One can never get enough of Nepal; the country is so aesthetically pleasing, so humanly diverse, and so naturally rich that you will be left wondering, how so many things can fit in such a tiny land area. If you have the needed resources and time, and yet you haven’t visited this magnificent country, you are missing out on something huge. Nepal Tour is something that is worth including in your bucket list.

Destinations Covered In Nepal Tour

When you’re taking a tour of Nepal, there are so many things to do and see. You can’t possibly imagine to cover everything during your short stay here. However, you can always go for the major attractions. Nepal Tour packages are designed to include the following destinations that you can’t afford to miss out on during your first visit to Nepal.

#1 Kathmandu

On your tour in Nepal, Kathmandu is the first city that you’ll come across. Nepal has only one international airport – Tribhuvan International Airport, and it is situated in Kathmandu. This is the reason why most tour packages begin from Kathmandu itself. Being the capital of Nepal, and also the one with richest history in the country, there are so many things to see here. From world heritage sites, to restaurants offering cuisines from different parts of the world, to various entertainment options, you’ll get to spend 2 to 3 days here, so that you’re able to visit all these places and try all these activities.


Kathmandu Durbar Square

The best way to travel around Kathmandu is to travel like a local- ride the local buses and vans, eat at restaurants offering Nepalese cuisines, and walk your way around historical and cultural sites. Going around this way helps you not just look at things at a macro level but observe them as well at a micro level. You could do all these activities in a luxurious way as well, in an air conditioned bus, rarely stepping out in the sun, but there’s absolutely no fun in that.

#2 Everest

Another significant aspect of the tour of Nepal is the Everest. By Everest we mean the entire Everest region, which is a cluster of high altitude mountains, and not just Mt Everest. It is a dream of people from all over the world to experience Mt. Everest, or Everest region altogether, by the means of trek. Trekking takes you as close as you can get to Mt. Everest, and it’s the best way to explore the region, and getting the feeling of being a part of nature itself. However, if you wish to get closer than this, well, you might need to climb the peak.

If you want to study more about Everest, you can look into our another article where we have provided all the information about Everest Base Camp: Agonizing Or Pleasing – An Insight Into Everest Base Camp Trek

Mt Everest
Mt Everest

Now, to save your time during your tour in Nepal, and still experience Everest, you can go for Mountain Flight in Nepal. Mountain Flight in Nepal, especially in the Everest region, takes you close to the peaks of Everest region, and offers you the best possible aerial view. In one hour, and 20 times less the price, you get to experience the best of Everest; that’s the charm of Everest Mountain Flight.

#3 Pokhara

Pokhara is yet another destination that you should not miss during your Nepal tour. The city is situated at Phewa Lake, and is considered as the most beautiful one in Nepal. The place is full of natural beauties, from lakes to caves to view points and so on; you don’t just get to visit these places but try out a range of adventure sports as well. Few of them include Hot Air Balloon ride, Paragliding, Zip flyer and Ultralight. As per your mood, you can also settle down with more peaceful and relaxing options.

Paragliding in Pokhara

Pokhara has an amazing nightlife, especially in the lakeside area. You’ll definitely be mesmerized with the lights here. Choose a place that’s playing your favorite music, and sit with your preferred drinks and food. There’s nothing that can be more relaxing than this. From the perspective of modernity and progress, Pokhara is quite close to Kathmandu. So, even when you have an extra day to stay here, you’re sure to find one or the other ways to engage yourself.

#4 Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the most popular and possibly one of the most diverse national parks of Nepal. Rarest species of animals like One-horned rhinoceros and Bengal tigers are found in the park. You can go around the park and explore it in quite a few ways- Jungle Safari on a jeep, elephant ride, canoe ride, and so on. The designated guide during your ride will give you all the interesting information about wildlife and fauna in the park, the ones that you spot and even the ones that you don’t.

One- Horn Rhino

These rides are meant to help you have the closest possible look at these rare and endangered species, so you’re in for a treat. Apart from safari, you can also go for bird watching in the park. Tourists love visiting the Elephant breeding farm out there, and get close to the elephants both adults and young ones. The hotels also tend to organize cultural dances programs, where you would get to know about the Tharus, an indigenous tribe of Nepal.

#5 Nagarkot

For the people living in and around Kathmandu, Nagarkot is the perfect weekend destination. It is a small hilly village that is situated at a distance of around 28 km from Kathmandu. Within a single day, you can reach Nagarkot, have a great time there, and return. If you wish, you can even spend a couple of days there, soaking in all the goodness of the village.

Best place to view sun rise – Nagarkot

Most of the hotels in Nagarkot are built in a way that they offer the most amazing views of the surrounding hills. On a clear day, you can even view the mountains towards the north. There are numerous sunrise and sunset spots around the village that add further to its charm. The most popular activity for tourists in Nagarkot is hiking. One can hike to the nearby hills and villages, and in the process, enjoy the beauty of the nature. Apart from the ones mentioned already, a couple of other attractions in Nagarkot include View Point Tower, Buddha Peace Park, Bat Cave, and so on.

#6 Seti River

Seti River is one of the most significant rivers in Nepal. It is important from the perspective or nature, religion, and commerce. It originates at the bottom of Annapurna and flows through settlements like Damauli, and Pokhara. Finally, it merges with Trishuli River. Seti River, at various points, contributes to making the environment quite serene. It’s a great experience to watch it flow, and make its way to the south. The river also flows through numerous holy sites, one of which is Devghat. In all the religious activities performed at Devghat, and other holy places, Seti River has a special role to play. This is the reason why it’s considered religiously significant.

One of the most popular activities that you can go for in Seti River is white river rafting. Hundreds of tourists, throughout the year, go for rafting in Seti River. With a moderate level difficulty, an activity like white water rafting in a river as such can add the adventure aspect to your Nepal tour.

Themed Nepal Tour

You can go for themed Nepal tour to add that extra zing to your experience. These themes don’t just offer you a better experience, but also help you know about Nepal from a different angle.

#1 Helicopter Tour Nepal

Helicopter Tour Nepal can be taken to the mountains of Nepal, in regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and so on. Instead of going on a gruesome trek that lasts for a period of minimum 10 to 12 days, you could take a helicopter tour that lasts for 2 to 3 hours. In the Heli tour, you fly from the airport at Kathmandu, and reach your destination.


There, you spend your time looking around, after which you’re served a wonderful meal, and then it’s the same way back to Kathmandu. From the cost perspective, Helicopter Tour Nepal is a little bit cheaper than going on an actual trek, but it doesn’t meant that you get any less on the Heli Tour.

#2 Food Tour in Nepal

Food Tour in Nepal is one of the best ways to explore the local cuisines. You could go on a food tour on your own, but that way, you might miss out on certain important places, especially in a city like Kathmandu, where most of the authentic eateries are in narrow alleys and corners. Going for an official Food Tour in Nepal, with a food guide, will help you have an experience that you’ll never forget.

Newari Cuisines

#3 Cultural Tour In Nepal

Quite a few companies offering Nepal Tour Packages also tend to offer Cultural Tour in Nepal. Under Cultural Tour in Nepal, the tourists are taken to the villages where the maximum population is that of an indigenous tribe, like Tamang, Gurung, Magar, Chepang and so on. Here, they live with the locals, eat the food prepared by them, interact with them, ultimately getting the full experience of their culture.

Holi Festival

Nepal Tour Extensions

You can extend your Nepal tour packages to include places from countries like Bhutan and Tibet to the itinerary. The resulting Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, Nepal Bhutan Tour or Nepal Tibet Tour will prove to be the ultimate tour package.


lo manthang trekBhutan and Tibet are located very close to Nepal, and even from the perspective of cultures, religion, and various other aspects, the three countries are very much alike. So, in terms of picking tour packages, you could also go for Bhutan Nepal Tibet tour, Nepal Bhutan tour, or Nepal Tibet Tour, for an added experience, fun and adventure.

Nepal Tour Features

While so many things, mainly features of Nepal Tour package, have already been mentioned. There are certain attributes that can change the face of your Nepal Tour package completely. The first one is Nepal Tour guide. With the right tour guide you will not just have the most amount of fun, but also feel greatly informed. Nepal Tour guide can either make or break your Nepal tour. So, make sure that you choose the right travel company, and that it assigns you an amazing tour guide.

Quite a lot of companies offering Nepal travel and tour services, also tend to offer Nepal Photo tour. This is the right kind of package for you if you’re into photography. In the Nepal Photo Tour, you’re placed in a group that is led by a professional photographer cum guide. He takes you to the most picturesque locations, where you get to practice your photography skills. You’re sure to fall in love with this kind of Nepal travel and tours option, as you’ll get to experience the beauty of natural elements and as well as cultural aspects of Nepal tour, and capture it in your camera.

If all this hasn’t changed you mind about including Nepal tour to your bucket list, we’re not sure what will. Tour to Nepal has the potential to become one of your life’s best experiences, and all your need to do is go for it. Come for a tour to Nepal if you’re looking to experience all the things mentioned above and many more. Remember, as travelers, you can customize your Nepal tour the way you want. You can make it as long or short as you need it to be, include certain places and attractions, and get rid of few others; it’s all up to you. Nepal Tour is definitely an epic level inclusion to anyone’s bucket list, whether they’re a fan of an adventurous tour, or a more relaxed one.

Earthbound Expeditions has two decades of experience in serving tourists who come to Nepal to get indulged in its natural beauty and cultural diversity. The company has the most exciting packages to fulfill the needs of the tourist, whether it’s traveling in luxury or traveling with adventure. Earthbound Expeditions offers Nepal tour packages, covering all the significant elements of tourism in Nepal. In the most affordable price, you get to go on the most amazing Nepal tour, covering all the major tourist attractions of Nepal.

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