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How to Enter Bhutan:

There is only limited way in which you can enter Bhutan:

By Air: Druk Air is the only airline operating in Bhutan. As Druk Air flights may be delayed because of weather in the monsoon (July & August), it is advisable to keep a 24-hour gap before any onward international connections. It is connected with Kathmandu, Delhi, Culcutta and Bangkok.

By Land: If you are travelling by Land you can enter Bhutan via Puntsoling of Sikkim ( India) area.

Earthbound Expeditions can assist you in arranging your Druk Air flights. For the Druk Air reservation, we would require your full names as in your passports.We will buy your Druk Air tickets and send them to you in advance or to the respective Druk Air check-in counters from where you board your flights. You may collect them at the check-in counter on arrival.

As the Bhutan tours fills very quick we request you to book the flight tickets atleast 4 months in adavance.
Please contact us for further detials on flight arrangements.

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