Whenever it comes to trekking in the eastern part of the country, trekkers generally find themselves torn apart between the popular regions such as the Kanchenjunga region and the Makalu region. Both areas offer some of the most beautiful treks in the country. For a long time, trekkers had the option to choose either one of them, but things seem to have changed in recent days. Lumba Sumba pass trek is a journey that allows you to get the best of both the journeys in one go. It’s tough, interesting, and adventurous. You should definitely try it out.

Lumba Sumba Pass trek is a 22 days long trek. One of the best things about this journey is that it allows you to experience the best of both the Kanchenjunga region and the Makalu region, whether it be the villages, the people, the natural spectacles, and so on. Lumba Sumba pass trek is one of those journeys that are raw. The trip allows you to get close to nature and enjoy its tranquility, the way many other treks don’t. Needless to say that the main attraction of the journey is Lumba Sumba Pass, which is one of the highest altitudes passes in the hills of Nepal. Many trekkers find it quite difficult to reach, and most importantly, cross this pass. Lumba Sumba Pass is situated at an elevation of 5177 m.

Exploring Lumba Sumba Pass trek

When you make your way from Langmale to Chaurikharka, you come across this attraction. Yet another beautiful attraction of the trek is the Lumba Sumba peak. Lumba Sumba peak is a mini-mountain with a height of 5200 m. Reaching the top of the peak offers you the views of peaks in the region such as Makalu, Barun Tse, and even Kanchenjunga and Everest. A lot of trekkers tend to extend their trips by a couple of days just to trek to its top.

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek is also known as Kanchenjunga to Makalu Trek. Your 22 days long journey starts from Phoomling, which is a village in the Kanchenjunga region, and it ends at Num, which is a village in the Makalu region. During the trek, the trekkers don’t get to cover Kanchenjunga North Base Camp, Kanchenjunga South Base Camp, or Makalu Base Camp.

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek villages

However, on this Kanchenjunga to Makalu trek, you get to visit so many beautiful settlement areas that they make up for it. Some of these are Olangchung Gola, Hedangna Gadi, Lelep, Chirwa, and so on. These villages aren’t just gifted naturally but culturally as well. During your visit here, you get to meet the locals who have been living here for decades. It’s quite interesting to get to know about their lifestyle, their cultural and religious beliefs, and mainly, how they have learned to peacefully coexist with nature. A lot of trekkers seem to get so connected with the environment here that they don’t want to leave. The most you can do is extend your trip by a couple of days. They are situated in the lap of the hills as function as crucial viewpoints.

One of the best things about going on the Lumba Sumba Pass trek is that you walk through two major protected areas of Nepal – Kanchenjunga Conservation Area and Makalu Barun National Park. These areas boast of remarkable natural spectacles, from mountains, rivers, and lakes to icefalls, waterfalls, glaciers to so many others. What makes these protected areas quite interesting is the large population of plants, animals, and birds species. More than 600 species of birds, 500 species of animals and insect species, and 100 species of fishes consider the park their home.

The major mammals found here are Red Panda, Asian Black Bear, Snow Leopard, and so on. In the same way, the major birds spotted here are Golden-Breasted Fulvetta, Snow Cock, Blood Pheasant, and so on. During your trek, there is a very high chance that you might come across a few of these birds and animal species. Don’t be surprised or make loud movements unless you want to drive them away. You will love exploring these creatures.

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek Difficulty

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek Difficulty

Lumba Sumba Pass trek difficulty level is marked at tough. The trekkers who have trekked on both the Kanchenjunga trek route and the Lumba Sumba Pass trek route often consider the difficulty level of Lumba Sumba Pass trek to be the same as Kanchenjunga trek difficulty level. Now, there are so many factors that contribute to the toughness of any journey. These mainly include the altitude covered, the roughness of the trail, the length of the journey, the weather, and so on.

Lumba Sumba Pass Trek is a journey where all of these factors play an important role when it comes to making the journey tough. The route takes you to really high altitude, and through steep uneven trails that are often difficult to walk upon. In the same way, unless you’re here at the right time, the weather can turn out to be quite unpredictable, and difficult to bear. Lastly, the trek is considered to be one of the longest trips in the country, and it is a well-known truth that the longer the trek, the more difficult it gets for the trekker to complete. Lumba Sumba Pass trek difficulty makes it an exclusive journey that is meant only for the experienced ones.

Best Time for Lumba Sumba Pass Trek

Quite like in the case of other trekking routes in Nepal, the best time for Lumba Sumba Pass trek is between the months of September and November. During this time, the weather is ideal – neither too hot nor too cold. There are almost no clouds in the sky, which allows you to enjoy the views of the beautiful mountains in the region from numerous viewpoints that you will come across during the trek. One of the demerits of visiting the region during this time is that the route gets too crowded. Since it is the best time for Lumba Sumba Pass trek, everyone wants to trek during this season itself.

If you are someone whose main objective behind trekking is to feel the peace and tranquility here, this may not be the right time for you. Instead, you could try coming for the trek between the months of March and May. It is the second-best time for Lumba Sumba Pass trek. But, there is a disadvantage of trekking during this time. The sky during this season is full of clouds, which prevents you from enjoying the views of the stupendous peaks that the area is so well known for. The weather during this time, however, is quite similar to the earlier one.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is the amalgamation of Kanchenjunga North Base Camp trek and Kanchenjunga South Base Camp trek. It is also known as Kanchenjunga trek. The journey allows you to cover both the north and south base camps in one go. One of the best things about trek to Kanchenjunga is the fact that during the trip you make your way through the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, which is one of the richest protected areas in Nepal. You also get to explore the numerous villages of the eastern hills of Nepal and many natural spectacles.

Makalu Trek

Makalu Trek

Makalu Trek is one of the best ways to explore the hills of eastern Nepal. There are so many attractions that you get to explore during Makalu trek. You make your way through Makalu Barun National Park, which is one of the richest protective areas of Nepal. Because of the route’s closeness to the Everest Base Camp trek route and Kanchenjunga trek route, you get to enjoy the views of peaks such as Everest and Kanchenjunga during the trip. Needless to say that the main attraction of the journey is Makalu Base Camp and many villages on the route.

Lumba Sumba Pass trek is a journey that is full of excitement. It’s a long and difficult journey, and so, it can be assumed that it’s meant only for the experienced trekkers. If you happen to have that kind of skill and expertise, you should definitely go for Lumba Sumba Pass Trek. The journey offers you so many natural and human spectacles. While exploring them, The trekkers seem to cherish them and create unforgettable memories around them. Lumba Sumba Pass trek is trekking in Nepal at its best. You will absolutely love this activity during your visit to Nepal.

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