Conny Siu

“Annapurna Circuit Trek Nepal”

Great Annapurna Circuit Trek Nepal
It has been a very pleasant trek experience in Nepal. I found Earthbound Expeditions on Lonely Planet among a list of other trekking companies. I decided to join them due to their excellent reviews. Resham, trekking guide is so professional and friendly, he took a good care of us along the way. Shivaraj and Amrit are very friendly and without them, I wouldn’t be able to make it to Throung-la pass. I would definitely recommend Earthbound Expeditions to my family and friends. I believe I will be back to Nepal some day.

– Conny Siu, China


Jessica and Desirey

“wonderful experience – Nepal and Bhutan tour”

Dear Rajan,
Myself and Desirey recently completed a tour with you and I am writing to express my gratitude for a wonderful experience we have in our Nepal and Bhutan tour.
Earthbound Expeditions did a wonderful job planing the our Nepal and Bhutan trip. Before travel, we received promptly any necessary information and answers to our queries. For our short vacation time the trip was well laid out giving us the opportunity to experience the sights of Kathmandu city and the rural side of Kathmandu valley – Nagarkot, as well as ample free time to shop, explore and relax. The drivers and tour guide were very friendly, knowledgeable and available to offer any extra service needed. The hotel  Themel Eco resort and restaurants were a pleasant surprise. From the minute we landed in Nepal till we left we had a very smooth experience due to Earthbound Expeditions and the services of Rajan. I would highly recommend their services as a tour company to anyone planning to explore Nepal and Bhutan. Nothing was too much trouble and they provided a smooth and extremely enjoyable vacation.

Please feel free to post this review to your website or trip advisor, signing my name.
Thanks a million for a wonderful vacation, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Best wishes
Jessica and Desirey


Elisabeth from Israel

“Best service, best guide, best porter, best nepal trek”

Since this was my first trek  in Nepal, I was a bit nervous but the owner of the agency took a lot of time to explain to me how everything works and made me feel good from the start. On the bus ride to pokhara our guide Shree was already with us and stood by our side from the beginning. he would almost read our minds with what we might want or need and then organize it for us (extra blankets, water refills, wake up service, he even helped serving the food). he was very attentive and was always thinking ahead. we took as many breaks as we needed and when a storm started he brought us to the guesthouse right in time. we felt in really good hands! also the porter Babu was super-helpful and caring and always smiling. even with  bags on his back he was looking for walking sticks for us and always made sure we have enough water.
it was an amazing experience! thank you for everything, i miss you guys already!

Elisabeth from Israel


Tim Tang, Malaysia

“Great Bhutan trekking and city tour experience Druk path trek”

We did druk path trek  Trekking in Bhutan is luxury trek, 2 trekkers are served by 4 Bhutanese and 5 horses they really helpful along the trek, I brought 2 degree Celsius of sleeping bags where the temperature of camping was -10 Celsius, our Bhutanese fern borrowed us blanket , otherwise I would be really hard to get over the 4 night on mountain. My advice, must bring thick sleeping bag -30 Celsius as horses are carrying for u.
Chilli cheese is local favourite food, we quite like it. Food prepared from the mountain chef is much better than city food. even local agreed this point.
Try avoid trekking in winter – Feb 2016, we did it , freezing  cold!! but great views.

– Tim Tang, Malaysia


Polaris and team USA

“A most wonderful trekking experience with Earthbound Expeditions”

My friends and I booked the Jomosom Muktinath trek in December 2015 through Earthbound Expeditions. The trek itself was the most wonderful I have done to date. Walking through mountain scenery and seeing village life in the foothills of the Annapurna region was the highlight of the trek. I recommend it to anyone. The trek was capped at both ends with a stay in Kathmandu, a dynamic city. EE provided a fantastic tour of Kathmandu’s sights and history as well. We also spent two nights in Pokhara and undertook a cooking class on daal bhat. Mr. Rajan and Shreeram and the porter crew ensured that the trek went without problems. But as always approach trekking in Nepal with an open mind and accept the daily adventures that come along as that is where all the memories come from.

I am thoroughly impressed with Earthbound Expeditions and will not hesitate to call upon them for my return trips to Nepal! Earthbound Expeditions is a professional company who adheres to safety and ensures its clients get what they came for! Their services are first class!

– Polaris Xu, USA

Linda and team from Seattle, USA

Fantastic Nepal trip

Rajan and his team were excellent! our trekking guide, Mahindra was knowledgable and made sure of our safety. This was a very well priced 12 ay adventure tour in Nepal. The river rafting was totally fun! The tent camp and grounds were just beautiful! The 5 day trek with the highlight being trekking up in the dark of early morning to watch the sunrise and see the peaks of the Himalayas from poon hill come out of the morning fog was something I will always remember! I am 67 and was concerned about doing the trek, but just prepare and you will do well. I loved every moment…the people, the food and the warm hospitality! Earthbound offers a service you can trust! I stayed with Rajan and his family for a homestay before and after the tour. I would highly recommend this as well as the wonderful cooking class given by his wife. She is an excellent cook and the food was so delicious! A real treat to stay with a family, play with the kids and learn more about day to day Nepali life. Time to enjoy Nepal is now….

– Linda B, USA


Chandrakant Shah

“A wonderful trekking trip to Everest Base Camp”

Our respected guest Chandrakant Shah recently celebrated his 70th birthday at Everest base camp (Nov 2015) and this is what he recently wrote about his experience of Everest base
camp trek “A wonderful trekking trip to Everest Base Camp”

In the aftermath of the April 2015 earth quack, I deiced to visit Nepal. Then I thought I might try trekking to the Everest Base Camp. I wanted to use a local trekking company and after doing internet searches, found the Earthbound Expeditions. An exchange of e-mails started in September 2015 with Rajan. He provided detailed information, a list of items to take and also answered my questions promptly. On reaching Kathmandu on 16 November, I was met by a representative of the company, who took me to a hotel. After meeting Kedar on the following day, I was taken on a sightseeing tour of the city. This was very enjoyable. In the evening, I met my Shyam – my guide for the journey. The day after we flew to Lukla, met my ported Prem and stiff for trekking.It was sunshine with clear skies most of the days. We were surrounded by mountains and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Walking along the river, crossing suspension bridges to get to the guest houses perched on hills and meeting fellow travellers is an experience that will remain with me for a very long time.Accommodation used along the route was very good. The guide and the porter were very helpful. The service received from the company exceeded my expectations. I would certainly use them again. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Earthbound Expeditions.

– Chandrakant Shah, London, UK


Judith Bryan and team

“We would use this Tour Group again without hesitation!”

This is going to be long – in order to cover some facts as well as give an adequate description of the nature and spirit of the group. I hope it’s helpful.
First, let me clarify some things that might be confusing: When we booked our tour it was through Bohemian Tours located in West Bengal, India, and we originally got our information about them via an excellent website of the same name. For airport pickup, however, we were told to look for a sign that said either Bohemian Tours or Earthbound Expeditions. From that point on Earthbound Expeditions was the name used. Also, the listing says Day Tours, which could be misleading. Earthbound Expeditions offers tours of various lengths, from 1 day to 16 or more. I want to add that generally we’re not “tour” people (or we didn’t think we were). We love exploring on our own and an organized tour like this wouldn’t usually be something we’d choose. What happened is that I came across it in a Groupon promotion with a price that was tempting, so I investigated further. Their website was so impressive that I convinced my husband and son to give it a try.

Ours was the 8-day Taste of Nepal tour. Our initial communications with Tara, the International Director, were always prompt and clear. The website is extremely well done, providing useful information about flight booking, possible side excursions, vaccinations, money exchange, voltage/electrical requirements, travel insurance, visas, what to bring….and specifics regarding the food, water, weather, accommodations, etc. (with useful links where appropriate.) I highly recommend reading it thoroughly. This same level of care and attention to detail was present in all our dealings with them. Shortly before we were to leave the U.S., Tara sent a letter with additional instructions and offered to answer any last minute questions we had. He provided information about airport pickup and gave us names & numbers for contacts in Nepal in the event we ran into difficulties. One of those individuals, Rajan, was at our hotel to meet us and remained in touch during the tour, though he turned us over to Kumar, who was our guide throughout.

It turned out that our group (with the exception of one day, when we were joined by 2 women from Australia) consisted only of my husband, son, 4 year-old granddaughter & me. It was clear to us that this would not be a lucrative venture for the company, yet no corners were cut. Kumar covered everything on the Itinerary and more. He also was attentive to our particular interests. On the way to Chitwan National Park, as we drove along the river, we saw suspension bridges leading to the bank on the other side. These looked intriguing and when we commented, Kumar asked if we’d like to cross one. When we got to a good stopping place he had the driver drop us off so we all could cross, take photos and explore a bit. Obviously this was an advantage of being a small group. In a larger group it might not have been possible, though I’d venture to say that in any size group Kumar would do his best to be accommodating. He’s extremely knowledgeable and provided an abundance of information about the history and culture at each site we visited. Many times this was more than we could absorb at once and he was infinitely patient with our questions – even when he had to repeat things he’d already told us. He was always helpful and professional, yet over the days we spent with him we also came to view him as our friend. He went above and beyond anything we ever could have expected – even helping to carry our tired little one at times when the rest of us were worn out. In addition to Kumar, Deepak, the driver, was with us throughout the trip. Although he didn’t speak much English, he communicated with a ready smile. He was always prompt, pleasant and helpful, handling precarious traffic and roads with skill and apparent ease.

From our arrival in Kathmandu until we left, our days were filled with an amazing array of activities. It was a perfect mix of scheduled and “free” or individual time to explore (or rest!) as we chose. Seeing the ancient temples, stupas and shrines was fascinating. The beauty and history – there was so much to take in. The streets of Kathmandu were bustling, with rich colors and eye-catching architectural elements everywhere, even on the simplest structures. We loved seeing the medieval city of Bhaktapur, a World Heritage Site. There’s still much to marvel at, despite the fact that particular area suffered a tremendous amount of damage in the April 2015 earthquake. Chitwan Park was almost tropical in spots – serene and beautiful. Among many other things, we were thrilled to see a mother white rhinoceros nestled under a shrub with her calf.

We booked our trip prior to the earthquake. Apparently quite a few people were put off by the quake & rumors of widespread damage and cancelled previously made plans to visit. We did give it consideration, primarily because of safety concerns but after some research we determined it was safe to proceed. Moreover, we understood that one of the things crucial to the country’s recovery is the return of tourist dollars. As far as earthquake-related damage, we definitely saw some, as well as many repairs and restoration – both completed and underway. During our time there, however, we were much more aware of the economic and social impact of the new constitution Nepal ratified in September. A significant effect of this – and there are various takes on exactly why – is that the borders between Nepal and its neighbor, India, have been blocked. Nepal is dependent on India for the majority of its trade and this has caused a restriction on the transport of goods including petroleum, cooking fuel, medicines, and many other supplies and daily necessities. Almost every aspect of life in the country has been affected – many restaurants were forced to shut down or convert to restricted menus because of food & fuel shortages. Petro lines snake through the streets, with people waiting 2 to 3 days to put gas in their cars and work vehicles.

These factors didn’t have a huge impact on our trip, though there was the difficulty of riding in a comfortable, spacious van, looking out at others stuffed into busses and even riding on bus roofs in order to make best use of precious petroleum. The restricted menus were a bit of a disappointment but paled with the recognition of how difficult it was for the restaurant owners simply to remain open.

As foodies, we’d looked forward to some exotic meals and especially the Indian spices. The meals that were included with the tour were always ample, good and hearty. They were not highly spiced and we learned that’s probably typical of Nepalese food. Our free-time meal experiences were somewhat hit-and-miss. Because of the shortages, places that had previously received high recommendations might not be open or – if open – might only be offering salads (and not always too exciting.) We did come across one sure bet for both food and atmosphere and that was the New Orleans Café in Thamel, Kathmandu. Unlike it sounds, this restaurant has a large menu and offers an amazing variety of food – everything from hummus to Tandoori chicken to Thai curries – and everything we tried was good. In addition, it had a charming ambience. Once we discovered It, we ate there 2 or 3 times. Another excellent place we didn’t find until one of our last days in the city was the Roadhouse Café, also in Kathmandu. They had wood-fired pizza, so were unaffected by the lack of fuel and the pizza was outstanding!

Amendments to the constitution apparently are being considered even as I’m writing this and it’s hoped that the situation will be resolved in the near future. For us, we were glad we didn’t cancel. Both Kumar and the tour group as a whole let us know they were glad too. They did everything possible to make our trip memorable. They showed great willingness to be flexible, helping us negotiate an unexpected schedule glitch (on our part) and also arranging airport transportation for us at the end of some additional personal days we spent in the country.

In summary, Earthbound Expeditions/Bohemian Tours is a first rate organization. We thank them for their kindness and proficiency and for helping to make our visit to Nepal such a great success. We’re considering a trip to India at some point in the future and will most definitely seek them out again.

– Judith Bryan, USA



I was in Nepal from Oct 1, 2015 to Oct 22, 2015, and arranged my Kathmandu area tours and 15 day trek to Gokyo Lakes & Gokyo Ri through Earthbound Expeditions. The owner, Rajan, was incredibly helpful during the trip planning stages, and was very quick to answer my emails (especially given the 12 hour time difference). He met me at the hotel in Kathmandu and spent a lot of time answering all my questions. He had my trekking guide, Ratna, (an excellent trekking guide) meet me at the hotel a couple days before we flew to Lukla, and we went over the details of the trek. I was so impressed with Earthbound Expeditions that I already started talking to them about another trek in Nepal. Everyone at Earthbound was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and went way out of their way to insure that I had a great trip. I highly recommend using Earthbound whether you are going trekking or want a cultural tour of Kathmandu Valley.

– Jim, USA


Fondly, Rebecca Galyon and claire

India and Nepal luxury trip – amazing

Oct 2015 Claire and Rebecca from USA did India and Nepal Luxury tour with us and send below mail
Dear Rajan,
Claire and I wish to thank you for the incredible India and Nepal luxury trip you put together for us. It was truly amazing! There is not one thing we would change. We felt safe and secure at all times. Thank you for taking time to answer all our silly questions before arriving. You were always very quick to respond. You have a lot of patience and knowledge and we thank you. Nepal is wonderful. The Dwarikas Hotel was great. The service outstanding. We found the Gaun Ghar Hotel in Bandipur to be very quaint and charming, very different from any other stay on our trip. Sitting outside looking up to the mountains while eating breakfast was a sight to behold. The Barahai Jungle Lodge in Chitwan offered so many activities. Bathing the elephants was my favorite. The naturalist were well informed and engaging. We saw Rhinos and beautiful birds. Floating down the river to stop and have drinks while we watched the sun set was a treat. The spa was unbelievably wonderful. The staff is there to serve and serve well. I am so glad we stayed high up on the mountain above Pokhara at Tiger Mountain Lodge. What a great place to view Fishtail. When the raising sun hits the Himalayas it is an explosion of light, absolutely breathtaking. The mountains touched my heart. Our visit to India was also wonderful. When we think of India it will bring a smile to our faces. So glad we got to join in the Hindi festival. We have fantastic pictures. Everything was so colorful.  Our favorite hotel in India was the Oberoi Raj Vilas in Jaipur. The staff wants to please your every wish. Thank you for arranging everything in India as well. The Taj is something, sunrise or sunset and the Oberoi Amar Vilas with the view of the Taj Mahal was perfect. Our guides and drivers were so well informed. The guides all spoke perfect English, which was good for us. Claire and I did give Gopal $200 for his village that was destroyed by the earthquake. I hope he uses it wisely. The people are so sweet and nice. I am just sorry my trip has ended for now. I will miss everyone we came in contact with. Hope the fuel situation is improving. I read in the Hamilayan News that China is sending fuel. I hope this helps. It was so kind of you to meet us at the airport, so I could actually meet you in person. If you are ever in the USA please know, you have a place to stay. I hope the new school project will be successful. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Fondly, Rebecca Galyon and claire, USA


Louise Gelotte

“Thousands of years of history and culture on one stunning island”

Sri Lanka was our fourth trip arranged by Earthbound Expeditions to us.We travelled Nepal, Bhutan earlier. We have always been pleased with the professional, friendly and prompt attention provided by Rajan, president of the company. He has been very helpful in customizing trips to suit our needs and always selects good guides and drivers.
There are many things to do in Sri Lanka. We especially enjoyed exploring the historical sites that had once been capitals of the country. Hiking to and exploring Buddhist pilgrimage sites such as Sigiriya fortress, Mihinthale and Dambulla Rock Cave Temple were also highlights of the trip. Visually the island extends from coastal beaches to cool lush green hills where large tea plantation hills are located.

Louise Gelotte, USA
Traveled May – June 2015


Trevor and team

“Everest Base Camp trek Nepal”

We recently travelled with Earthbound Expeditions on an Everest Base Camp trek. The organisation of the trip was superb from the time we first made our enquiry until the moment we left Kathmandu to fly home. Rajan answered our emails quickly and his responses to our questions before our trip were great and put our minds to rest about problems we thought we might encounter. When we arrived in Kathmandu our driver was waiting with our name clearly shown which was a great relief as Kathmandu airport is a bit overwhelming after a long flight. We were quickly taken to our hotel (Thamel Eco resort) where we were given a warm welcome and quickly taken to our rooms.

The flight from Katmandu to Lukla was delayed because of poor visibility and eventually cancelled until the next day. Our guide Namaraj, arranged for our transport back to the hotel and we were given our original rooms back for the night. Next day the flight was again delayed but Nama managed to get some of us on a plane and the rest onto a helicopter to make sure we could start our trek without any further delay. He really deserved his tip just for these efforts alone as after we arrived in Lukla all flights were again cancelled.

The rest of the EBC trek was superb as were the porters that we had waiting for our arrival in Lukla. Everyone was very friendly in the tea houses that we stayed in and the food was great considering where we were. Eventually after 8 hard days we made it to EBC, all made possible by the crew that looked after us day and night. Don’t underestimate the effects from the altitude and follow what the guide tells you to do, and drink lots of water.

On arrival back in Katmandu we met Rajan again and were taken to a cultural evening. Our guide also joined us on a night which will be remembered for a long time, superb food, drink and entertainment. We were a group of 7 and everyone had the same opinion. If going to Nepal again we would not hesitate to book with Earthbound Expeditions. Contact Rajan for help advice and you will not be disappointed.
Trevor and team

– Trevor and team, UK


Mr and Mrs Paul renard, Belgium

“Nice and great tour in India “

Dear Rajan
We  had a very nice and  great tour in India and already a lot of memories of all the beautiful cities palace specially the Taj Mahal we love it soo much. The Jaipur was nice too. Enjoyed Udipur and Ranthambhore. Every  Hotel where perfect. Your team did a very good and friendly job. Always take care of us.We truly were in very good hands.  Thanks and hope to ask you again for an other trip with Anne and family.

Mr and Mrs Paul renard


Dr. Liem C Vu Md, California USA

It will be a beautifull experience and memory

Dear Rajan,
We came home to California yesterday at 5 PM, tired but very happy. You and your staff had provide us with an outstanding services, in many occasion, beyone your duty of service. In the next month I will put the video together. It will be a beautifull experience and memmory. I will send you photo later, I came home , went to bed at 8.30 PM and slept like a baby until now, it is 2 am in California !

– Dr. Liem C Vu Md, California USA


Bart Thiel, Holland

The lovely time we had in Nepal

Dear Rajan,
What should I say…it was very hard to get back to work again after the lovely time we had in Nepal. Everything was just perfect! trek, raft, safari all went fine. We had a really wonderful trip! We both enjoyed it very, very much and Bishnu and Hari (our guide and porter) where great.

Trip was very well organized thanks again for that. I will send you a proper letter of recommendation soon. Actually a colleague of mine wants to visit Nepal (probably only in a years time, but anyway) and she’s very interested in Earthbound. So I’ll give her your e-mail and web address and who knows.

– Bart Thiel, Holland

Nazly, USA

Very quiet and very nice with the lake and others

Hi Rajan :
Greetings from Pokhara!
I really like being here. Very quiet and very nice with the lake and others.
Thank you very much for arranging the Le Meridien reservation. I do really appreciate this.
Thanks again for everything. You have been a best tour operator I have known here and certainly I will not forget you once I hear any request from my friends in London who want to go to trek in Nepal. Thanks again

– Nazly, USA


Jessica, France

I had a wonderful trip

Tashi delek Rajan,
excuse me for answering quite late, my internet didn’t worked and I had my mind quite occupied since I’ m back home. My wayback was fine, happy to see back family and friends.

I had a wonderful trip, thank you for all, it was a great experience to travel India – Nepal Tibet at once! I have advise your company for the next edition in one of the french bookguide, it will problably in the 2008 edition. until I will see back, I’ ve got in my mind full of pictures and feelings… good luck for the end of the year. namaste!

– Jessica, France


Anne Stephen and Family

I have to say it was the best holiday of my life!

I just returned from a holiday in Nepal with my husband and two children aged 14 and 17 and I have to say it was the best holiday of my life! Please don’t be put off by the current political situation of Nepal. As long as you are sensible and stay away from trouble spots you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Tourists are so important to the economy that we are given priority when it comes to transport. During the strike, taxis carry special signs which say ‘Tourists only’ and these are allowed safe passage. Obviously I can only comment on the areas we spent time in. At the beginning of the trip we spent a few days in Kathmandu before flying to Lukla and fitting in a short trek to Namche Bazaar.

There was absolutely no problem on the trek. People are so kind and generous and delighted to see you. We were staying in tea houses and met lots of people who were planning to trek to Everest Base Camp or even just as far as Tengboche Monastery.

Unfortunately, we only had time to go as far as Namche but already the children are planning a return visit with the hope of making it all the way to Base Camp.We had organized the holiday through Rajan Simkada of Earthbound Expeditions in Kathmandu and we couldn’t fault it. From the moment he met us at the airport, everything was really well organized, including our guide and porter for the trek. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

You can contact Rajan at: earthbound@wlink.com.np or visit his website at www.enepaltrekking.com, I have to stress that at no time did we feel under threat or in any danger. The warmth and generosity of the Nepali people more than made up for it. Go and enjoy!

– Anne Stephen and Family, UK


John Bingham and Friend, AZ USA

Once again thank you for a memorable vacation in Nepal!

Dear Rajan
Once again thank you for a memorable vacation in Nepal!
As we discussed over dinner our final night in Kathmandu, here are our comments.

We appreciated the fact that you personally get involved in your clients needs. Your quick responses to emails built my confidence from day one that we were going to have a great time without having to worry about the unknowns.
• Meeting us at the airport put us at ease.
• The hotel was very comfortable. All the conveniences that a traveler from the States needs. The location was great allowing, for easy access to shopping and dinning.
• Providing a guide and a half day tour of the major sites was another plus. Even though the guide had an agenda he was very accommodating to our requests.
• The dinner show allowed us to experience more of the Nepalese culture (food and dance).
As for the trek. You could not have asked for a better experience. The locations visited were beautiful beyond explanation. Most of the tea houses we found to be very comfortable and accommodating to our needs. One in particular (Phakding) made us part of the family. We will never forget them.
Over-all we will not hesitate to recommend your services to all our friends that plan trips to Nepal. Your entire staff went out of their way to help with any situation we brought forward. A special thanks to the person you sent to help track down our tickets back to Bangkok.
And least I forget, our trek porters were exceptional! Take care,

– John Bingham and Friend, AZ USA


Heleen, Holland

We had a wonderful Annapurna trek with your guide

Dear Rajan,
We had a wonderful Annapurna trek with your guide Mr. Dibash. I think he is the best guide we could have had! He is a really nice man, with a lot of experience. And he took really good care of us. So we had a wonderful time in Nepal.
Thank you for asking me about the trip.

– Heleen, Holland


Larry, USA

You succeeded most immeasurably

Dear Rajan,
My experiences during the Nepal, India, Tibet by EarthBound Expeditions have no equal to any other tour I have taken. Simply put, wondrous. Beginning with your personal attention to the booking details and questions and extended up to your guiding in Kathmandu and relating your personal insights. At all times you made me feel welcome and everything possible was being done to make the trip enjoyable. You succeeded most immeasurably.

The same words can be said of my trekking guide, Shreeram. The days we were together provided some deep insights into Nepalese culture and everyday life outside of the city. Between the two of you, you give the visitor far more than can be found in a tourist handbook.

This is meeting the real Nepalese people and finding a warmth that stays in the heart and travels home. This alone was worth the price of the journey. This does not even recount the sights brought to the eyes of the scenery, the monasteries or the palaces. The pictures do not do justice to these sights. Breathtaking does not describe them. Some, like the Taj Mahal, learning the story surrounding it was even more moving than merely seeing the beautiful buildings, all of them.

Part of the adventure is stepping out of my culture and experiencing the unexpected. That is part of this journey and it was enjoyed. I have proudly recommended you to everyone to whom I have related my vacation journey. In all my travels, your service and attention to your client is far superior to all. You & your company do an exceedingly good job.

– Larry, USA 


Martin Pitwood

The great time we had on our trek in the Annapurna

Dear Rajan,
Maz reminded me that you wanted a quote from us to put on your website – apologies for forgetting to send earlier. “Thanks to Earthbound Expeditions for the great time we had on our trek in the Annapurna. With the professional guide and porters taking care of us, all we needed to do was enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Earthbound Expeditions to our friends, and we hope to be back ourselves one day!” Finally, I have the new Sponsors page ready to upload but for some reason can’t do it. I believe it’s to do with restrictions the Chinese government . I’ll upload as soon as I can – probably in about 2 or 3 more weeks (assuming it works properly in Laos!). www.overland-underwater.com

– Martin Pitwood  (@overland-underwater.com)


Leonardo, Brazil

I really enjoyed my stay in Nepal

Dear Rajan,
Hey! my friend, got back to Brazil yesterday. Thanks a lot for everything, I really enjoyed my stay in Nepal, and I will definitely make all effort to go back soon and visit one of the inhospitable and remote places of your amazing country.

My boss really wanna go too, and will find more nice people to join. Maybe going to Dolpa, what do you think? Yesterday I watched the film Himalaya, it is a spectacular film! And yes, you can pass on my email to your potential customers from the Americas . All the best,

– Leonardo, Brazil 

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