I just have on wonderful trekking and mountaineering trip

I just have on wonderful trekking and mountaineering trip of Mera peak, Amphulapcha pass and Island peak with Earthbound Expeditions (EB) on November- December, 2003.

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(I have joined EB 2 times before for Jomsom and Langtang trek.) The Sherpa Mr. Dawa (Everest Climber) takes care of me very much and I hope I will have another good trek with EB in the coming days!
Thank you Earthbound for planning it well, I will certainly recommend this company to any one who are interested to visit Himalayas!!

- Joe, Hong Kong

I want to thank you so much for the great trekking

Dear Rajan,
I want to thank you so much for the great trekking, both in Tibet – Kailash, October 2004 and in Upper Mustang during the Tiji festival on May 2005.

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It has been a great experience trekking with you and your wonderful staff. The organization was perfect and I got treated like a queen, especially when it came to “food”! Thanks to the cooks I always had delicious meals and warm water whenever I needed. The tents were always ready at our arrival after our daily walks, so it gave us a very good feeling and a sense of security.

I definitely will suggest anyone who wants to have a beautiful and unique experience on the Himalayan Mountains to contact “Earthbound Expeditions” trekking agency. Rajan is very kind and helpful to everybody and he would suggest the best to you.

Thank you so much again for your kindness and the great work you has done for both trekking.

- Maria Mini, Switzerland

Thank you for everything you did for us

Dear Rajan,
Namaste! I am in Tokyo and on my way home. Everything went smoothly for the rest of the trip after you left us in Lhatse. We had a nice tour in Lhasa and met up with some old friends in Beijing.

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Thank you for everything you did for us and for putting up with some of my friends!!
We did all love it though. Absolutely no problem for the recommendations, as we enjoyed the trip so much. I am more than happy to help. I will also get in touch with the friend I told you about who owns an adventure travel company. Maybe she can send some trips your way. Back to work now… Thanks again for everything.. Glad you made it home, OK.

- Rhonda with her 5 friends, USA

Traveling with a feeling of safety.

This e-mail is for those who are interested to join Kailash – Lhasa tour,
Traveling with Earthbound Expeditions in (western) Tibet is traveling with a feeling of safety. Especially in that part of the world where they do not have all those safety services we western people are so common with.

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Earthbound Expedition was very keen on prevention for the food, drinking water, cars and also for the altitude sickness. Yes, it hit me and it hit everyone who is not used to travel on such altitude. But slowly I, and the others are used to it. They never forced a situation for the sake of their own.

Speaking for my own. I could make it without taking drugs like Diamox. That brought me the feeling having a very relaxed time in this remote part of the world. Traveling western Tibet and climbing Mount Kailash ( Dolma – La) was a kind of adventure that makes me feel good because they saw it as their duty to guard us without overreacting. And although we were with a group of fourteen, which meant so many different people with all their different wishes, nevertheless everyone off us was satisfied about the quality of life.

One thing you should know ! They know very interesting places even the well-known travel guides do not describe. That’s another reason for you to consider traveling with Earthbound Expeditions!
And: you’re going for a trekking, don’t forget to strengthen your physical condition.

They were caring, flexible and reliable

Dear Rajan,
Now, Jan and I made the recommendation letter. This is to show anyone who are interested to visit Kailash , Lhasa with Earthbound Expeditions!

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“From 11 July until the 7th of august 2004 we went with a group of 14 people to Nepal and Tibet. Earthbound Expeditions organized the trip for us. They did a very good job. They were caring, flexible and reliable.. They carried out the programmed as planned. First we traveled to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. We stayed in good tents in nice campsites. The food was marvelous. We had experienced drivers and solid 4-wheel drive cars.

During the trip some of the group suffered from the high altitude. The crew of Earthbound Expeditions reacted efficient and good on what was needed to cure them. Because of their care we all able to continue the trip.
After the Kailash we went to Lhasa and then back to Kathmandu. We stayed in nice hotels. It was an experience of lifetime, thanks to the great care and organization of Earthbound Expeditions; we will recommend this company to any one”

P. S. We are planning to visit Sikkim and Bhutan with them next year in 2005.

- Jan van der Stappen and Jacqueline van Steenbrugge, Holland

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He was flexible when I wanted to make changes to my itinerary in the middle of the trip
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