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Why Travel to Nepal in 2016

Nepal, the Himalayan Country, attracted a huge attention of the world in the year 2015 because of the devastating earthquake that left the country shaken. The country slowly recovered back to normal daily activities with unbelievably strong resilience of Nepali people. The shattered tourism industry came back for the business so that the whole world can see the majestic beauty of this incredible country.

Although the disaster left Nepal devastated, it was unable to take away the charming beauty of the country. The high snow capped Himalayas are still standing there casting beautiful glance upon Nepal and they will always be there. The cultural diversity, floral riches, wild life, history, art and architecture etc. are still as fascinating as they were before the earthquake.

Many world renowned travel magazines and forums have recommended and listed Nepal as one of the coolest destinations to travel in 2016. There are several reasons that Nepal is the best choice as travel destination for the year 2016.

Still the Trekkers’ Paradise: It is not a secret anymore that Nepal provides unparalleled and unique trekking experience. With the magnificent Himalayas in the northern part of the country, Nepal offers extremely scenic trekking in the Himalayan foothills. The Himalayan trekking trails in Nepal are now open for the trekking adventurers after many geographical surveys and being declared safe to trek. Nepal still offers the same trekking charm to the trekkers as it used to and is truly remains the Trekkers’ Paradise forever.

Cultural Riches still wonder You:  The diverse cultural beauty of Nepal is another charming factor to the travelers. The incredible cultural charm still gives people a rich cultural immersion. It will never fail to wonder the travelers even in the direst of the circumstances.

Right Time to Help People Stand: More than eight thousand lives lost and hundreds of thousands left homeless, Nepal needs more travelers now than any other time as it would economically help people to stand back and rebuild. You will be supporting their livelihood and to keep their morale high.

Great Experiential Trip in an Earthquake Hit Country:  The trip to Nepal in 2016 will be a very experiential trip in an earthquake shattered country where you will see how Nepali people are showing a strong resilience to rise back after the devastation. You will notice the progress in rebuilding process and see how the country is coping with the disaster.

Your Trip is Safe: As all the hotels, airports, roads and all tourism related facilities are in smooth operation, you will feel as safe as you would before the earthquake to travel to Nepal. You will find Nepalese indulging in very normal daily life practices and you will be cared with the highest degree of hospitality that Nepal is famous for.

For the reasons above and many other reasons, Nepal deserves to be the coolest travel destination in the year 2016. Your decision to travel to Nepal in 2016 will be a turning point for many lives in positive way.

Thus, Welcome to Nepal in 2016.   


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