Nepali Cooking Class

Learn how to cook Nepali food like a local, and take part of real Nepal back home with you.

daal bhat

You have a day and not sure what to do? You can join our 4 hours Nepali meal cooking class.
While you are in Nepal a Nepali cooking class, taught by qualified Nepali Aama cook, is something you can continue to use and share for a lifetime at home or for gatherings. And the best thing is that this souvenir requires no extra luggage and your friends and family will love it!

Daal Bhat, is the staple of the Nepali diet. It is typically eaten twice daily, and is uniquely Himalayan, incorporating the two great culinary traditions of the region, Indian and Tibetan, into a mainstream culinary culture of its own. It truly reflects the geographic and demographic diversity of the Himalayas. You will learn to cook this, and other Nepali favorites during our Nepali cooking course. You can call us or e-mail us and we can pick up from your hotel, do some Masala or Vegetable shopping join Nepal cooking class, eat the meal and drope you back to the hotel or airport. 

Though Daal Bhat literally translates to lentil soup and rice, the meal is so much more.  A typical Nepali every-day meal includes Daal (lentil soups), Bhat (steamed rice) and Tarkari (curried vegetable or meat), also known as “The Trinity”. This is usually accompanied by Ahchar (chutney/pickle that can be made from a variety of vegetables).  Each meal varies with seasonal vegetables or meats, and local ingredients, and is often supplemented with any of the following:

  1. MOMO’s, (dumplings stuffed with vegetables or meat) the other favorite in the Nepali diet
  2. Bhutuwas (stir-fried meats or vegetables)
  3. Sekuwas (grilled meats or vegetables)
  4. Choylas (grilled meats marinated in seasoned mustard oil)
  5. Rotis (bread preparations)
  6. Chapati (simple pan fried or tandoori bread)
  7. Paratha (fried bread stuffed with vegetables)
  8. Thukpas and Chow-Chows (Himalayan stewed and stir-fried noodles)
  9. Sukutis (smoked barbeques)
  10. Quantee soup (meat or vegetable stews with sprouted beans)
  11. Chiya (spiced milk or regular tea) or even coffee 
  12. Rice pudding  and many others like pop corn etc 

In the basic course you learn to cook Momos, Chapati, Paratha and of course Daal Bhat the main meal. 

More advanced Nepali meal cooking classes can be arranged for other dishes if you want to expand your culinary skills further.Please contact us to take our Nepal cooking class while in Kathmandu 

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