Last week, the Government of Nepal ended the lockdown which was in practice for the last four months. The news came as immensely surprising and ecstatic to the people because they had been suffering economically all this time. Now, most businesses that had to remain closed would be able to function normally, and hopefully, everything will get back to the way it was. With the lift of the lockdown, which lasted for a duration of 4 months, Business and service providers will now be able to operate in a full-fledged manner. It is, however, advised to the people that they follow the prevention tips against Covid-19 seriously, as the virus still exists among us, and with carelessness, it has the potential to spread easily.

Limitations To The Lift Of The Lockdown

With the lift of the lockdown, which lasted for a duration of 4 months, starting on March 24 of this year and ending on July 21, businesses and service providers will now be able to operate in a full-fledged manner. There are, however, certain limitations with regards to places such as educational institutions, cinema halls, night clubs, health spas, and so on, where there’s generally a huge gathering of people, and the risk of transmission of the virus is higher. General services like retail, transportation, government offices, and so on would be in operation.

Transportation Services

Earlier, when the lockdown was in its softer phase, the government allowed the people to commute from one place to another, but there was an odd and even rule. Also, only private vehicles were allowed to run on the roads. Now, there is no such restriction, and even the public vehicles, from buses to taxis are allowed to offer their services to the general public. Domestic flights and long-distance buses will also be allowed to resume their services allowing the people to travel from one part of the country to another freely, without obtaining special permissions.

Positive Impact On The Tourism Sector Of Nepal

The lift of the lockdown has certainly come up as a beacon of hope for the tourism industry in Nepal. No other area was impacted as much as the tourism sector, as there was no question of people traveling from one country to another for the sake of pleasure. Now, the Government of Nepal has announced to resume airline services from August 17, not just the domestic airline services but international as well. As long as there is no restriction on international travel in their home countries, the tourists would be able to visit Nepal from this day onwards.

From this very day, all tourism-related activities will also be allowed to carry on in Nepal. The tourists will be able to go for numerous holiday options like trekking, mountaineering, adventure sports, and other luxury tour options that had stayed shut down during all this time. The restaurants and hotels will be allowed to resume their services from July 30 onwards, but there will be a limitation in the number of people they can serve at any given time. So, the tourists wouldn’t have to worry about food, accommodation, and other hospitality-related services.

The time between the months of September and November is considered the peak season for tourism in Nepal. It is during this time that tourists from all over the world visit the country and get indulged in numerous activities. Considering that the tourism industry will open from August 17, it gives the travel agencies and other stakeholders to make the necessary preparations. Tourists from all over the world are welcome to book holiday packages featuring the activities mentioned here, and even the others offered by their travel partner. 

As of this moment, bookings are open to traveling to every corner in Nepal. The travel and tour operators are well trained to conduct any activity safely, and in a manner that the tourists stay protected from the virus and other health-related issues at all times. Also, special care is offered by the numerous hotels and eateries where the tourists will be served food and accommodation facilities. Tourists will also be able to travel on their own, thanks to the transportation service providers resuming their services. You should definitely spend this year’s holiday in Nepal.

Visit Nepal 2020

The year 2020 was meant to be a big year for the tourism sector in Nepal, with the Visit Nepal 2020 program, and other events dedicated to the tourists who’d come to visit the country throughout the year. All of this had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Now, with the situation slowly turning back to normal, few of these events, if not all, could be organized to ensure that the tourists have a great time during their visit to Nepal. This season is significant especially because the people are finally allowed to travel after staying indoors for such a long time.

Visit Nepal 2020

The lockdown was lifted considering the drop in the number of people suffering from Covid-19, and that of the newly found cases. The government informed the people that the lockdown could come back into effect provided that there is a significant rise in the number of cases. Whether the lift is a permanent state, or it’s only going to last for a limited period of time, is something that can’t be said for sure. Everything depends on how people live their lives from this point onwards, and the situation of the Covid-19 cases in Nepal. The current lift has surely made the lives of people a bit easier, and especially the tourism sector is finally able to breathe.

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