Ravi Pothukuchy

Mt Kailash and Manasarovar

A trip to Mt Kailash and Manasarovar is not any other ordinary travel. It’s logistic challenge and physically & mentally draining. That’s when the Earthbound Expeditions makes it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Working with our team for almost 12months leading to the trip in Sept ’19, Mr Rajan has provided all details and let us customize the trip to suit our needs. But the biggest surprise has been from the time we landed in Lhasa till the time we left Kathmandu. The entire crew of Earthbound Expeditions have ensured we had a fantastic experience. They have literally pampered us in every aspect and taken care of any special request we had. Mr Rajan is an epitome of positive and “make it happen” attitude. And he leads his team from the front. Needless to say, we had an experience of a life time, thanks to Mr Rajan and his crew. They deserve Ten Stars for their customer service and for ensuring every little detail has been taken care of. I would not think twice to go with them on any trip conducted by them.

Bharathi & Tikkana

Devotion in Service and Support : Mansarovar and Kailash Trip

Words are very limited to express our gratitude for the excellent service and support we got throughout our Manasarovar and Kailash trip . Trip showed us personally many facets of devotion in service and support, sustainability and spirituality in Rajanji and his team. Without the dedicated service of taking care of our comforts, physical trekking and spiritual pilgrimage of Manasarovar and Kailash would have been impossible. Our every day trip started and ended with Rajanji’s beautiful chants and his melodious “Om Mani Padme Hum” Buddhist prayer. Rajanji and his crew of Arjun bhayya, Ram bhayya, Dorji, Narayan, Gokul, Serge, Amrit and rest of them took care all the days serving us most delicious(fresh and hot cooked food almost all the time of the tour with comfort foods like pongal, bhel puri, pav bhaji, chutneys, fresh yogurt, ghee, yummy chai and more …), satvik Indian/Nepalese food! Very simple gestures of reminding us to be hydrated, checking our health (oxygen levels, medical needs…)every day , getting head and shoulder massages for most of us are on everyday basis made us all a family during this trip. We felt the Parikrama started from day one with so much of divinity in Rajanji’s team towards our group of 27 friends. We truly felt blessed everyday of our trip. Physical challenges of the high altitude, cold weather, long walks and not to forget nature calls during the week of Parikrama was possible for us due to Earthbound expedition team dedication. Rajanji was always open for special requests (thank you for satisfying our sweet tooth at a whim’s notice) or accommodations changes. Final Nepalese dinner with traditional dances was a sweet ending to our trip.
Looking forward to making more trips with Earthbound team!
sincerely, Bharathi & Tikkana


Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek was an amazing and unforgettable experience. Our guide, Ray and our four Porters were caring, patient, hard-working and so helpful throughout the duration of the trip. Any questions or queries that we had, were always answered with a smile. It was much a spiritual journey as it was a physical and mental journey, for each of our group members. We are forever grateful to the staff at Earthbound Expeditions, for their commitment and dedication in creating such a beautiful experience for us.
Thank you and Namaste


Rajan had arranged everything very well!

Dear All
Rajan asked me if I want to tell you about our experience to you. I hope you don’t mind.
My dad (61 years) and I (37) visited Nepal in October this year, it was our first time in Nepal. We were looking for a trekking agency in April.

Alberto,antonio e leonardo

This is my comment about our trek and tour in Italian language

Hi Rajan,
This is my comment about our trek and tour in Italian language. Thank you again
Comment:”la professionalita’, la disponibilita’ e la simpatia di rajan e dei suoi collaboratori meritano una menzione particolare. Grazie alla Earthbound expeditions, un viaggio che puo’ risultare difficile da organizzare con poco tempo a disposizione, e’ diventato realta’.

18 giorni spesi bene…dall’annapurna trek all’affascinante Lhasa tutto attraverso paesaggi mozzafiato ed una popolazione veramente speciale, sia nepalese che tibetana. Essenziale un discreto spirito di adattamento per le prime notti in Tibet ma sicuramente ben ripagato da cio’ che si presenta davanti agli occhi.
per qualsiasi consiglio scrivetemi pure a icci@inwind.it – namastè.

– Alberto,antonio e leonardo, Italy, took trip in 2006

Ria and Katrien

Ria and Katrien

It was completely hassle free

Dear Rajan,
With this e-mail we would like to thank you for the good organization of our trek to the Annapurna Base Camp from 4th – 16th November 2005. We enjoyed it ever so much; you provided us with a reliable and good guide( Narendra and a nice porter, Arjun), who looked after us from the beginning to the end.

It was completely hassle free, we never had to worry about anything, just enjoy the walking, the nature and the view of the mountains. Even the weather was clear! (how did you do that?). We are definitely thinking of coming back to Nepal in the future, and perhaps bring some friends along. Meanwhile, we wish you all the best, and hope to meet again.

– Ria and Katrien (katrien.provoost@versateladsl.be), Brugge , Belgium

Allin Kipp, west Arichat, Nava Scote

Allin Kipp, west Arichat, Nava Scote

Thank you for your excellent, efficient and courteous service

Dear Rajan, Namaste!
Thank you for your excellent, efficient and courteous service in my recent trek to Langtang / Gosinkunda / Helambu in October / November 2005. It was a one-person trek with one guide / porter Kabi. He was very knowledgeable and is to be commanded.

In the planning stages by e-mail, you stressed the need of possible flexibility to take into consideration local circumentences weather, illness, etc. This certainly worked well for me and made my experience that much more enjoyable. If any of your prospective client would like to contact me by e-mail regarding a recommendation for your trekking company I would happy to respond. Thank you again !

– Allin Kipp, west Arichat, Nava Scote, Canada

Allin Kipp, west Arichat, Nava Scote

Beth and George

We had a wonderful time

Dear Rajan
Namaste and greetings from the USA!
We are terribly sad to be home and our minds and hearts are still in Nepal. We had a wonderful time and cannot thank you enough for all your helpful planning to make our trip so great!
I think we are both dreaming of our last dinner with you and I have come to discover only one Nepalese restaurant in all of New York City but we are excited to try! We don’t imagine that it will be nearly as nice (nor as festive) as the Nepali Chulo but all the same, we’re glad there is one!
Have not gone through the pictures yet, but when we do, we will be sure to send you a few! Will send a message to Dibash ( our guide) as well, but please let him know we are awaiting instructions for preparing the tea we bought!

Please keep in touch as well look forward to continuing our talk with you!

Cheers and all the best,
– Beth and George, New York, USA


Megha, Japan

I had many interesting encounters

Dear Rajan and other staffs in Earthbound Expedition,

This is Megha. I came back to my home on 11th safely. After that, I visited my parents’ home and I stayed in their house more than one week. I could not send e-mail till now, because my parents do not have a computer in their house. The journey to Mt. Kailash and Lhasa tour was so great. And I had many interesting encounters while my staying in Nepal. My travel this time was fruitful. On the day I left Nepal, the car came to pick me up at my hotel just on time.

Thank you very much for everything you took care of me. My flight to Japan was good. In Japan, the rainy season finished a few days after my coming back to Japan, and it is so hot every day now. The highest temperature of the day is about 34 – 36 in my city. How is it in Kathmandu now? Does the rainy season in Kathmandu continue till August? Please be careful of your health. I really hope to see you again. Namaste!

– Megha, Japan

Alexandra schmid

Alexandra schmid, Switzerland

You and all involved people did a very good job

Dear Rajan
Thank you for you mail. Am terribly late with answering. My life is running faster than I can at the moment. As you know I have started the new radio job, next to my normal job. It is good fun, but a lot of work.

I want to thank you again for your good organization and the work you have done for our Nepal and Tibet tour group. The entire 13 group members were very satisfied and went home with good memories. We were very lucky with a guide like Surendra. You and all involved people did a very good job. Thank you !

– Alexandra schmid, Switzerland


Andrew & Janet Steer, England

Thank you for all the smooth arrangements in the trip of Nepal

Hi Rajan
Just got back to work this morning, and I am in mourning! So many wonderful memories make work a really depressing place to be! I wish I was back in the Mountains of Nepal. For future contact please use: ‘steer_andrew@hotmail.com‘ as I will be leaving the company in the next 3 months or so. Thank you for all the smooth arrangements in the trip of Nepal from Dec. 23rd to Jan. 7th 2005.

– Andrew & Janet Steer, England

Andrea Ruggerone

Andrea Ruggerone, Italy

We will have an unforgettable memory of the trip

Dear readers,
I am Andrea, the tour leader of an Italian / Swiss group of 8 people who had a great luck this year, enjoying a 15 days Mustang trek and Ti Ji ( Tenchi) from April 28-May 13th , 2005 with Earthbound Expeditions, and sharing this great experience with Mr. Rajan Simkhada, who was our leader on that trip.

Plus, we spent some more days in Kathmandu, before and after the trek, visiting the most important places in the valley, always with his helpful presence. Well, since when I began organizing the trip, I had a very good impression of Rajan and the agency, as I asked so many questions to him, about itinerary, organization, schedules, everything. That is usually exhausting for many people, not for him who was very efficient in fast answers, always helpful and so precise that just before the beginning I had quite a good idea of how the journey could be.

But it wasn’t exactly as I thought because, despite of my high expectations, the journey went far over those expectations: this is not only my opinion, it’s the opinion of everybody in the group: the perfect tour. Just in making the itinerary he showed me his experience, as I could realize later. In fact nobody in the group suffered for altitude sickness or for tiredness, and I am pretty sure (I have quite a good experience in high altitude trips) that it wasn’t just “good luck”, because the different stages were studied very well, to give to all of us the time for getting acclimatized, and improve our shape day by day.

Rajan came with us as a guide, this was an impression plus, and he deserves a special thank for that, because he dedicated to us part of the precious time of his busy schedule; plus, with his presence and the one of the second guide , we had great traveling companions and we shared many special moments together. We could dedicate time enjoying the visit of the so many interesting gompas that Mustang offers, full of history and culture, and Rajan was so great in being a guide and translator; well, he has a good experience of the area, and this helped very much in having an incredible time, enjoying what better Mustang can offer, out of the beaten tracks too.

The time spent in Lo Manthang for the Ti Ji Festival (held there every year in May) was really amazing, showing us how beautiful and interesting could be a Buddhist festival; moreover, we had the opportunity to meet the King of Mustang, always thanks to Rajan.

The cook (Mr. Mingmar) and his staff were simply wonderful: in such difficult “conditions”, with such that shortage of time to cook (considering the fact that they were on trekking too, with the tiredness that this involves): every day we had different hot meals, most of them freshly prepared: we had momos (made by hand just before the meal), spaghetti, pasta, wonderful pizza and cakes (both made without having an oven!!), many typical dishes, vegetables, meat, rice, potatoes, French fries (in a simple word, everything, like we were in Kathmandu and not inside the mountains, far from the beaten roads).

Please do consider (just to explain how good and how much was the food) that despite the about 180 kms of trek, many people of the group were “worried” about gaining weight. Plus we had hot beverages many times per day and hot water anytime we required it. All the equipment provided for the tour was perfect (tents, mattresses). The staff was always helpful and very eager to please, in any small matter regarding anybody of us, helping us for washing, preparing tents for the night, boiling water. So, I use this opportunity to thank Rajan again, for everything. We will have an unforgettable memory of the trip; the landscapes of Mustang are simply amazing, plus the culture, the people met during the tour, and the great, really great organization of Earthbound Expeditions as an impressive plus.

For sure I will use their services in the future, in my treks in Nepal and around (Tibet, Kailash Ladakh), where he has a great experience too. Namaste to everybody!

– Andrea Ruggerone, Italy

Tanco van Kessel

Tanco van Kessel

I appreciate your excellent service and your flexibility

Dear Rajan,
How are you? And how are your ideas going to the Holiday Fare in Holland?

I would like to thank you and your guide Gomba for the amazing trekking tot the Annapurna Basecamp, and of course the other trekking.

During the trekking to ABC I had 12 wonderful days. The feeling you get at the basecamp when surrounded by the mountains is hard to describe. Those mountains are so big and tall when you stand in front of them. And the trail to the base camp is also very beautiful; the small villages, the green forest, the valleys. An amazing trip!

I appreciate your excellent service and your flexibility. And I am sure I also speak for my friends from the care house.Well, see you next time when I visit Nepal and let me know when you start your advertising campaign in the Dutch newspaper.

– Tanco van Kessel, Holland

Tarryn Bennett

Tarryn Bennett

It really was a trip of a lifetime for me

Hello Rajan!
Thank-you for your e-mail. I got back to London safely and looking for work at the moment. Thanks again for organizing our trip in Nepal – it really was a trip of a lifetime for me… memories that I’ll never forget.
I would love to write something for your web site… please refer to below….

Hello Every one!
In April 2005, a couple of friends and I did the Mt.Everest package deal through Earthbound Expeditions. This experience was one I’ll never forget. First and foremost, I got to achieve my dream of reaching Base Camp – thanks to our fantastic guide and porter, Ram.

The trek was very well organised and the friendly staff really helped me out. They went out of their way to find me a pair of trekking boats (as mine had been stollen in India) and they leant me a sleeping bag and down-jacket free of charge.

During the trek I felt that I was in very safe hands and was treated like a queen! The rafting and Jungle Safari was equally amazing. I would definately recommend Earthbound Expeditions to anyone wanting to trek in Nepal – their prices are very competitive and they provide the value-added benefits that other companies don’t. Enjoy your travels.

– Tarryn Bennett (tazza54@hotmail.com), Australia

Raja and Subitha Puthoor

We will definitely visit Nepal and Tibet again

Dear Mr. Simkhada,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us realize our lifelong dream of circumambulating Mount Kailash and taking a bath in Lake Manasarover. The 35 days trip that you planned and led for the two of us plus Ms. Lydia Kersbergen, Holland, was beyond our expectations. (May 16 thru June 20, 2004. Las Vegas – Kathmandu – Naylam – Saga – Parang – Manasarovar – Darchen – Mt Kailash – Tharpoche – Tingri – Mt. Everest Base Camp – Lhatse – Shigatse – Gyantse – Lhasa- Kathmandu – Las Vegas)

Your team of three Nepalese and three Tibetans worked very well together. In fact, within a few days of the journey, we were all like one big family. Our Toyota Landcruiser driver, Mr. Tsering, is one of the best drivers and mechanics that I have ever met. He made us feel very safe thru all those treacherous mountain passes. Out Tibetan guide, Mr.Tenthar was very helpful and eager to please.

His attitude made up for his basic English speaking skills. Our Nepalese cook, Mr. Gambu Sherpa, made such wonderful food throughout the trip that we were afraid of gaining weight! Thanks to Mr. Gambu, we had three real fresh baked cakes to celebrate our anniversary, my birthday and our farewell. We also want to thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule and personally accompanying us throughout the journey and helping us with the three-day trek around Mt. Kailash. I don’t think we would have been able to complete the three-day trek by own feet at our age without your constant guidance and help

We will definitely visit Nepal and Tibet again. We hope to do next year the lodge-to-lodge trekking in Nepal. Once again, thank you for the successful planning and leading of our once-in-a-life spiritual journey and trekking adventure.

P.S. If you want you can use us as reference
if any body want to call us or e-mail us to talk directly they are welcome!

– Raja and Subitha Puthoor, USA

Lydia Kersbergen

Lydia Kersbergen, Holland

One of the most holy and unspoiled places on this earth

Dear Rajan,
From May 18th till June 19th your travel agency Earthbound Expeditions took us on a breathtaking journey to Tibet.
For my fellow travelers Subitha and Raja to fulfill their religious wish to make the khora around Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash. And for me to visit one of the most holy and unspoiled places on this earth. For all three of us the journey of a lifetime!

Already in making the itinerary and preparing us for this journey you showed your experience.
You planned enough time to acclimatize to the Tibetan plateau, to do Lake Manasarovar khora before Mount Kailash khora and finish it before June 2nd so we could enjoy Saga Dawa festival in Tharboche.

Including the visit to Everest Base Camp was a good idea. Some stunning views on the way up there. From there to Lhasa the roads and hotels were getting better and we became tourists in stead of pilgrims. Shigatse, Gyantse and finally three days in Lhasa offered us the highlights of Tibetan culture.

During our stay in West Tibet the Nepali crew with you as our guide, Gambu Sherpa as our chef-cook and Ram Chandra Sapkota as assistant proved of immense importance.

Without your arrangements, support and good care the trip would never have been so successful and pleasant. The equipment you provided like tents, sleeping bags, down jackets were very good.
It still amazes me how Gambu Sherpa managed to make such wonderful meals in such difficult conditions. He surprised us every day!

Of the Tibetan crew, truck driver Tashi, jeep driver Tsering and guide Tenthar especially Cijilag (Tsering) excelled. He is our nominee for Tibet’s Best Driver. After almost 4 weeks of safe driving he expressed his friendship by inviting us to his home in Lhasa.

Before the journey I did not realize that you planned our stay in Nepal so wonderful!
We really appreciated that our journey started and ended in the luxury of Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. Not only did we visit the most interesting places in Kathmandu like Durbar square, (Kumari Devi!) Pashupatinath, Bodhnath and Thamel. You also took us to Patan and Bhaktapur and we stayed the night at Nagarkot, to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the view of the Himalayas.

What you showed us of Nepal makes me want to come back. I’m sure that you have lots of interesting proposals (Mustang maybe?)
Last but not least I want to thank you for guiding us personally.
Your knowledge of so many topics and your humor makes you a great traveling companion. Thank you Rajan !

– Lydia Kersbergen, Holland

Jewal Kylo

Jewal Kylo, Canada

My trip overall was amazing, hopefully not just once in a lifetime

Hello Rajan!
Thanks for your mail. My trip overall was amazing, hopefully not just once in a lifetime, however if so, no regrets. Mustang was all I wanted it to be, spiritual, physically challenging, and I felt highly connected to the people.

Your crew was great, knowledgeable, and my fave sherpa pulled me up and down all those mountains, and got me through the rough spots. Norbu warned me Tibet might be a little disappointing after Mustang, I don’t think I would say I was disappointed, I would say I’m glad I had the experience of the Mustang first.

The road to Lhasa is filled with potholes and for authenticity I enjoyed Sera Monastery most. Potala Palace felt like the Dai La Lama should be there and not me, and I also felt honored to see such good preservation of so many treasures. I fell in love with the Tibetan livestock guardian dogs that are black and brown, and look a bit like a sheep heard with a Chow Chow like tail. I saw that breed of dog as a small, then larger puppy, and also as an adult and thought, if for no other reason than to adopt one, I must return to Tibet or Upper Mustang one day!

The place that gave me the most peace, and that I also thought I would like to see again one day was Lumbini. It’s quiet and simplicity was just what I needed, and I am grateful you suggested it. I hope you’ll keep in touch about interesting trips you might be planning in the future, and I hope you stay happy and healthy. I did leave some photos of my Mustang trip at your office and I hope you received them?

– Jewal Kylo, Canada

Dr. Du Xvan Ha and his wife

Dr. Du Xvan Ha and wife, USA

Mr. Rajan of Earthbound – is a professional, nice and very helpful person.

We really enjoyed the trip with Earthbound Expeditions and we are fortunate to have Mr. Rajan Simkhada with us during the whole trip.
Mr. Rajan of Earthbound – is a professional, nice and very helpful person.

Service is excellent!

Price is reasonable

Tour is very well organized

Food is good (and we could order “a ‘ la carte”)

– Dr. Du Xvan Ha and wife, USA

Nik Rubin and friend

Our stay in Nepal is more memorable

Thanks to Earthbound Expeditions for organizing our adventure in India & Nepal. Within the very short-time we managed to see most of the things that we planned to see. As we have been wondered on what to expect at each places managed to visit by the agency, we have more prepared to face the reality, and everything seems to be like a great adventure and we embrace them all.

India has its one uniqueness and so has Nepal. Our stay in Nepal is more memorable as we have the pleasure of the company of Mr. Rajan who is very knowledgeable of the places and very entertaining.

– Nik Rubin and friend, Malaysia

Canh Vuong

Every thing is excellent.

Every thing is excellent. I booked your India – Nepal trip through internet and was not sure how I will get the service but your service is excellent and professional, more then we expected. This tour gives me excellent experience of both Nepal and India one of the best tour ever!, thank you very much Rajan, you are very honest & caring person, I hope we will have more tours with you in the future to Tibet and Lumbini. We highly recommend you to all of my friends. Keep in touch.

– Canh Vuong (canhtuvuong@yahoo.com), USA

Mrs. and Mr. Hung Trinh

Mrs. and Mr. Hung Trinh

My wife and I enjoyed very much this vacation tour guided by you

Dear Rajan,
My wife and I enjoyed very much this vacation tour guided by you. from home before starting the trip we did not expect this trip will be so pleasant but day by the more we experience this trip the more we are pleased by the way realize how you help us to enjoy the sightseeing, you care for your customers very much.

We are so enjoyed and relaxed that we will tell our friends about your agency if any one wants to see Nepal, India, Tibet or just a good vacation after our days of hardworking in our homeland = USA. Once more time thank you Rajan!

– Mrs. and Mr. Hung Trinh / Patricia, USA

Joanna and John

Joanna and John Picchi

We kept a comfortable pace and never felt overly fatigued.

Dear Rajan,
We did indeed have a safe trip home, enjoyed an overnight in Bangkok, and John has completely recovered from his stomach problems which he had in the last days in Kathmandu.

From what I have learned today it seems like Kerry soundly trounced Bush in the 2 debates, so maybe your prayers for world peace are one step closer to being answered! I cried on the airplane seeing the hills, terraces, and mountains of beautiful Nepal disappear. We truly had a wonderful visit.

I think John was a little shocked when we first arrived by the poverty, garbage, and level of confusion seen in Kathmandu but after the trek this could be seen in context, the result of lack of leadership and planning, too many people looking for an alternative to a subsistence lifestyle and wanting just a bit of the technology and opportunity we take for granted here in the USA..

Earthbound Expeditions did a first rate job in so many ways. I felt like our guide, Mahendra, was always looking out for us, answering our many questions regarding history, culture and religion, helping us appreciate what we were seeing and pointing out things we may have otherwise missed.

Whenever I mentioned I would like to visit a gompa or shrine he always made certain we did. On the trail he was always watching for potential danger if the path was narrow or steep or congested with mules, goats, and porter traffic. He and Bikash, our porter, quickly learned our room preferences (quiet, on the top floor with the best view) and seemed to really enjoy getting us “the best”.

We kept a comfortable pace and never felt overly fatigued. Earthbound’s services were very reliable and professional as well as personable and fun. We very much enjoyed the time you so generously shared with us, Rajan, touring the sights of Kathmandu and enjoying the Nepali dinner and culture evening. Your insights regarding the social and political strengths and weakness of Nepal were quite astute and contributed much to our appreciation and understanding of what we were experiencing.

Thank you for making our visit so memorable and fun! Namaste,
P.s I will send a reassuring note to Kyle, whom you asked me to write and am already spreading the word that Nepal is safe to travel.

– Joanna and John Picchi (picchij@open.org ), USA

Kim Orbon

Kim Orbon

Both trips were very beautiful.

Dear Rajan,
First of all I want to compliment you with your company. You gave very good and honest advice about both trips that I made the trekking to Annapurna 12 days and the 8-day tour to Tibet. I had the best time ever!!! Both trips were very beautiful. The trekking was excellent.

The guide that came with me was very friendly and helpful and he knew a lot about the nature and culture of the Annapurna area. The trip to Tibet was fascinated. Tibet is really a mystery with all the monasteries, friendly people and beautiful nature.

The accommodations were very fine and the minibus was nice to travel with. I want to thank you for all your help from the beginning to the end. I am really happy that I booked both trips by Earthbound Expedition. I wish you and all your employees all the best for now and in the future. Hopefully a lot of people will experience the beauty of this country, because Nepal (and Tibet) has a lot to offer.
Many thanks. Greetings,

– Kim Orbon (KimOrbon78@hotmail.com), Holland

udy Lau and Team

Judy Lau and Team

We enjoyed the whole trip very much.

Dear Rajan,
Thanks very much for all your quality arrangement for us at Nepal. We enjoyed the whole trip very much. Everything was fine on the flight, and we are back to work today.

We will share all our happiness with our friends and relatives at Nepal and of course, we will recommend you to those who are interested to Nepal for trekking.

– Judy Lau and Team (Tel:2302-4361 / 2735-3720 , Fax: 2735-7586, Email: cejudy@cityu.edu.hk), School of Continuing and Professional Education, City University of Hong Kong 1/F Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong


Lohita, Holland

You are doing really a good job, trustable and reliable.

Dear Rajan,
Yes Madhukar got his sweater! it was very nice of you to send it.
And I enjoyed my stay in Nepal very much.
Thank you very much for your very well organizing talents and taking care!
You are doing really a good job, trustable and reliable.
I really hope the situation in Nepal will get better soon and wish you very good business. We keep in touch. Wish you love and peace,

– Lohita, Holland

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