Imagine a place where you can gaze at the crystalline peaks of the world’s highest mountain ranges as the sunrise splashes hues of red and orange on them. A place where you could trek from the alpine meadows to jungle forests in a day or raft down a glacier-fed river, fly among the peaks of the Mt.Everest range, share a meal with a yak herder in the mountains, track wild elephants and tigers through lush jungles, and take pleasure in top-notch meals with Mt. Everest as your camaraderie.

Do you think your imagination is working over time? Well, think again because this bliss is closer than you have anticipated!


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The Mountain country of Nepal is bordered on the north by the high peaks of the Himalayas and the southern part is the incredibly flat known as the Terai region which is home to tigers, elephants, rhinoceros and numerous exotic birds in national parks; cultural and spiritual hub of Lumbini and many other incredible diversities. Amid the high peaks and the Terai is an amazing diversity of ecosystems, cultures and terrains which we call the mid hills.

From the elevated Himalayan yak grazing pastures of the Sherpa people to the great capital cities and ancient empires of the middle hills headed for the prolific assembly of temples and monuments in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal is characterized by friendly people, rich traditions and harmonious religious life.



To start with the most obvious notion would be that Mt.Everest is located in Nepal, along with eight of world’s 14 highest peaks along with another feature that is, we Nepali people live in the year 2071 Bikram Sambat! What is the significance?
Well, The B.S. year is 56.7 years ahead of the (western) Gregorian calendar. It is undeniably an attention-grabbing theory and we thought it was worth the mention!

The distinctive geography and traditional people of Nepal gives this small country a wide range of travel options including: Rafting in the snow-melt waters cascading off the high peaks, trekking in the high mountains, mountain biking and safaris in the jungles of the world renowned Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park.

Trekking is one of the best ways to explore and experience Nepal’s unbeatable mishmash of natural splendor and cultural riches. If you are reasonably fit and enclose a spirit for adventure as well as, are not afraid of walking in the mountains, you qualify for the adventure. The entire length and breadth of the kingdom is an ecstasy for trekkers. These treks consist of easy to strenuous treks, lasting from a few days to several weeks but none of them fail to endow us with great scenery.

How can one not be spellbound when this is the case!
How can one not be spellbound when this is the case!


There are two major factors to weigh in as you decide to visit Nepal: crowd and weather.
As a general rule the better the weather the more people come to Nepal intended for trekking. During the soaring tourist season in October and November, flights and hotels are fully booked and hotels and trails in the hills can be awfully busy. During autumn the nights are cold in the mountains, but the bright sun makes for pleasant day temperatures – in the high 20s° C, falling to 5° C at night, between 1000 meters and 3500 meters. At higher altitudes temperatures range from about 20° C down to -10° C. Mornings are usually clear with clouds building up during the afternoon and disappearing at nights to reveal the spectacular starry skies. During winter it is about 10 degrees colder.
Early December usually has a lull, but this is also a good trekking season. The Christmas period is cold but this is the holiday season in Japan and Australia and these nationalities dominate the flights and the hotels.

High passes especially the Thorung La, Annapurna Base Camp trek and Laurabina Pass on the Gosainkund trek trails are usually closed from late November to March. February is still cold but spring approaches by March and April.
The Mid Hills especially around Pokhara are full of dust and haze in April and May but the higher country side is usually clear. Trekking tapers off in the heat of May except at high elevations.
Monsoon is a good time to vacation in Kathmandu however there are very few trekkers because monsoon treks are impractical but if you are willing to put up with the rain, leeches, slippery trails and lousy mountain views, some of the treks are possible to operate. 
Flights operate throughout the monsoons to Lukla, Jumla and Jomsom so it is possible to fly in and trek above the slippery trails.
Many of the new trek trails have been opened in recent times which were limited by the restricted areas and these are fine trails to trek during summers. Most of the trails are not viable to trek during the winter season.
Mustang and Simikot are partially in the Himalayan rain shadow areas so trekking conditions are good throughout the monsoon season.

If you lack endurance there is still no way we would let you down. We will make certain that we get those flight tickets, which by the way flies around Mt.Everest! You get the most amazing view while flying around the peaks and won’t miss the chance to witness the mighty EVEREST.
How is that for good news?

The most convenient hospital for foreigners heath care is Patan Hospital in Lagankhel, Kathmandu. Other hospitals include the Western Regional Hospital, Manipal Hospital in Pokhara and the Mission Hospital in Tansen. Most hospitals have English-speaking staffs and doctors.
Pharmacies are easily available in Kathmandu largely along New Road which offer a wide range of Western drugs at reasonably low prices.
In Kathmandu, you can get certain vaccinations for free of charge at the Infectious Diseases Clinic. Full medical insurance is essential.


  1.  A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travelers arriving from infected areas.
  2. Following WHO guidelines issued in 1973 a cholera vaccination certificate is not a condition for entry to Nepal. However, cholera is a serious risk in this country and precautions are essential. Up-to-date advice should be sought before deciding whether these precautions should include vaccinations since medical opinions are divided over its effectiveness.
  3.  Typhoid is common and there are reports of resistance to anti-typhoid drugs.
  4.  Malaria risk mainly in the benign vivax form exists throughout the year in rural areas of the Terai districts especially in the forest areas of Bara, Dhanukha, Kapilvastu, Mahotari, Parsa, Rautahat, Rupendehi, Sarlahi and all along the Indian borders. Chloroquine is not an effective anti-malaria drug.
  5. There is no risk in areas higher than 1200 meters.

Last but the least to broadcast that Nepal is a small country is factual but the versatile landmark has a lot to offer. A trekker’s seventh heaven and an amazing place to be!
A country acknowledged for adventure trail all over the world is no news for travel enthusiast like you! But then there is an immense discrepancy in hearing people’s stories, looking at pictures, reading and examining articles and books etc.
Would you-why won’t you visit Nepal? Sounds good? If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Note it down in your bucket list and launch your plan. Break away from your routine and visit this serene land called Nepal and in addition have your individual story to narrate and enlighten other travelers.


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