The year 2020 is declared as Visit Nepal 2020, and so, throughout the year, tourists from all over the world will get special offers on Nepal Tour packages. The offers imply not just in case of travel packages but also in case of any service related to tourism industry. The entire year will be celebrated as a festival, focusing on tourists and tourism altogether, so, this is probably the best time to book your Nepal tour, especially if you’ve been thinking of going for a tour to Nepal for a long time. Without a doubt, Nepal travel and tour is the best holiday option that you would come across, and what makes it so special are the different Nepal Tour Packages to choose from.

1. Everest Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight in Nepal is an amazing way to experience the mountains in the country, and a great Nepal tour option. Everest Mountain Flight takes you up to 15 miles close to Everest, and the surrounding peaks. From an altitude of around 8000 m, you get to view peaks like Everest, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, Thamserku, and so on. It feels like you’re looking into the eyes of these great giants. This one hour long flight will definitely be among your most memorable Nepal tour experiences.

Everest Mountain Flight

2. Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour Nepal is another great way to experience the mountains of Nepal, and the surrounding region. Heli Tour to Annapurna Base Camp is 5-6 hours long journey that takes you to Annapurna Base Camp and Machapuchhre Base Camp. On this Nepal tour package, you’ll also be able to spot other peaks in the region, and get an aerial view of the wonderful villages in the area. You will be offered sumptuous breakfast, at an exciting location, during the tour.

Annapurna-Base Camp Helicopter Tour

3. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is one of the best examples of Cultural Tour in Nepal, and a great Nepal tour packages option. The trek takes you to the Upper Mustang region, which, for a long time, was a separate kingdom, with its own language, cultures, laws, customs and traditions. Outsiders were restricted to enter the premises without special passes. Trekking in Nepal is the best way to explore the region. You will be amazed by the interesting villages and the lifestyle of the people here.

Upper Mustang Trek

4. Religious Tour – Muktinath/ Gosaikunda

From the perspective of Hinduism, Nepal is the home of few of the most significant pilgrimage sites, and two of the major ones are Gosainkunda and Muktinath. What makes these two places so special is they’re not just religiously important, but hard to reach as well, and so, they’re a part of trekking in Nepal adventures. The pilgrims need to trek for a couple of days to reach both of these places. Because of the trekking feature, even the ones who’re not quite religious love visiting both these places.


5. Chitwan Wildlife Safari Tour

Chitwan National Park is one of the most diverse national parks of Nepal. It is the home to the rare Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhinoceros. The national park offers so many activities to the visiting tourists, and by being involved in even one of them, you can explore the park. The best way to experience Chitwan National Park is Chitwan Wildlife Safari Tour. It is basically a 5-6 hour long jeep ride through the forests of the park.

chitwan wildlife safari

6. Pokhara Tour with Pragliding

There are so many attractions in Pokhara, from Lakeside and Peace Pagoda to Mahendra Cave and Phewa that you can easily spend a week here. One of the things that you can do in Pokhara is Paragliding. The adventure sport is preferred and attempted by many during their visit to this wonderful city. Apart from Paragliding, you could also try other sports like Zip Flyer, Ultra Flight, Hand Gliding, Sky Diving, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Paramotor, and so on in the Nepal Tour packages.

fishtail mountain

7. Kathmandu Food Tour

Food Tour in Nepal is a way for you to get an insight into the cultures of Nepal. The country has so many authentic cuisines that you can spend months exploring each and every one of them, and in the end you’d feel as if you’ve not had enough of it. A lot of times, to find authentic food you need to go deep into the alleys of the city, as they remain hidden for most people. That’s what Kathmandu Food Tour, and Nepal Tour packages is all about, discovering the hidden taste of the city!

Food Tour In Nepal

8. World Heritage Sites Photo Tour

If you are a photography enthusiast, going for the Nepal Photo Tour is the best way to explore certain parts of the country, and especially Kathmandu. The city is full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Few of them include Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Durbar Squares, and so on. You can spend days on this locations, and get the best possible pictures. The outskirts of Kathmandu are also included in photo tours, as they’re also great locations for clicking photos.

Swayambhunath Stupa

9. Special Adventure Package – Bungee/ Rafting

With so many hills and speedy rivers, Nepal invites adventure enthusiasts from all over the world to try out whatever exciting activities possible in the region. You can have Nepal tour packages designed with a range of adventure sports in it. The most popular ones include Bungee Jump and Swing, Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, Zip Lining, and so on. Apart from visiting popular cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, you can give these activities a try, for a fun filled holiday.


If you like cycling, then probably, this is going to be the best holiday option for you. No matter how long you’re staying in Nepal, if you can manage just one day, you can go for a bike trip to Kirtipur, which is one of the historical cities of Nepal. A couple of hours of bike ride from Kathmandu to Kirtipur, with visits to religious and cultural heritages on the way, and sumptuous authentic meals during the trip could be the perfect one-day getaway for you.


Do consider the above mentioned Nepal Tour Packages as your holiday options in the year 2020. Make sure to visit Nepal during this time, and be a part of Visit Nepal 2020 movement. You will be thrilled and amazed at all the experience that you’ll get to have, and that’s a guarantee.

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