Spiritual Adventure in Nepal

Do you love spirituality? Have you ever dreamed of being into a place full of the spiritual vibrations?

The Great Himalayan range in Nepal bears a high level of spiritual vibrations which give our life a positive direction towards a meaningful life. The spirituality has a significant role to make our life a happy one as it teaches us the skills of finding happiness and the huge source of happiness lies in Nepal, the Himalayas.

Travelling to Nepal on a spiritual adventure brings a great level of happiness and life fills with positive energy in abundance. Visiting the beautiful and serene places in and around the Himalayas in Nepal is a great journey towards the inner self and the realization of the meaning of our life journey. Spending quiet retreat time in incredibly beautiful places amidst the nature blessed by the Himalayan spirituality is a time worth enjoying which will introduce you with the source of happiness.

Bhutanese Buddhist Monks
Buddhist Monks

From the meditation hubs of the ancient yogis, the Himalayas, to the birth place of Buddha have made Nepal a great place for spiritual practice and immersion. The ancient and powerful spiritual centers spread around the country where people have been visiting for thousands of years for a spiritual quest have higher level of spiritual energy and vibrations. We can absorb to the most and benefit from those positive energy centers to make our life happy and beautiful.

Mountain Faith
Prayer Flags and the Cairns in the Mountain

Plenty of ancient Hindu temples to Buddhist Stupas and meditation monasteries throughout the Himalayan land have acquired a deep reverence from people as they spread spiritual vibrations in the lives of people. The land where Lord Shiva, the first yogi, dwelled as the king of animals; the land where Milarepa, the ancient Tibetan great yogi and poet wandered around; the land where Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, meditated; the land where the Buddha, the enlightened being who taught the world about the right ways to live a life free of suffering, was born; all these great beings have made Nepal and the Himalayas their place to live a happy life.

Listening to the bhajan chanting in Hindu spiritual sites; sacred Buddhist mantra chanting in mystical monasteries and soaking in the beauty and the vibrations created by those magical prayers and bhajan chanting have an incredible power to overwhelm and put us into a trance. The chance of being around the Hindu and Buddhist monks as we visit several spiritual sites is an enlightening experience of their culture and life style.  Learning about the different processes of becoming a monk in Hinduism and Buddhism gives an eye opening knowledge about the monk culture practiced in Nepal.      

This meaningful journey of the spiritual quest will change your life to a much better level and you can feel it and will cherish the journey all your life. Go on the spiritual journey of self realization and find the ecstasy of positive vibrations in your life.

Let us help you organize a meaningful spiritual trip for you.

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