Everest Trekking FAQs

What is the level of difficulty for this trekking?

The trekking is regarded as a moderate trekking in Nepal. But what you need to keep in mind is all the Himalayan trekking trips have certain level of difficulties to deal with. There are lots of energy and stamina requiring uphill and downhill trails so you need to have a significant level of fitness to be able to do this trekking. The most important thing is that this is a high altitude trekking so you need to train properly on breathing aspect, physical aspect and prepare yourself strongly on mental level.

How do we go to the trekking?

A short and beautiful Himalayan flight to Lukla takes you to the starting point of Everest region trekking. You start and finish your trek in Lukla.

How long do we walk for every day?

We walk about six hours a day in average. Some days are of longer walk and some are of shorter. But the surrounding views and the serene atmosphere will make it easier for you to go ahead.  

What kind of food do we eat on the trek?

In most of the tea houses along the trail you can find a wide range of delicious food prepared at the tea house kitchen. Most of the foods on the menu are vegetarian but in some places you have options to go non vegetarian too if you like to.  Most of the tea houses include a lot of garlic items in the menu which helps you in acclimatization.  Hot drinks like hot chocolate, tea, and hot lemon and cold drinks are available. You get your dinner and breakfast at the tea house that you stay at and the lunch is on the way.

Are the foods in the mountain hygienic?

The tea houses pay a good attention in making food in the best hygienic way possible. So, food that you eat along the trail is pretty safe and hygienic.

How do we get the drinking water?

You have three options for the drinking water along the trail. First, you can buy bottled water in the tea houses but is normally more expensive than in Kathmandu and the higher you go, more expensive it becomes. Second, you can ask for the boiled water in the tea house at the exchange of some cost. And the third one is to use the water purifying pills. You can get those purifying tablets in super stores in Kathmandu. Carry those pills necessary for the trekking period and use them to purify the tap water.

Where do we use the toilet?

The tea houses have toilet but not necessarily the attached to your bed room. The toilets have the western styled commode but they are not super clean. Along the trek, you might need to seek shelter on nature for short breaks.

Can we charge our camera, mobile and other devices?

With an exchange of certain amount of cost, you can charge your electronic devices at the tea houses.

Can we take shower on the trek?

We can get hot water at tea house upon request and a certain cost to pay for.

Are there any fees to pay to take the camera and other devices on the trek?

All the necessary costs are included in the national park permit, which we will get for you, and you don’t have to pay for the electronic devices that you carry along the trek.

Is there any telecommunication facility along the trek?

Most of the places have telecommunication tower reception so you are able to communicate with your close ones. Some places even have the internet access in the lower points of the trek.

Is it possible to withdraw money by an ATM along the trek?

There is an ATM at Namche and you can use it to get money if you need

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