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Earthquake Devastation and Our Effort in Rebuilding

Saturday, the 25th April, 2015 has been a dark day in the history of our amazingly beautiful Himalayan country, Nepal. We faced an unimaginable tragic fate in the form of a very powerful earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes measured in Richter scale. It devastated the country taking thousands of lives, over 7000 at the time of writing this blog, leaving thousands injured and millions homeless. This tragic natural disaster has pushed the country at least ten years behind in terms of infrastructural loss and for sure, human casualties can never be retrieved. The whole nation is crying at the moment and a huge flow of sympathy and aid is coming from around the world on different levels.

At this difficult time in the country, people are showing a great strength of unity helping the affected victims in different quake hit areas. People lost their loved ones, houses and many more and are in desperate need of very basic things like food, shelter, medicine etc. for now. The rescue operation and relief distribution from different levels is going on but there are still many areas in the remote where the relief and rescue operation hasn’t reached yet. They are waiting for the help in desperation.

We, at Earthbound Expeditions and Earthbound Holidays, have established a Facebook page called Rebuild Nepal after the Earthquake and calling for the help with our well wishers. We have been coordinating with Active Hearts Himalaya, NZ through our charity organization Mamata Volunteers for the fund raiser. We have received many generous hands to help those victims of the quake and they are sending the fund to which we use in our plan to reestablishing the victims. With the help of those helpful hands and from our side, we have sent some essential relief materials to the remote area of Dhading and Nuwakot districts where thousands of people have been the victims of the quake. We also have been orchestrating to establish a sustainable model village to educate people about the earthquake resistant houses in the remote areas. If we are able to carry out the plan into reality, it will be a life saving support for people. We are pretty much sure we will succeed in implementing the plan with so many helping hands with us. We have been receiving an overwhelming support from our well wishers on our plan. We hope we can be of a little help to the victims at this difficult moment. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts, prayers and help at this difficult moment. Namaste!


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