Coronavirus disease, also called Covid-19, is a global pandemic as stated by numerous international health organizations. Nothing has worried people throughout the world in the last few decades like this one. Governments all around the world have asked public places such as schools, theatres and so on to close down. Starting from this week most businesses are going for a two to three weeks break to prevent the spread of this disease. No one really knows how much this pandemic is going to impact the world. Among all the sectors that are affected by it, also includes Nepal’s tourism sector. Covid-19 is bad news economically for all.

About Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

Coronavirus is categorized among the list of viruses that are zoonotic, i.e. the ones that can be transmitted from animals to humans. It was first discovered in humans in late 2019 in the Wuhan Province of China. Since then, it has spread to almost 60 countries. Covid-19 is a term used to denote the disease that a person suffers from when they are affected by Coronavirus. The symptoms include fever, cough, cold and difficulties in breathing. If the case gets more severe, the host might suffer from Pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Kidney Failure, and ultimately leading to death.

Now, it has been discovered that by adopting simple habits like washing hands regularly with soap and water, not coughing or sneezing in public, and maintaining distance from people suffering from such diseases, one can save themselves from Covid-19. The health experts are working day and night to come up with vaccination and medicines for the treatment for the disease. So far, 198,412 cases of Covid-19 have been discovered, and there have been 7,984 deaths. The world governments are adopting strict rules to prevent turning it into a global deadly epidemic.

Impact of Coronavirus on Nepalese Tourism Sector.

The spread of Covid-19 has negatively impacted the world economically. They say that the worst is yet to come, as businesses all over the world are going on a two to three week halt period. In Nepal, the first economically tragic thing that happened was Visit Nepal 2020 got canceled. It is obvious as the number of tourists visiting the country plunged down because of the increasing rumors about the spread of Covid-19. Now, the situation here isn’t as bad as countries in other parts of the world. There are almost no confirmed cases, however, there are suspicions, and they have been kept under quarantine. The Nepal Government, quite like the ones around the world, is looking to halt certain sectors of work where the public gathering is a must. They have already sealed the borders, and very soon, even the airport is going to shut down. All this is going to have a deep negative influence on the Nepalese Tourism Sector.

The most dangerous thing about the disease is the fact that it is spreading so quickly, however, by following general cleanliness habits, it can be sidelined. At this point in time, prevention seems to be the best way to fight this disease. It is because of these reasons that people seem to be concerned about their health and that of others, and governments all around the world don’t want to take any risk. It is because of this that they have asked for the people to halt the economic activities or anything that requires a lot of people to gather at a place. It is estimated for the disease to be controlled within a couple of weeks. Let’s hope for the tourism sector to be back on track then.