Extended Culture Tour of Kathmandu

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Kathmandu is known as the city of temples and the UNESCO Heritage Sites are only the beginning.  Many lesser known temples in the area suffered little or no damage during the recent earthquakes. And the earthquake did not diminish Nepal’s historic culture.  You can still immerse yourself in the historic culture where many of the world’s great religions come together in harmony.  If you want an extended tour to gain a deeper more meaningful understanding of Nepal’s historic sites and cultures, or if you simply have an extra morning or afternoon and want to see more sites, we have several spectacular tours to enjoy.  To enhance your enjoyment, and to better understand the symbolism, iconography, history, and construction of the seemingly endless number of temples, shrines and Stupas that decorate Kathmandu and the Kathmandu Valley, we recommend you have a local guide.

  1. Visit the temples and cultural sites not commonly listed in the tour books. See temples such as Virateshwor temple on the Civilized Bagmati Trail, and Pachali Bhairav on a short walking tour of Kathmandu. During the tour we will provide a more in depth understanding of the architecture, history, and symbolism to make the experience more meaningful.  For the cultural enthusiast we can provide a longer day tour of more sites such as Kiltipur and then hike to the quaint and historic Newari villages of Bungmati and Khokana crossing the oldest suspension bridge in the Kathmandu valley.
  2. Spend a day with Sadhus. The Sadhu (also known as yogi and sanyasi), is a Hindu ascetic who has renounced family, caste, social position, money and authority, and occupies a special place in Hindu society. As one who seeks the Universal Soul in order to be absorbed in it, the Sadhu is set apart from the orthodox priesthood as renunciation is considered superior to the rituals of the priests. This tour offers education in the history and way of life of the local Sadhus.  We will visit temple areas where you can interact with the Sadhus and experience their unique culture and religious heritage.
  3. Spend a day with Buddha. Spend an extended time learning about this history and practices of Buddhism as you visit some of the sacred Buddhist monasteries, temples, shrines and Stupas around Kathmandu. Learn about the Buddhist philosophies, and practices. The tour will end a visit to an active monastery where you can interact with the monks, and ask questions.  For the enthusiast with more time, add a trip to Lumbini where you will learn about Buddha, his history, philosophy and teachings, and how that has evolved into the different Buddhist practices around the word. This can be combined with a trip to Chitwan National Park.
  4. Spend a day with the Hindu gods. With more that 330 million gods and goddesses it can take an extended period of time to truly understand this complex and ancient religion. While touring key Hindu temples and shrines around Kathmandu and the valley, this tour provides a detailed introduction to the religion’s history, symbolism, iconography and practices.   into the . For the real enthusiast with more time, add a trip to Muktinath where you can extend your learning and achieve spiritual cleansing and salvation.  For a real treat add multiple days hiking to other sacred sites near the Annapurna mountains.
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