This trip was a dream come truth

This trip was a dream come truth. 8 months ago I read this book of Michel Peissel, which make me dream about an unknown area in the north of Nepal, belonging to the Tibetan culture. The landscapes went beyond all expectation it looked shaped by human’s hands. It’s diversity in shapes and colors transported me another planet.

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Regarding the culture, It was very refreshing, different from all what I have seen in Nepal. The Tiji festival showed me there was still a place where the Tibetan Buddhism remains unmolested and practiced with fervor. And all this lops as wearing traditional dresses were very authentic. It’s a pity that it seems the new generation is more attracted by Nike pullovers, Reebok Caps, Chinese shoes.

Concerning the organization, I found it very well, even if I was feeling little bit confuse to have so many people working for me. I’m usually used to a budget way of traveling, of doing everything by myself and these everything was prepared, cooked for me. Embarrassing and agreeable in the same time.

- Ljuslin Michael, Switzerland

The trek was filled with beautiful scenery and interesting people

We hiked about 105 miles uphill and down hill in the snow and loved every minute of it. The trek was filled with beautiful scenery and interesting people. Our guide had a great attitude and we loved his guitar playing and singing Nepalese songs.

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He even showed us Stuffed yak other trekkers seemed Jealous of how much fun we had with our guide. Our porter was friendly and working on his English. Over all our team really made the trek safe and fun.
We wanted thank the agency for planning a great trip for us, Thanks Rajan again.

- Jennifer and Beth Halteman, USA

The tour was very well organized

Dear Rajan,
I have not forgotten to write you and tell you, that still very glad to have done the Mustang trekking with you in during that Tiji festival time of 2001. The tour was very well organized and all the days you have never been arrogant. Your handling with money was clear and correct.

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I appreciate this kind of partnership. You could tell us a lot about Mustang, the countryside and culture. And I remember too, Charlie as an extra present. (I mean your comedy is good)

Many thanks that you have managed for me that I could go to Garphu and Namgyal with the horses. It was not easy. Please give my thanks to the cook and porters. I’m well remembered to the good food. The food was original and has changed every day, it was excellent and I had never problems with my stomach. These man all (Mr. Dipendra, Santa, Meg Bdr, Gamsi, Ram, Kumar, Ids Bhadar, Gyan and Purna- I hope I did not forget one) have made a good and have been very reliable.

When you will see Mr. Thapa, our Liaison Officer, please give him the best wishes from me. He will remember me, at least in connection with Dr. Amchi Gyasto Bista (Gemi, Lo Monthang). Al together it was wonderful trekking tour. We have been three tourists from three different countries, languages, age, sex and condition and we understood us excellent. October 2002, maybe I shall climb Dampus peak. I shall ask you about this tour in my next letter. I wish you all the best

- Wilhelm Rieder, Germany

Well Done

“If you would expect lots of complaints from a group of six girls who’re going for their first trekking trip, you’d be surprised – there’s not a single one! from the initial planning up to the time of our departure, we’re being well taken care of. Our tour guide, Rajan, is highly professional, attentive, friendly and helpful!

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Thanks also to our great porters – Ganga, Gopal and Ram. Without their help, we could hardly finish (or even start!) our trip. I will not consider agencies other then Earthbound, if I plan to visit Nepal again.
Well Done”
With Earthbound, you don’t have run around!

Well, with Rajan, mind that you’ll be playing around, Oops, I mean Rajan’s service are sound !!!

- Suki, Joehen, Angi (Mingpo.com), Angel and friend, Hongkong

The Nepal trip is certainly a wonderful trip

Hi Ganga and Rajan,
It’s a long time since my Nepal trekking trip sorry for replying so late, because after the Nepal trip, I have planned and visited Northeast China for a skiing and hunting trip with friends, and then busy with my work for the recent weeks.

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The Nepal trip is certainly a wonderful trip for me, especially the trekking section.

Thanks again to all of you. I have highly recommended Earthbound along my friends, and some of them may also want to visit Nepal later. Anyway, I am also interested in coming Nepal again, and if time is possible, I’ll choose to climb to Mera Peak. Yes, I don’t forget photos. I will send all photos having Ganga & Ashok to your company address later. If you have time to visit Hong Kong (again), don’t forget to call me! I’ll show you the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong countryside. Hope we can greet with each other again!

- Joe and friends, Hong Kong

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We can’t thank you enough for the adventure trek of a lifetime!
- Jeanie and Jim Schaden, USA
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