Namaste! You arrived to the historical mystical Kathmandu Valley and have few days extra to explore?

Earthbound Expeditions can suggest you some of the best short trips in and around Kathmandu Valley. As you already may know there is plenty to see inside Kathmandu, but while you’re in Nepal, it is important to get glimpse of the beautiful landscape and the Himalayas. From a day hiking around valley rim to mountain biking or cooking class at home stay with Aama (mother) cook or Yoga in nearby nether or bungee jump, swing or perhaps a visit to old monasteries .

You can also visit Cable Car at Chandragiri Hills or make a coffee farm house stay in Kakani area, we love to shares the best tips for day trips to explore more of this one of the most incredible and fascinating part of the world.

#UNESCO Heritage Sites

Kathmandu have incredible UNESCO world heritage sights either oldest Bishnu Temple of Changu Narayan in a small hill to ancient town of Bhaktapur or the freak street – Kathmandu Durbar square or Patan – the city of Fine arts. Either visit the largest Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath or The Swyambhunath also known as monkey temple on a hill top to see whole valley.

These 6 world heritage sights you can explore with our award winning guides in just 2 days. The day trip to Kathmandu valley with 3 UNESCO heritage site to cover each day with guide and driver starts from USD 47 a day if you are 4 or more person in the team. 

Following are 8 wonderful day-trip options you should consider exploring.

  1. Bhaktapur and Patan – UNESCO heritage site
  2. Mountain Biking Around Kathmandu
  3. Hiking Around ound Kathmandu Valley rim
  4. Rock Climbing around Kathmandu
  5. Yoga and Meditation Resort
  6. Canyoning around Kathmandu
  7. Nepali cooking class or home stay
  8. Coffee Farm House visit or stay

1. Day Trip To Bhaktapur, Patan And Changu Narayan 

Nepal’s most picturesque old towns, Get an informative look at the Newari city – world’s famous heritage sites.

In the past, while Kathmandu Valley itself used to have 3 small kingdoms. Bhaktapur was a cultural, political and economic powerhouse in the Newari kingdom which ruled over Kathmandu Valley.

The city of devotees “Bhaktapur” is said to have the most Temples per square Kilometer in all of Nepal, and is an excellent place to walk around, take photos worthy of posting in Instagram and to shop for traditional handmade papers, art and souvenirs. You also have the option to hike from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan if you have limited time but still want to experience hiking in Nepal.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

The ancient town which is also known as Bhadgaon is a must-see sight in Nepal and is located roughly 14 km from the center of Kathmandu  max 30 minute drive from Thamel area. 

Earthbound Expeditions can arrange a private tour with a guide to show around or Purchase a 50-rupee  local bus ticket from the Ratna Park bus stop, close to Thamel area, and expect the trip to take around an hour one way. 

Alternatively, you can pay around 1,500 Rupees for a taxi to go one-way, but don’t forget to bargain some times.

You can also visit Patan – the city of fine arts, you’ll see architecture and handicrafts similar to those in Bhaktapur, however it’s much closer to Thamel and is more-or-less located inside Kathmandu, on the south side of the Bagmati River one of holy river in Kathmandu Valley.

Taking a taxi should cost less than 500-600 rupees for one way. 

2. Mountain Biking Around Kathmandu

You can do mountain biking around Kathmandu valley rim for good views and experience rural life.  We can provide the bike and guide for you. Renting mountain bike in Kathmandu is not that hard, many shops in Thamel area offering guided trips or bikes for rent. May cost you from USD 30 – 80 a day depends on bicycle, route and services you take. 

Generally all area around Kathmandu is good to explore off the beaten track, but Eastern side of Kathmandu Valley provides some of the most attractive routes.  You can explore Kakani, Panauti, or Dhulikel, Nagarkot, as well as Shivapuri National Park to the north. 

3. Hiking Shivapuri National Park, Champadevi Or Nagarjun 

Just outside of Kathmandu there are some hills with stunning views of Kathmandu Valley and mountains. These hikes and good challenge but have a great view of Kathmandu Valley and higher Himalayan peak in a clear day! 

Although some may find bit hard views and trails are worth it! Leave early, it is a full day of adventure around Kathmandu. 

hampa devi hike

If you wish to have easy trails do Kakani to Suryachaur or Nagarkot to Changu Narayan or Nagarkot to Dhulikhel.  But if you wish to walk for few days the Kathamndu valley rim trek Chisapani – Nagarkot – Dhulikhel or Balthali are good hikes.

4. Nepali Cooking Class Or Home Stay 

You have a day and want to learn more about Nepali culture through its food than you can visit some of the house like – where Nepali Aama cook will teach you how to make famous Momo, Nepali tea, Daal Bhat and Paratha. During this 3 to 4 hours fun, hands-on cooking class, participants will start from scratch by learning how to choose the best ingredients, and work through some techniques like making momo. Three different menus are offered, each containing four traditional Nepali dishes, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Foodies and enthusiastic cooks will especially enjoy this activity, but you don’t need to have cooking experience. A meal and beverages are included.

 Learn more about Nepali food than you would just eating in a restaurant, A fun, family-friendly activity. Learn new skills that you can use later at your home. You would like to stay one night with family also you can do that.

5. Rock Climbing Around Hattiban Or Balaju Area 

 If you are interest to do some wall or rock climbing day trips from Kathmandu it is possible. This can be done before or after your trek or climbing expeditions. 

The closest rock climbing area to the city is Balaju area or Hattiban, which is located very close to the beautiful Buddhist monastery area – Pharping. 

Rock Climbing

6. Canyoning Around Kathmandu 

Nepal is adventure playground and Canyoning is the sport of traveling down or in canyons using different techniques that generally include hiking, abseiling, jumping, climbing, swimming, and sliding.  You won’t find a better way than to enjoy the wild rushing waterfalls of Nepal then by descending down them. Both the guides and tourist enjoy this relaxing thrill together. It provides heart pumping adrenaline as you lower yourself off waterfalls as high as 25 meters and repel your way down to the bottom. 

Canyoning is an adventurous sport with ever-growing fan base all around the world. At Earthbound Expeditions we love an adventure sport where you can get wet! You can do a Canyoning day trips to Kakani area or Dhading or even at the Last Resort area, let us know if you wish to join. 

7. A Day In Yoga And Meditation Center – A Day Like Yogi 

You have a day or few hours of time before departure to your home and want to practice Yoga, Meditation and do bit of relaxation with message than the places like offers a day fill with Yoga, meditation and message. 


Yoga and Meditation has an inter relationship. Yoga is simply a physical exercise to attain several physical benefits and spirituality. Likewise Meditation is a concentration connecting human value to super consciousness.

You can join 7 AM in the morning do cleansing of your nose (Jal neti) and join Yoga class for about 90 minute, have a healthy Yogic breakfast and then practice meditation for about 45 minute. Have a tea break in a green space after a while join message and after lunch you can depart. A day you live like yogi and then you can return to your hotel around 3 PM or even spent overnight at the Himalayan Yoga Resort. 

The day trip with transfer cost you USD 47 per person.

8. Coffee Farm House Visit or Stay 

Do you want to visit Nepali Farm? Taste local wine or coffee? Or even stay or night? We can take you to Kakani area and in a peaceful and wonderful place where they have coffee farm. 

Coffee Farm

The Farm visit or stay with family can be one of the highlights of your trip to Nepal.

Ask us Earthbound Expeditions for amazing organic farm stays Nepal experience … All meals and accommodations provide at the host family house, at the same time you practice different farming activities for few hours if you wish to take your hands dirty.

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