      Duration: 6 Days

      The diversity of the vegetation of Bhutan’s tropical and alpine forests will surprise you and many consider it a botanist’s heaven. The only aspects of the journey which never changes are the friendliness of the people and the awe-inspiring views.

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      Chomolhari and Lingshi Trekking Bhutan

      Duration: 17 Days

      The Mt. Chomolhari trek in Bhutan is where the trekkers go to the base camp of Mt. Johomolhari. Bhutan’s most deeply venerated peak on the boarders of Bhutan and the Tibetan region of China.

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      Bumthang Cultural Trekking Bhutan

      Duration: 14 Days

      The Bumthang trek is a cultural trek that takes you through villages and heritage sites in the valley of Bumthang to see the Bhutan Himalaya and culture

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      Bhutan Druk Path Trek

      Duration: 15 Days

      The Druk Path trek in Bhutan is a short five day trek, which leads from Paro to Thimphu or vice versa, crossing the chain of mountains that separates the two beautiful valleys.

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      Sikkim Darjeeling & Bhutan Tour

      Duration: 12 Days

      Your journey begins with the arrival and transfer to Darjeeling where we include a ride on the narrow gauge mountain railways and witness the sunrise over Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill.

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      India Nepal Bhutan Adventure Tour

      Duration: 18 Days

      India Nepal Bhutan adventure tour is a beautiful Himalayan cultural journey will takes us from plains of incrediable India to the mountain kingdom of Nepal and the last Shangri-la on earth Bhutan, experiencing great contrasts along the way.

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      Festival tour to Bhutan

      Duration: 11 Days

      Many visitors come to Bhutan to enjoy the most popular festivals which are held in Paro in the spring and in Thimphu and Bumthang in the fall. You can combine your tour to be in Bhutan at the festival time too.

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      Bhutan West to East Tour

      Duration: 12 Days

      A cultural tour to Bhutan serves as an introduction to our heritage by visiting festivals, and sacred pilgrimage sites, rural villages, and temples of Bhutan, in the tour there will be many stops for panoramic views of the valleys and mountain peaks chances to enjoy the country’s unspoiled nature.

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      All Inclusive Nepal and Bhutan Tour

      Duration: 10 Days

      Bhutan is best known to the world as the last Shangri – la that has a rare combination of harmony and decree amidst a landscape of incredible beauty. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with friendliest people you can imagine.

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      Nepal and Bhutan Tour

      Duration: 12 Days

      Be privy to the unparalleled natural beauty and age-old cultures of the two Himalayan Kingdoms. Bhutan is a Buddhist centered religious core whereas Nepal has a combination of Hindu and Buddhist religion which exist in harmony throughout the country. Enjoy 12 days Nepal and Bhutan adventure tour

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