There are so many people out there who want to go for the Everest Base Camp tour, but don’t even give it a try thinking that it could be too tough for them to handle. Well, this is not the complete truth, as Everest Base Camp trek could be tough for few people, but not the other options. Everest Mountain Flight and Everest Base Camp Helicopter tours are two other ways of going for the Everest Base Camp Tour. These are not just easier and less time consuming ways of trying out the Everest Base Camp Tour, but also the one that offers majestic views of world’s highest peak.

#Everest Base Camp Trek

A hike to Everest Base Camp is the best form of Everest Base Camp tour. It takes you as close to nature as you can get through the medium of trek. On the Everest Base Camp trek, you will experience all these attributes of the journey in as detailed way as possible, as you’ll be spending around two weeks here. Everest Base Camp is also a great way to explore the human elements of the region like the local cultures, and religions followed by people here.

Your Everest Base Camp trek starts from Lukla. You take an early morning flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, and in the process, land on Tenzing Hillary Airport, which is the most dangerous airport in the world. Its short length runway that is followed by a deep gorge give it that recognition. Quite like this one, the Everest Base Camp trek is filled with so many other attractions.

Everest Base Camp Trek

One of the major attractions of the trek is Namche Bazaar. You will realize your heart filling with absolute joy when you reach this place. It is the busiest market in the region, and so, you’ll be able to use the internet here, eat your favorite desserts, and try your preferred fast food items. This is also the final spot where you can shop and get some cash needed for the rest of the journey.

#Best Time For Everest Base Camp Trek

The best time for Everest Base Camp trek is between the months of September and November, i.e. in the Autumn season, and in between the months of April and June, i.e. in the Spring season. The weather is warm enough for trekking during these months, and the skies are clear that allows the trekkers to have the most amazing views of the mountains.

#Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

When it comes to toughness, Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is moderate. The trek is not average throughout the way. At few places walking could be extremely simple, whereas, at few others, it could be tough. The trek gets challenging especially after it crosses the altitude of 3000 m, as the oxygen density in the air drops, and the chances of trekkers suffering from altitude sickness increases. Extreme cold weather with rain or snowfall can make the trek even more challenging. However, these difficulties can be normalized, and the trek can be made more relaxing, by following the right measures.

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Everest Expedition

#Everest Mountain Flight

Everest Mountain Flight is one of the luxurious Everest Base Camp tour options, and a fantastic way enjoy the view of Everest and other mountains of the region. From the distance of around 15 miles, and from the altitude of around 8000 m, you get to look into the eyes of Everest. Everest Mountain flight is a one hour long journey, starting from Tribhuvan International Airport, at 6:00 am in the morning.

The plane takes off, and in moments, you reach the Everest region, where you get the opportunity to view Everest till your heart’s all content. You will have the most amazing views of peaks like Everest, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Cho Oyu, and so on. If you dream of viewing Everest up-close, but lack required time, well, this is a great option for you.

Everest Heli Tour

With everything that Everest Mountain flight offers you, Everest Mountain Flight cost could be considered affordable. Every penny that you spend during the journey is totally worth it, and this is something that you’re sure to feel once you’ve experienced it all.

#Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours

If you want to experience Everest, but don’t have the time required to do so, well, Everest Base Camp Helicopter tours is the other amazing option for you. It doesn’t just give you an aerial view of the mountains, but also takes you up-close to the mountains. Everest Helicopter ride is an amalgamation of both Everest Mountain flight and Everest Base Camp trek, as it offers you the best of both worlds.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tours is a 4-5 hours long journey. The helicopter takes you to the Everest region, and here, you make stops at 4 locations – Lukla, Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar and Everest View Hotel. While the former three places offer you wonderful views of the mountains, and lets you experience the surroundings, the latter spot offers you a lavish sumptuous lunch.

Everest Helicopter Tour Cost is on par with that of Everest Base Camp trek. And quite like Everest Mountain Flight, considering all that the journey has to offer, the cost can be considered quite affordable, and worth every penny that you spend for the journey.

Everest Heli Tour

If you have the will, the time, and the resources, Everest Base Camp tour doesn’t seem impossible at all. You could go for trekking, or you could go for one of these aerial tours, if you want to have majestic view of world’s highest peak. Though all of them have their plus and minus points, it’s for sure that they will offer you the best of Everest Base Camp tour.

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