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Pre Departure Information

Nepal Pre Departure Information

Namaste and Welcome to Nepal!

Here are some important information for your upcoming tour. Please read them carefully.

Visa and arrival:
You can get the Nepal visa from the nearest Nepal Embassy or you can get it upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu if you are coming by air or at the immigration office at Nepal border if you are coming to Nepal overland via India or China. Kindly carry at least USD 50 (or other major currency) for visa and any emergency purposes . You can also fill the online form for the visa. Kindly follow the link  

For those travelling more than one country, they can get multiple entry visa. Please have 2 passport size photos for your visa. 2 extra photos for the trekking permit if you are trekking.

Please expect a queue at the visa desk upon arrival and after getting visa collect your luggage and come outside the terminal. Kindly look for Earthbound Holidays' board upon arrival. Follow the person holding the board, there might be few others following you towards the car / bus for helping with your bag and asking money, either avoid them saying NO or if you want to take their help you can make 2-3 dollar handy and give it to them. If you want to tip someone at the airport please don't give more than 2-3 dollars as some of them might bother you for more money. This is a small hassle you will face at arrival here.

Kindly give us your exact arrival and departure details – flight date, number and airlines name – so we can pick you up at the airport. Also note down our phone numbers so that in case of delays, missed flights or if we miss each other you can call us. Please keep this info with you after leaving your country.

Contact persons:
Rajan Simkhada – email:    Telephone numbers: +977 1 4701051, Mob: 9851017772

Kedar Gajurel – email:  Telephone numbers: +977 1 4701051,  Mob: 9841251740

Side Excursions
Since you are coming all the way to Nepal it's a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the wonderful activities and excursions that are available here. You can enjoy an exhilarating Trishuli rafting adventure, view the Himalayas up close on the scenic Everest flight, trek in the Mighty Himalayas, or relish a traditional cooking class. For the list of additional excursions click here. To book one of the smaller side trips please contact us. On the Nepal payment button find the option “add ons” for $47 USD. After sending your deposit make sure to contact us and specify which add on the deposit is for. The balance of the payment can be made after you arrive in Kathmandu.

If you wish to book a longer side trip such as Bhutan, Taj Mahal, or a trek please do so at least 3 months prior since there requires a special arrangement from our side. If you need any advice or help in booking a side trip please feel free to contact us. 

Cash and phone service in Nepal
ATM's and reliable exchange places are easily available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. If you want to get a local SIM  card for your phone it is possible. You'll need to have extra photos and PP copy for that.

If you want to know about weather before travelling you can find from

We also strongly recommend you all to read Lonely planet and other related guide books to know about this part of the world so you don't have any cultural or other shock upon arrival. This is South East Asia, remote part of the world and so do not expect much as this is developing country. Even 4 star hotels are like standard hotels in Europe and America may be.  It is once in a life time experience so come prepare to accept things as it comes. Please come with open mind and sense of humor and adventure…!!

Why Travel with Earthbound Holidays
We do contribute money towards our society and practice responsible tourism. We support number of charities please check here to know a bit more about our work if you want to help some of these projects you are welcome. If you want to bring some books, pencils, cloths , money, toy etc as gift for the kids here that is also possible. Please don't give randomly to children as this encourages a wrong mentality and unequal distribution. Rather you can deliver to Earthbound Holidays  who will arrange to distribute through the proper channels.

Hotel Bookings
If you plan to arrive early or leave late please make sure that you book your hotel room well in advance. Please contact the tour coordinator, at to help with extra hotel bookings.

International Flights
In booking your international flights please take in to consideration the following points. The tour starts with an orientation meeting at 5 pm on the first day of the tour. The tour ends with noon check out on the last day of the tour. I recommend you arrive at least one day before your tour to recover from the jet lag of your long journey. If you are booked for a side trip (Bhutan, rafting, etc.) make sure you book your flights to give enough time to comfortably fit in your side trip. If you need assistance in understanding which dates to book your flights, you are most welcome to communicate with us.


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Head office (Nepal)
  • Earthbound Expedition
  • G.P.O. Box 5801, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • +977 1 4701051
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Jenna Markowick - Director North America

  • (201) 264 - 9252
By traveling with Earthbound Expeditions, you support eco adventures, sustainable tourism and contribute to our efforts to build schools, libraries and participate in philanthropic activities.
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