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Weather and Climate in Cambodia

Weather & climate
Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate and monsoon season falls from May – November. The most appropriate season for visitors is generally the dry season, stretching from November/December – April. Immediately after the monsoon, the blanketing green of the countryside is beautifully delightful.

In the north, winters are generally colder, while throughout most of the country, temperatures remain fairly constant. The average year-round temperature in Cambodia is 27.7°C (the highest monthly average being 35°C, the lowest monthly average being 21°C). There is often seasonal flooding in Phnom Penh and the rest of Cambodia in late July and early August, and, because the majority of roads are dirt, travel may be disrupted at these times. At the peak of the wet season it can rain as often as two in every three days.

While the rain may affect certain outdoor activities when travelling (many hiking, biking or boat cruise companies will cancel excursions), the temperature is pleasant and in the larger cities the rainfall acts as a burst of refreshment for the dusty roads. Do bear in mind when hiking during the region in monsoon season that leeches are plentiful; leech socks and regular leech checks en route are advisable.

Required clothing:
Lightweight clothing is worn all year. Gumboots, umbrellas and raincoats are advisable during the monsoon season – because when it rains, it pours. Rain may continue solidly for days on end.

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