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132 kilometers from Jaipur on the edge of the desert, is located the tranquil town of Pushkar, along the bank of the picturesque Pushkar Lake. It is an important pilgrimage spot for Hindus because it is home to the only temple in India of Lord Brahma. According to Hindu mythology Lord Brahma is known as the creator of the world and it is said that he personally chose Pushkar, as the site for the temple.

According to the myth, Lord Brahma was on his way to search for a place to perform a fire sacrifice and while contemplating, a lotus fell from his hand and water sprouted from the place that it fell upon and is now known as Pushkar Lake.

It is well worth coinciding, your tour in India with Pushkar Camel Fair. Every November the township of Pushkar bursts into life for the world’s largest camel fair. Villagers come from all over Rajasthan to trade camels and livestock, sell wares and celebrate the holy month of Kartik. You will be bewildered by the staggering number of camels present and not only are they traded, they are decorated, treated to camel races and a camel beauty contest is held!

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