Shirley Pang

Shirley Pang and family, Hong Kong

Thank you very much for all your arrangements with our trip

Dear Rajan,
Thank you very much for all your arrangements with our trip which was so enjoyable and hassle free. It was fortunate for us too to avoid the Maoists on the trek which we most worried about.

The flight was punctual and flied on time. The bonus was we catch the sight of Mt Everest while we left Kathmandu. Though with some cloud we could take some photos of the Himalayan ranges above the cloud. So make sure you sit on the left side of the plane when you leave Kathmandu.

We shall keep in touch and very likely we shall re-visit Nepal again and walk the Lukla trek. Please send our thanks to Miranda ( Your Hk manager) for all her information and advices, and thanks the guide and porters which help to make our trip so comfortable along the trek.

By the way I have forgotten to ask for the email address of the two girls who we met in the Villa Everest Restaurant. Would you please give them my email address so that we could keep in contact and share the fun of the trek. Thanks again and best regards to you all.

– Shirley Pang and family, Hong Kong

wolf & Iris

wolf & Iris, Hong Kong

We always think of the trip in Nepal, so wonderful, so exciting, so many smiles, food is so good & cheap

Dear Rajan,
Greetings from Hong Kong! How are you? Busy at your business? Don’t forget to take a rest la. We are fine but feel tired as we do not have enough sleeping time. We started working on Monday (work from 8:00am to 11/12:00am)… so tired..

Since we have been so busy at work, we didn’t have time to take the films to produce, so unable to send you some pictures (incl. those taken at your home).. Don’t worry, we manage to do this in the coming days.. by then we will tell you which website the pictures being uploaded.

We always think of the trip in Nepal, so wonderful, so exciting, so many smiles, food is so good & cheap. of course thinking of you, Mahendra and Kim… your faces are always in our mind. We highly recommend this place to our friends. Okay, stop here because we have to leave for lunch la. bye

– wolf & Iris, Hong Kong


Joan & Tong, Hong Kong

The trip is a memorable experience.

Dear Rajan,
Namaste to you too!

Everything’s fine for us. The trip is a memorable experience. Both of us agree the MOST enjoyable part of it is the trek to Poon Hill. Wish we could have stayed longer in the mountains! Special thanks to your staff at the Kathmandu office – they are most friendly and helpful.

We did bump into Iris and Wolf for several times in Kathmandu – Thamel is such a small place!
Again, thanks for all your thoughtfulness and hospitality.
All the best in 2004,

– Joan & Tong, Hong Kong

Jan van der Stappen and Jacqueline van Steenbrugge

Jan van der Stappen and Jacqueline van Steenbrugge

They were caring, flexible and reliable

Dear Rajan,

Now, Jan and I made the recommendation letter. This is to show anyone who are interested to visit Kailash , Lhasa with Earthbound Expeditions!
“From 11 July until the 7th of august 2004 we went with a group of 14 people to Nepal and Tibet. Earthbound Expeditions organized the trip for us. They did a very good job. They were caring, flexible and reliable.. They carried out the programmed as planned. First we traveled to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. We stayed in good tents in nice campsites. The food was marvelous. We had experienced drivers and solid 4-wheel drive cars.

During the trip some of the group suffered from the high altitude. The crew of Earthbound Expeditions reacted efficient and good on what was needed to cure them. Because of their care we all able to continue the trip.
After the Kailash we went to Lhasa and then back to Kathmandu. We stayed in nice hotels. It was an experience of lifetime, thanks to the great care and organization of Earthbound Expeditions; we will recommend this company to any one”

  1. S. We are planning to visit Sikkim and Bhutan with them next year in 2005.– Jan van der Stappen and Jacqueline van Steenbrugge, Holland
Lhasa tour

Lhasa tour

Traveling with a feeling of safety.

This e-mail is for those who are interested to join Kailash – Lhasa tour,
Traveling with Earthbound Expeditions in (western) Tibet is traveling with a feeling of safety. Especially in that part of the world where they do not have all those safety services we western people are so common with.

Earthbound Expedition was very keen on prevention for the food, drinking water, cars and also for the altitude sickness. Yes, it hit me and it hit everyone who is not used to travel on such altitude. But slowly I, and the others are used to it. They never forced a situation for the sake of their own.

Speaking for my own. I could make it without taking drugs like Diamox. That brought me the feeling having a very relaxed time in this remote part of the world. Traveling western Tibet and climbing Mount Kailash ( Dolma – La) was a kind of adventure that makes me feel good because they saw it as their duty to guard us without overreacting. And although we were with a group of fourteen, which meant so many different people with all their different wishes, nevertheless everyone off us was satisfied about the quality of life.

One thing you should know ! They know very interesting places even the well-known travel guides do not describe. That’s another reason for you to consider traveling with Earthbound Expeditions!
And: you’re going for a trekking, don’t forget to strengthen your physical condition.


Rhonda with her 5 friends

Thank you for everything you did for us

Dear Rajan,
Namaste! I am in Tokyo and on my way home. Everything went smoothly for the rest of the trip after you left us in Lhatse. We had a nice tour in Lhasa and met up with some old friends in Beijing.

Thank you for everything you did for us and for putting up with some of my friends!!
We did all love it though. Absolutely no problem for the recommendations, as we enjoyed the trip so much. I am more than happy to help. I will also get in touch with the friend I told you about who owns an adventure travel company. Maybe she can send some trips your way. Back to work now… Thanks again for everything.. Glad you made it home, OK.

– Rhonda with her 5 friends, USA

Maria Mini, Switzerland

I want to thank you so much for the great trekking

Dear Rajan,
I want to thank you so much for the great trekking, both in Tibet – Kailash, October 2004 and in Upper Mustang during the Tiji festival on May 2005.

It has been a great experience trekking with you and your wonderful staff. The organization was perfect and I got treated like a queen, especially when it came to “food”! Thanks to the cooks I always had delicious meals and warm water whenever I needed. The tents were always ready at our arrival after our daily walks, so it gave us a very good feeling and a sense of security.

I definitely will suggest anyone who wants to have a beautiful and unique experience on the Himalayan Mountains to contact “Earthbound Expeditions” trekking agency. Rajan is very kind and helpful to everybody and he would suggest the best to you.

Thank you so much again for your kindness and the great work you has done for both trekking.

– Maria Mini, Switzerland


Joe, Hong Kong

I just have on wonderful trekking and mountaineering trip

I just have on wonderful trekking and mountaineering trip of Mera peak, Amphulapcha pass and Island peak with Earthbound Expeditions (EB) on November- December, 2003.

(I have joined EB 2 times before for Jomsom and Langtang trek.) The Sherpa Mr. Dawa (Everest Climber) takes care of me very much and I hope I will have another good trek with EB in the coming days!

Thank you Earthbound for planning it well, I will certainly recommend this company to any one who are interested to visit Himalayas!!

– Joe, Hong Kong

Helen Hope & Friends

Earthbound are easily the most professional

For anyone wondering whether to go trekking with Earthbound Expeditions, I can safely say I had a wonderful time. Having been traveling for quite a while I have been on many expeditions but Earthbound are easily the most professional.

It was an absolute joy to be met at the airport and they arranged everything for us tour sightseeing around Kathmandu to the bus to Pokhara and trek.

Mr. Dibash was a fabulous guide – his English is excellent and his knowledge of the mountains seems far better then many of the other guides we met. He smiles continually and does everything he can to everywhere you have a wonderful time and never need anything. This went to the point of morning back up a mountain for almost an hour to find a lost shoe! So, without a doubt, I would highly recommend Earthbound Expeditions as a company to go trekking with.

– Helen Hope & Friends, Ireland

Maisie Kwok and Friends

They are a group of very friendly people, well organized and knowledgeable

Dear Friend,
I am writing on the request of Rajan with Earthbound Expeditions to provide you a reference on my trip to Kailash-Manasarovar in May 2003. Actually, myself and other group mates (6 of us) are very satisfied with the overall services that Earthbound had provided to us thru our trip.

They are a group of very friendly people, well organized and knowledgeable. This is not an easy trip for the city girls like us but they had taken good care of us and made our trip a memorable one. Right from helping us to figure out the itinerary to the daily meals menu, they had been trying every possibilities to fulfill and even exceed our expectation – very impressive ! They are a very good team – not only the guide, but also the chef and the porters too – very nice people. We had a lot of funs for our trip to Tibet.

Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are the places that worth to go even for it roughness – it’s heaven !! I don’t think I can express it in full. Just want to say it is a magic place that could bring you peace and comfort. It is one of the best place that I’ve been visited before.

Should you have any question regarding the trip or need more reference, please feel free to let me know. Best Regards.

– Maisie Kwok and Friends, Hong Kong

Eliza Ma and friends

Eliza Ma and friends

We did enjoy the trip to Nepal

Hi, Rajan,
We are home and back to our busy daily life. However, with sweet memories of the starry night in Nargargkot, beautiful sunrise in Sarangkot and the elephant ride in Chitwan, life seem more tolerable. We did enjoy the trip to Nepal and

I believe that some of us are already dreaming of a trekking trip with you in Annapurna or even the Everest. On behalf of my friends, I would like to thank you for your hospitality, patience, tolerance, and above all, thoughtful arrangements that made our trip so smooth and comfortable. Please also convey our gratitude to our driver Dilip whose service was equally good.

– Eliza Ma and friends, Hong Kong

Cecilia Lando and Friend

Cecilia Lando and Friend

The guide assistance was very useful

Dear Readers,
Mr. Rajan Simkhada of Earthbound Expeditions asked me about references so I can explain my experience in Tibet with his trekking organization.Last year we (me and my friend Paola) asked to Earthbound Expedition about the possibility to arrange a Kailash Tour even if we was two girl only.

So in October 2002 we start for our pilgrimage. The guide assistance was very useful from the first day because Qatar airways lost our luggage and Mister Mahendra Simkhada help us to complain with airport staff and he write for us a letter to Qatar airways to claim compensation.

The legs of the tour were share out very well, we have days of rest near the Tibetan border and before to start Kailash Kora, useful to reduce altitude effects.When we traveled in Tibet we have with us two Nepali and a Tibetan guide and two very very skilled car drivers.

The nepali guides, Dibash and Ganga, made our trip easier: every day they prepared the camp or they assist us in the guest house. During the trek they were very professional, suggesting us when to walk, when to rest, they often checked our respiratory problem and with his assiduous presence we has been able to reach the Dolma- la pass without using Yak. But a welcome surprise was to taste the specialty that every day our cook prepared for us: momo, spaghetti, cake and pizza too!! (Italian people enjoy food).
I hope you could understand how I love my Kailash tour, if I can help you, ask me please.
Best regards, Namaste

– Cecilia Lando and Friend ( landoc@hp380.ist.unige.it), Italy

Clarinda Ho

Clarinda Ho

A successful trip with a smooth arrangement

Dear recipients,
We are the students of the City University of Hong Kong, and also the committees of the Travelling Club. Last year, we have organized a 15 days trip to Nepal on 21/ 05 to 14/ 06 with 25 people, which is a successful trip with a smooth arrangement from the Earthbound Expeditions Company in Nepal.

We all have a great time and an unforgettable memory in this Oversea Tour and Rajan Simkhada, as our Nepal guide brought us a lot of fun and Nepal’s culture to our members. Here, we would like to give a million thanks to him, as to thank for the special time he had given to us in Nepal.

And in November 2002, Rajan had come to our university to give a Travel Talk on Nepal and Tibet to our students. This gives a great opportunity to more of our students to explore Nepal and Tibet, which proved that Rajan is an experienced guide and care about every small matters.
As now, we have also recommended to other Hong Kong universities as based on the great experiences that Earthbound Expedition and Rajan own in the past years. And we would also like to thank Rajan to give this wonderful trip to our members.

– Clarinda Ho (Vice President of Travelling Club, City University), Hong Kong

Joe and friends

The Nepal trip is certainly a wonderful trip

Hi Ganga and Rajan,
It’s a long time since my Nepal trekking trip sorry for replying so late, because after the Nepal trip, I have planned and visited Northeast China for a skiing and hunting trip with friends, and then busy with my work for the recent weeks.

The Nepal trip is certainly a wonderful trip for me, especially the trekking section. Thanks again to all of you. I have highly recommended Earthbound along my friends, and some of them may also want to visit Nepal later. Anyway, I am also interested in coming Nepal again, and if time is possible, I’ll choose to climb to Mera Peak. Yes, I don’t forget photos. I will send all photos having Ganga & Ashok to your company address later. If you have time to visit Hong Kong (again), don’t forget to call me! I’ll show you the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong countryside. Hope we can greet with each other again!

– Joe and friends, Hong Kong

Suki, Joehen, Angi

Suki, Joehen, Angi, Angel and friend

Well Done

“If you would expect lots of complaints from a group of six girls who’re going for their first trekking trip, you’d be surprised – there’s not a single one! from the initial planning up to the time of our departure, we’re being well taken care of. Our tour guide, Rajan, is highly professional, attentive, friendly and helpful!

Thanks also to our great porters – Ganga, Gopal and Ram. Without their help, we could hardly finish (or even start!) our trip. I will not consider agencies other then Earthbound, if I plan to visit Nepal again.
Well Done” With Earthbound, you don’t have run around!
Well, with Rajan, mind that you’ll be playing around, Oops, I mean Rajan’s service are sound !!!

– Suki, Joehen, Angi (Mingpo.com), Angel and friend, Hongkong

Wilhelm Rieder

Wilhelm Rieder

The tour was very well organized

Dear Rajan,
I have not forgotten to write you and tell you, that still very glad to have done the Mustang trekking with you in during that Tiji festival time of 2001. The tour was very well organized and all the days you have never been arrogant. Your handling with money was clear and correct

I appreciate this kind of partnership. You could tell us a lot about Mustang, the countryside and culture. And I remember too, Charlie as an extra present. (I mean your comedy is good)

Many thanks that you have managed for me that I could go to Garphu and Namgyal with the horses. It was not easy. Please give my thanks to the cook and porters. I’m well remembered to the good food. The food was original and has changed every day, it was excellent and I had never problems with my stomach. These man all (Mr. Dipendra, Santa, Meg Bdr, Gamsi, Ram, Kumar, Ids Bhadar, Gyan and Purna- I hope I did not forget one) have made a good and have been very reliable.

When you will see Mr. Thapa, our Liaison Officer, please give him the best wishes from me. He will remember me, at least in connection with Dr. Amchi Gyasto Bista (Gemi, Lo Monthang). Al together it was wonderful trekking tour. We have been three tourists from three different countries, languages, age, sex and condition and we understood us excellent. October 2002, maybe I shall climb Dampus peak. I shall ask you about this tour in my next letter. I wish you all the best

– Wilhelm Rieder, Germany


Jennifer and Beth Halteman

The trek was filled with beautiful scenery and interesting people

We hiked about 105 miles uphill and down hill in the snow and loved every minute of it. The trek was filled with beautiful scenery and interesting people. Our guide had a great attitude and we loved his guitar playing and singing Nepalese songs.

He even showed us Stuffed yak other trekkers seemed Jealous of how much fun we had with our guide. Our porter was friendly and working on his English. Over all our team really made the trek safe and fun.

We wanted thank the agency for planning a great trip for us, Thanks Rajan again.

– Jennifer and Beth Halteman, USA


Ljuslin Michael, Switzerland

This trip was a dream come truth

This trip was a dream come truth. 8 months ago I read this book of Michel Peissel, which make me dream about an unknown area in the north of Nepal, belonging to the Tibetan culture. The landscapes went beyond all expectation it looked shaped by human’s hands. It’s diversity in shapes and colors transported me another planet.

Regarding the culture, It was very refreshing, different from all what I have seen in Nepal. The Tiji festival showed me there was still a place where the Tibetan Buddhism remains unmolested and practiced with fervor. And all this lops as wearing traditional dresses were very authentic. It’s a pity that it seems the new generation is more attracted by Nike pullovers, Reebok Caps, Chinese shoes.
Concerning the organization, I found it very well, even if I was feeling little bit confuse to have so many people working for me. I’m usually used to a budget way of traveling, of doing everything by myself and these everything was prepared, cooked for me. Embarrassing and agreeable in the same time.

– Ljuslin Michael, Switzerland

Earthbound Expedition

Rajan Simkhada

What our clients said about us

Dear valued visitors,
In trying to determine the quality of our service, few things speak louder and carry more meaning than first-hand experiences and personal testimony. In an effort to try to give you a clear idea of who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate our business, we would like to share some of the thousands of testimonials below that we have received from members of tours, guided treks, and expeditions over the years.

What our clients said about us.., even at TripAdvisor , read all the testimonials from 1999 to 2013. As part of Earthbound Expeditions’s ongoing efforts to keep improving the way we do business and continue to meet or exceed client’s expectations, we ask each client who joins us to pass along their thoughts and feedback in a formal manner. We make this possible via a written form and also via our web site in an electronic format. We take both positive feedback and constructive criticism to heart and use it to assure that we continue to give traveller’s like you a great experience. Over a decade, we have introduced hundreds of people from all over the world to the joys of tour, trekking and mountaineering in Himalaya ( India – Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan). Many of them have returned and traveled with us again on new and different adventures. We believe our friends and clients are our best references. We hope you enjoy reading from this feedback, and that you will join an Earthbound Expeditions’s tour and trek and share some of the rich experiences that our programs and staff have to offer.

– Rajan Simkhada
President – Earthbound Expeditions, Nepal

Ned Sterne and Mr. Bob Raynolds, USA

Award winning tour company with 98% TripAdvisor Rating

Dear all who are considering Kailash -Mansarovar tour
I understand that you and friends are considering a trip to Mount Kailash. I wish you the best of travels and assure you that the memories of this sacred place will stay with you always. In year 2000, an old friend and I had the pleasure of having Rajan Simkhada and Earthbound Expeditions expedite our sojourn from Simikot in western Nepal to Kailash and back. Our trip entailed several things out of the ordinary which only happened through the help of Rajan.

Our small group of 2 was below the minimum allowed by the Chinese government and required special permits to be issued. We, as geologists and pilgrims wanted to walk the whole route and depart from the road to see the western shore or Raksas Tal Lake. Typically, the Chinese have people ride in a jeep from the border to the mountain and back. After long haggling, we were assigned a jeep but allowed to walk the whole way, a compromise that Rajan obtained for us.

At the time of our trip, the Limi Valley along the border in Nepal was off limits to travelers but Rajan negotiated permission from our Nepalese liaison officer to traverse the valley. Besides the thousand and one small things that Rajan handled, often without our being aware, he very persuasively obtained seats for us on a plane out of Simikot for our return to Kathmandu and saved us a 3-4 day wait in Simikot (he stayed behind and brought our luggage to Kathmandu several days later on the next flight out).

Rajan is a very adept young man. Having transitioned from a remote village to Kathmandu, Rajan is well known throughout Nepal for his work in television and is the driving force behind Earthbound Expeditions. As a devote religious man, he was the perfect travel companion and friend to share in this sacred space.

I encourage you to make the trip to Kailash and I wish you the best of travels. If you decide to use Rajan’s and Earthbound’s services you will not be disappointed. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Ned Sterne : Nsterne@petrohunt.com and
Mr. Bob Raynolds : DenverBasin@dmns.org, USA


Shannon and P. Duffy

Shannon and P. Duffy, USA

“Wonderful trek, wonderful staff”

Our client Shannon and P. Duffy did poon hill trek and Chitwan recently and had great time n wrote wonderful review today like below
“Wonderful trek, wonderful staff” Reviewed October 25
We just returned from a Poon Hill Trek and trip to Chitwan NP all organized by Earthbound. The guides and porter were all knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. They were flexible in making adjustments prompted by the fuel shortage and we didn’t miss a day of our planned trip. The trip is easy to arrange via email and can be individually customized to your schedule and preferences- you are not bound by a package deal. We added transportation by car instead of bus and switched to a flight from Chitwan back to Kathmandu with no problem. Rajan is a fantastic organizer and ambassador.

– Shannon and P. Duffy, USA

Jacob Wasson and Erin

Jacob Wasson and Erin, USA

“Amazing trek in Nepal”

Our client Jacob Wasson and Erin 6 of them did Annapurna base camp trek – and wrote this wonderful review please come and enjoy the trek with us “Amazing trek in Nepal”
Reviewed October 24, 2015.
My wife and I just completed a trek to the Annapurna Basecamp with Earthbound Expeditions, and I cannot say enough about the excellent service provided by this very professional company. We have previously done a few other treks in Africa, and the Nepal trip was by far our favorite. The Earthbound Expeditions crew went out of there way to make sure we had a great time. Our guide, Gopal, was so much fun and informative- the best guide we’ve ever had. Our porters were always cheerful and lots of fun. Everything went off without a hitch. The food was amazing and the teahouses along the trek were great. The scenery along the ABC trek is second to none- pictures don’t do it justice, so you’ll have to see it for yourself. The tours and excursions in Kathmandu were also quite impressive. Throughout our planning for this trip, Rajan (EE’s president) was unbelievably responsive and helpful. When we met Rajan in Kathmandu, we were impressed by his commitment to his company and his beautiful country. The mantra we kept hearing about Nepal tourism is “Once is not enough.” I totally agree. I’m certain we will be back, and we will definitely go through Earthbound Expeditions again. I would recommend this amazing company to anyone thinking about a trip to Nepal.

– Jacob Wasson and Erin, USA

Lynn cook

Lynn, UK

Trip! Another Amazing

Lynn from UK did Nepal and Tibet trip in Sept – Oct. and wrote this wonderful review. For some reason trip advisor won’t list it for us, but here we post for you to read.
…Another Amazing Trip!
I started planning my trip with Badri in the London office who was exceptionally helpful by listening to what I would like out of the trip then making suggestions. So things I had ticking around in my head suddenly because possible by his wonderful attitude that – yes you can do that! Throughout this period and when the earthquake made me have to change plans slightly (getting in and out of Tibet) Badri and his team handled it sensitively and completely. At the end of the trip when again Nepal was tested by lack of fuel supplies and I needed to get around Kathmandu, again Rajan in the Kathmandu office came to the rescue, or rather Sunil and his motorbike did! Kathmandu from the pillion seat of a motorbike is one of the best ways to see it. After arriving at Kathmandu and settling into the Thamel Eco Resort , well recommended,  I spent two days visiting sights in the city with the expert help of Sunil and driver Manoj.

After returning from Tibet.  I spent a further 9 days at Himanshu Homestay , well recommended with Rajan and his family. From here I wanted to volunteer to work with children, so I visited an orphanage and I was also fortunate to work with children in the school in one of the tent camps set up to house displaced people from the earthquakes. This was also arranged by EE for me. To finish I wanted to spend some time at a yoga retreat and while this was not possible due to the ongoing fuel crisis in Nepal, I did spend time with the local children who visited me and I have many fond memories.

Nepal is a wonderful country and its people charming. This is my second visit as a solo traveller and I have always felt safe and relaxed venturing down the streets of Kathmandu without feeling threatened. I look forward to many more future visits of course in the safe hands of EE. If you only get to visit once in a lifetime then put your trust in Earthbound Expeditions. They start off by being a well trusted, reliable company and finish by being your friends. The knowledge and contacts that Rajan has is admirable and I don’t think there is much that he can’t organise for you

– Lynn cook, UK

Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn

Nepal adventure – Earthbound Rocks!

Nepal is a place that gets under your skin. It’s energy stays with you long after you’ve left. It makes you want to stay. Makes you smile when you recall the hospitality of the kind Nepali people. Makes your heart bleed to hear about the earthquakes.

When you leave, already thinking about returning.  I’m writing this review one year after returning from a truly amazing Everest Base Camp trek. Yes it’s taken me a while (!) but a few things recently have really impressed me about Earthbound and they deserve to be recognised.

My EBC trek was a Groupon deal, as was that of the other 14 people in my group, from all over the world. I left England alone and nervous. I returned feeling amazing and with many new friends.

Our tour guide Resham was brilliant. Bursting with energy and knowledge. He is a credit to Earthbound. So much so that I arranged for him to guide my friend, last month, on his solo Poon Hill/rafting tour. He has raved about his trip nonstop since!

Another friend of mine has just returned from her EBC trek. She travelled with Earthbound, on my recommendation, and she absolutely loved it.

EE’s president, Rajan, is a tremendous business man. He is highly respected in Nepal and I think his reputation gives EE customers an advantage when services are in demand (ie. fuel/transport difficulties, accommodation, tourist activities). Rajan fiercely strives for the utmost customer satisfaction yet is approachable and friendly.

He is extremely busy (meeting the tourists personally, organising his staff, running his businesses, rebuilding damaged schools, etc) yet he responds to my emails the same day and always finds time to reply, when other presidents would’ve delegated it to a deputy.

Yes… I’m currently customising my return trip with him : yey!
This time some of the friends I met there are joining me, plus some Nepali newbies. The plan is to trek and then do some volunteering work. I can’t wait!
Jackie Flynn <flynny999@gmail.com>UK

– Jackie Flynn, UK

EarthBound Expedition

Mrs. JH from London UK

“Fantastic Nepal trek Experience”

Trekking in the Himalaya was everything I’d hoped it would be and more! We booked up our trip through Groupon and the organisation, accommodation, service and communications from Earthbound Expeditions were great. Any question I emailed  was swiftly answered and we had no problem booking an extra night at the hotel in Kathmandu to sightsee before the start of the tour. During the trek our friends were taken ill and our guide did everything he could to help, arranging ponies to transport them from one lodge to the next, complete with porter and guide, and rearranging accommodation so they travelled a shorter distance. The guides, porters and staff at the various accommodation places could not have been friendlier or provided a better service. Even though there was a fuel shortage during our time there, we were still able to take part in all our planned activities. I would thoroughly recommend Earthbound Expeditions to anyone wanting to visit Kathmandu, Pokhara and trek in the Himalaya.

– Mrs. JH, London UK

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