Nepal is known as a trekker’s Paradise: Nepal where legends hold truth and heaven meets the earth – An Amazing place to be!

Imagine a place where you can gaze at the crystalline peaks of the world’s highest mountain range, enjoy the sunrise as it splashes hues of red and orange on blushing mountain ranges, trek from alpine meadows to jungle forests in a day, raft down a glacier-fed river, fly among the peaks of the Everest range, share a meal with a yak herder in his mountain home, track wild elephants and tigers through lush jungles, and enjoy world-class meals with Mt. Everest for company. Think your imagination is working over time. Well, think again! This paradise is much closer than you have imagined.

The Mountain country Nepal, is bounded on the north by the peaks of the highest mountains on Earth, the Himalayas (sacred abode of Gods). In the south is the incredibly flat Terai region which is home to: Tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, and several exotic species of birds. In between the high peaks and the Terai is an amazing diversity of ecosystems, cultures, and terrains in what is called the middle hills. From the high Himalayan yak grazing pastures of the Sherpa people, the great capital cities and ancient empires of the middle hills, to the prolific assembly of temples and monuments in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal is characterized by friendly people, colorful traditions, harmonious religious life, a lively and distinctive cultural tradition. The unique geography and traditional people of Nepal give this small Kingdom a wide breadth of travel options, including: Rafting the snow-melt waters cascading off the high peaks, trekking in the high mountains and traditional villages, mountain biking winding trails, safari in the jungles of the world renowned Chitwan and Bardia National Parks, and touring intimate towns and markets.

Nepal offers wonderful adventure, culture and nature tours / treks , that is not found anywhere in the world. Recently British Magazine wrote that Nepal offers the second best trekking trail in the world and it is listed as one of the best places that you must visit in your life time among other 50.

Trekking in Nepal

The high Himalayan foothills of Nepal provide an unparalleled adventure trekking experience. Trekking to the base camp of many 8000 meters' Himalayan peaks and to the surrounding Himalayan vicinity. From the highly esteemed Everest and Annapurna treks to low profiled Langtang and Manaslu treks and less traveled Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga and many other Himalayan regions offer trekkers the adventure experience that they get nowhere in the world.

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Popular Trekking Trips

Everest Base Camp Trekking Trekking to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world is a dream come true for many adventurers. Trekking through land of world famous mountain climbing tribe, Sherpa, towards the base of Mount Everest enjoying the view of several other mountain peaks in the Himalayas is simply an experience of a life time.

Everest Panorama Trekking  Adventure trekkers having wish to see the Everest but do not have enough time to make it to the base camp can take this adventure purely in the Everest region. Trekking to the beautiful Sherpa capital in Namche and up to Tengboche is just incredibly scenic.

Everest Luxury Trek This trip is suitable for those adventurers who love to blend a bit of luxury with adventure. Trekking in the Everest region staying in the luxury lodges while trekking and staying in Five Star hotels in Kathmandu gives adventurers an experience of unbelievable Luxury Adventure of their life time.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Trekking to the base camp of another 8000 meters peak, Annapurna-I - 8091 m, is another popular trek in Nepal which offers incomparable view of the Himalayan peaks in Annapurna region. Trekking up and down the trail through the Gurung, an ethnic tribe who are widely known for being the Gurkhas, villages and forested parts overlooking the gorgeous mountains casts an incredible impression of Himalayan trekking. 

Annapurna Circuit Trekking A classic trekking tour around the Annapurna massif takes adventurers across 5400 meters high world famous Himalayan pass called Thorang La. This scenic high altitude trekking around the Annapurna mountain range projects the optimum beauty of the Himalayan surrounding.   

Annapurna Luxury Trek Adventure an luxury blend seekers can do this trek in the lower Himalayan foothills of Annapurna region. Staying in the 5 star luxury hotels in city and luxury guest houses on the trek makes you feel comfortable even when you are taking up an adventure. Shorter trekking option but a magnificent Himalayan experience is what this Luxury Trek offers the adventurers.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek An incredible Annapurna region trekking, this trip takes adventures through rhododendron forest and local villages where Nepali mountain culture is a major attraction. Walking on the beautifully paved stone steps up and down hill the trail is quite adventurous on this trek. The panoramic view of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range in the Himalaya from Poon hill is the highlight of this trek.

Nepal Multi Adventure Tour  A combination of cultural, trekking and rafting expeditions, this trip is designed to address the taste of the adventurers at one go. Exploring through the historic town of Bhaktapur and Monkey Temple in Kathmandu; rafting down the gushing rapids of the Himalayan water river of Trishuli and eventually taking up a trekking adventure in the Annapurna region make this trip more than what people say awesome. 


Other Trekking Trips

Langtang Valley Trekking Langtang range in the Himalaya is a little less traveled trekking area in Nepal but it is exceptionally scenic and adventurous trekking trip. Exploration of  the Langtang valley introduces trekkers with the beauty of the Langtang mountain range and the ethnic culture of the area.

Langtang Helambu Trek This trekking trip extends with the panoramic adventure trekking in the Langtang region with exceptional beauty of the mountain range.

Ganesh Himal Charity Trek Less explored but incredibly beautiful trek in the Ganesh Himal region to the North west of Kathmandu blends the cultural and Himalayan wonder that enchants the travelers. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Manaslu Circuit Trek is exceptionally beautiful adventure trek in the Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world - 8156 m,  area. This trek requires at least two trekkers and a Nepal government trained trekking guide as this trek is listed as 'restricted area' and the trekkers need to pay higher taxes than other normal trekking regions to be able to trek here. 

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek A stunningly charming trek around Manaslu and Tsum Valley, this trek is a blend of adventure and culture.


Yoga Trips

Nepal Yoga Tour This trip is a soft adventure around the beautiful places of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan. A journey to the naturally, culturally and spiritually beautiful places of Nepal where you will have enough time to take an adventurous journey within yourself through yoga and meditation. 

Nepal Well Being Tour Physical, psychological and spiritual health makes a traveler a great human being and this trip is a perfect adventure for the people who want to immerse into the exploration of different places and themselves. 

Nepal Yoga Trek There is an enticing charm in practicing yoga and meditation in the Himalayas. This trek brings people an alluring opportunity to trek in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas and take an inward journey through the self.

Nepal Volunteering and Yoga Tour Being good to oneself and to the humanity in a whole makes a great difference to the world. Practice yoga and volunteer with the needy people where you will get a life changing experience while you will contribute in great many ways to have a positive impact in livelihood of the needy people.


Non Trekking Trips

Nepal Honeymoon Tour Hello Newly Weds! The majestic Himalayas and incredible culture of Nepal are here to make your honeymoon trip an out-of-this-earth one. Take a relaxing trip to the Himalaya with your better half and make some incredible Himalayan moments to cherish.

Taste of Nepal Tour Soft adventures and cultural travelers! This is the trip for you. Taking you from chaotically charming Kathmandu to natural Nagarkot hill station, from wild life in Chitwan to elegant lake city of Pokhara, this trip makes the most memorable and a diverse Nepal experience. 

Lumbini Tour Another cultural and spiritual adventure in the land of the Himalayas and the birth place of Buddha, this trip enlightens travelers on the life reality. 

World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Explore the amazing cultural heritage monuments of Kathmandu valley for a historical, cultural and spiritual adventure. 



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                                  Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Nepal

                                  Duration: 7 Days

                                  This Buddhist pilgrimage tour of 7 days only include highlighted site in Nepal like Namobuddha, Boudhanath and birth place of Buddha Lumbini . You will have possibilities of extending it to Sarnath – where Buddha gave his first teaching, to Boudhgaya where Buddha was enlighten and Kushinagar where Buddha took his last breath. You can fly in or out of Delhi also.

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                                  Buddhist Circuit Tour Nepal

                                  Duration: 13

                                  The tour goes to Kathmandu and Pokhara for a nice break in the nature followed by visit to Lumbini, the sacred birth place of Buddha. Tour then goes to Kushinagar, Patna, Bodhgaya and to Sarnath where the major life events of Buddha can be observed. Visiting all four main sites where four main life event of Budhha occurred makes this tour a complete pilgrimage tour.

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                                  Buddhist Circuit Golden Tour

                                  Duration: 14 Days

                                  Visit holy Buddhist places of high significance along with other historical and spiritual places where you will experience the growth of your faith and spirituality. Pilgrimage to four significant and holy places of Buddhism – Lumbini where Prince Siddhartha was born, Bodh Gaya where Siddhartha Gautama attained the enlightenment to become Buddha, Saranath where Buddha preached his first teachings, and Kushinagar where Buddha entered the state of Mahaparinirvana – brings an immense knowledge and faith about the Buddhist teachings and ways to live a happy and meaningful life.

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                                  Highlights of Nepal Tour

                                  Duration: 10 Days

                                  Enjoy Himalayan Panorama. Take a nice walk on the lakeside trail in Pokhara; watch the sunrise and close up Mountain View from Sarangkot, take a hiking adventure from Sarangkot to Naudanda, visit a Buddhist monastery and watch the monks busy in prayer ritual, be part of it and immerse into spirituality. Enjoy a boat ride across the lake and take a beautiful hike to World Peace Stupa in Pokhara. Later visit an ancient cave and waterfalls.

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                                  Festivals in Nepal 2016

                                  Nepal tour and trek in festival time, travel Nepal in festival time

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                                  Dashain Festival Trek Nepal 2016

                                  Duration: 11 Days

                                  Jon festival trek and tour in Nepal. You can sign up for this amazing Dashain Festival Trek to the Himalayas in Nepal or join the Diwali festival tour and find the amazing experiences that this trip brings to your life.

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                                  Festival of Colors Tour 2016 – Holi Celebration

                                  Duration: 6 Days

                                  This is a call to all cultural and spiritual enthusiasts from around the world. You are heartily invited to be the part of great Nepali cultural celebration of Holi, the festival of colors this March. Plan a trip to Nepal for this amazing experience of cultural and spiritual immersion.  Soak yourself in the multiple array […]

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                                  Yoga Trek Kathmandu Valley

                                  Duration: 7 Days

                                  Yoga trek in Nepal around Kathmandu valley    Kathmandu valley rim trek offers 180 degree mountain views stretching from far west Annapurna range to Mt. Everest in the east of Nepal. So while doing Yoga you have great views of the mountains when weather is clear.  The Kathmandu valley perimeters are rich with cultural heritage […]

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                                  Everest Base Camp Nepal Heli Trek

                                  Duration: 12 Days

                                  While on this Everest Helicopter trek, you will be trekking all the way up to the base camp from Lukla after flying in there by fixed wing airfcart and you will enjoy all the highlights of the Everest Khumbu region.

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                                  Highlights of India and Nepal tour

                                  Duration: 12 Days

                                  The Highlights of India and Nepal will bring you across extraordinary moments that give you indescribable experience which you will cherish for whole life. See Himalaya and Feel the Taj Mahal the wonders of the world

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