Why Us?

Why you have to travel and do trekking in Nepal with Earthbound Expeditions?

Why travel with Earthbound Expeditions? We are an award winning professional and responsible travel and trekking tour company in Nepal. We specialize in small group adventure travel and trekking adventures, as well as customized tours, to the Himalayas – India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and South East Asia.

  •  Local experts create your itineraries
  •  Flexibility on itinerary & dates
  •  Private or group tour options
  •  Professional & friendly guides
  •  24/7 customer service
  •  Extra Value – save up to 50% from market price
  •  Award winning licensed & reputable company
  •  Recommended by respected guide books & travel magazines
  •  Giving back to people of Nepal

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Earthbound Expeditions is one of Nepal’s leading adventure travel trekking companies offering unique itineraries in the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Sri-lanka, and South East Asia. The company has been operating small and big groups trekking and adventure travel holidays and vacations since 1997.

With so many tour companies out there, why choose EARTHBOUND EXPEDITIONS?

Please take a moment to read what makes us different than the most tour and trek operators in Nepal.

Earthbound Expeditions brings you services with courtesy and grace, instilled over centuries of Nepalese tradition. For us, taking care of you is a sacred duty. It’s part of our culture that is also as old as the Himalaya! We believe “Atithi Devo Bhavah – guests are our God.”

Earthbound Expeditions was founded on the principles of friendship, respect and understanding. Our diverse people, heritage, customs, and nature must be protected by travel professionals who guide our visitors to sensitive regions. We tread lightly and inconspicuously, thereby assuring you of a genuine, fulfilling, experience. As a guest to Nepal Himalaya, we want this experience to be a perfect one for you from when we pick you up at the airport to drop-off.

We are responsible towards society… We do make a Difference, Giving back to the people of Nepal

Beside travel and trekking business Earthbound Expeditions also believe in our responsibility towards our society and good Karma (deeds). We have been part of various social activities and philanthropic events. Please take the time to read what makes us different than most tour and trek operators in Nepal. We have many successful projects around that help house the homeless, educate the poor, protect the environment and wildlife and help reduce or offset carbon emissions, all designed to ensure that Tourism is a force for good!

We have been supporting orphanage ( Buddhist Bal Griha – BCH) in Nepal to sustain, Built schools for poor people in the mountains of Nepal. You may be interested to learn that we just finished building school (4 rooms) in the remote village of Darkha, Dhading north of Kathmandu for 82 poor students; it was great experience to be there with villagers. The organization that contributed the fund is called www.handsinnepal.org and Earthbound Expeditions (me) coordinate whole program and put some about USD 460 as donation, plus me and my staff volunteered in many ways.

The whole project cost was about USD 12,000. You can read the whole beautiful story at http://www.handsinnepal.blogspot.com/. If you or some of your friends want to help such kind of charity that will be always welcome, we have been approached by other villagers to build the school . (Please click here to view our list of social work).

Giving to a worthy cause like this with good heart and pure motivation generates vast amounts of Positive potential. We are proud to sponsor the Nepal Annapurna trek of overland-underwater.com, a charity drive from UK to NZ for CARE international.

We practice responsible and sustainable tourism in the Himalaya! We have whole world to explore & one world to save!!

As an adventure travel leader specializing in tailor made journeys to south Asia Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Earthbound Expeditions support to care house / orphanage is an expression of our commitment to responsible tourism and support for the communities we operate tour in.

We are also mindful and respectful when it comes to pricing. We do not engage in the practice of inflating prices simply to take advantage of our well meaning visitors, nor do we try to sell you a bill of goods. We are able to keep our prices competitive because we love our work, and the people we share our world to takes precedence over greed. And since word of mouth is our primary means of advertising, we have to shine and be of exceptional value. Our commitment to you, special guest of Earthbound Expeditions’, is to provide an opportunity for you to: experience the unique beauty of the Himalayan regions and greater Nepal; to enjoy the customs and food of the diverse people who call Nepal, Tibet , India and Bhutan home; to be awed by the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, jungle and ancient cities – to have the journey of a lifetime…

.”HAPPY PAST CLIENTS”… What our client said about us .( we are responsible towards you)

Over a decade, we have introduced hundreds of people from all over the world to the joys of tour, trekking and mountaineering in Himalayas ( India – Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Sri-lanka). Many of them have returned and traveled with us again on new and different adventures. We believe our friends and clients are our best references. We would like to share some of the thousands of Testimonials that we have received from members of tours, guided treks, and expeditions over the years. Even see some comments at trip adviser by our clients. We hope you enjoy reading from this feedback, and that you will join an Earthbound Expeditions’ tour and trek and share some of the rich experiences that our programs and staff have to offer.

Our selection of treks, tours, cultural and educational journeys is second to none. We have many excellent options for you to choose from, available to you without having to wait for the next group cycle. During your time with us, we’ll share with you our knowledge ( we’ve been doing this for more than 21 years combined) of the history of this vast region as we explore villages, trails, cities, palaces and temples.

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Our professional and friendly trek / tour leaders, guides

Our group leaders and guides are the cream of the crop! They are the reason that Earthbound Expeditions’ all trip work so well and the reason why so many travelers return to us year after year. They are experienced guides chosen not only for their ability to make every trip more then you’d ever have hoped for, but also for their passion and commitment to Himalayas and the Earthbound way of travel.

About your experienced field tested tour / trek planner –
“Experts to create the itineraries”

As we direct represent the travel destinations you will always get first hand information, your itinerary will be crafted by experienced field leaders not by the managers at office who send you set itineraries. Your trip are field tasted and hand crafted. So you will get detailed field tested itineraries from us.
Earthbound Expeditions is an award winning company  recommended by “Lonely Planet”, “New York Times”, “TripAdvisor” guide book and covered by many Newspapers, magazines and media …

You can fully trust us as we are recommended by Lonely Planet, many international magazines and newspapers, like New York Times, Action Asia , TripAdvisor, weekend weekly HK, Apple Daily, Himalayan Travel trade Journal.
We have operated so many groups since 1997…, You can trust us!

We have served thousands of clients from around the globe, Please browse our pictures to get first-hand information from those we have served….

And just like any good friend who will meet you at the airport with a friendly smile, we’ll take care of most everything for you: from transportation and arranging your accommodations, to showing you around mesmerizing Kathmandu and the Himalayan region. If you have any questions or comments you wish to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recently we organized 8 days great trip to Muktinath for his holiness Indradyumna Swami – he is an ISKCON Guru and a sannyasi for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness of Hare Krishna Hare Ram Mission, one of the greatest Guru among 40 of them.  

Earthbound Expeditions is responsible travel and trekking company that is committed to environmental and social sustainability, and endeavors to make a difference..through tourism!! Because of our good work many Hollywood celebrity, Pilots, social workers, senators, Photographers, media persons, conservationist and writers, have choose our trekking agency for their travel needs in Nepal, so be our guest here!
FLEXIBILITY in itinerary and dates, also Extra Value, save up to 50 %

Our trips offer unique, highest-quality, privately-guided tour options in four countries ( India – Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan) in the Himalayan region. These trips are customizable to help you build your perfect dream vacation. You can lengthen or shorten the trip itinerary and swap hotels and activities, to meet your needs. Since these trips depart based on your schedule, you choose the exact dates that work best for your schedule and travel mates.

As a local travel company our overhead is low, also we are an internet-driven business and heavily rely on repeat customers. We have long standing relationships with hotel groups, airlines and tour operators, which means that you will get the best value for your money.  This allows us to pass along meaningful price savings to our customers.  No large international company can match our competitively priced tours with the same reliability and quality we provide.

Our trips are often up to 50% lower priced than the exact same trip found elsewhere, bringing you independently guided programs at a packaged group tour price. In addition, be sure to check out our group discount program for parties of five or more.

Who we are and why book the trip with Earthbound Expeditions

We are a group of young, energetic, trained and educated people who have gained lots of experience in the travel trade. (We’ve been doing this for more than 21 years combined).

  •  Reputed  award winning Trekking travel company
  •  A 24 / 7 support , phone number to call, should the need arise
  •  Adventure Travel Expertise in South East Asia over 108 itineraries to choose
  •  One-Stop Trip Finder for Himalaya ( India , Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan)
  •  Made-to-Order Flexibility for itineraries
  •  Lower Prices – half of international based companies
  •  Committed to Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
  •  Happy Past Clients..
  •  Field tasted expert leaders and trip planners

Earthbound Expeditions is a fully licensed and registered company in Nepal and recognized by the tourism authority of the government of Nepal to run tours, travel, trekking, mountaineering expeditions, and other travel related activities.

We fulfill all the requirements such as tax registration, bank guarantees, licensed guides, insured staffs and we are authorized by the National Bank of Nepal to deal with foreign currency transaction. Our staffs are insured.

Needless to mention, but you must make sure that the company you book a trip with is a genuine company and is not a fraud. Be careful! There are many so-called companies who have no registration to government authorities and do not maintain the government requisites. Some companies operate with expired licenses, that go unnoticed or punished. Some individuals and freelancers reportedly create personal web sites or by personal contacts run tours and trekking programs illegally or on commission basis with an agency. Further, some tour operators abroad also have been found directly operating tours and trekking expeditions without cooperation with local agents, which is not allowed. These foreign operators do not pay tax to the local government. So, booking a trip with such companies or individuals can result in a lot of risks and hassles.

Book the trip with us and you will be sure to get …

Made-to-Order Itineraries – crafted by the experts
Privately-Guided Tours
Over 100 itineraries in 5 south Asian Countries – India , Nepal, Sri- Lanka Tibet and Bhutan
Guaranteed Lowest Prices and Guaranteed departure!! Even you are single

So, its always recommended that you book a trip with a company, which

  •   Is registered to government authorities
  •   Is tax VAT -payer
  •   Has insured staff against accidents
  •   Has well-paid staff
  •  Ensures security of your money
  •  Use local manpower and resources
  •  Environmentally conscious, eco friendly trek and tours

A Nepal based trekking travel agency that is operated by Nepalese guides who ensure any funds are returned to it’s people.


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Earthbound No Boundaries
Nature, Adventure, Culture and Spirit.
  • Run by Experts
  • Years of Excellence
  • 24 / 7 Customer Service
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Responsible Tourism

We invite you to be our guest, as we believe guests are our God – “Atithi Devo Bhava!" .

We specialize in trips to Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. We have packages, or can customize a tour to meet your needs.

Our personalized services surpass those offered by large international travel or trekking companies, and we take pride in our reliability. We are able to offer the highest quality tours at competitive prices because we are on the ground in Nepal and employ all local expert guides for our excursions.

Why travel with us?

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