21 August 2020 #Kathmandunepalcovidupdate
Due to COVID19 Pandemic worldwide, Nepal went into a nationwide lockdown first time on March 24th with a handful of known cases and no fatalities. Today by August 21, 2020, we have over 28,000 infected with close to 18000 having recovered and 112 fatalities. In-between the government eased the lockdown and the country came back to some semblance of normality, but as new cases spiked again, so now the government has given the provincial government and district heads powers to issue prohibitory orders as deemed fit. Using these local laws the Kathmandu Valley has been declared to go into total shut down from today for a week. They may extend depending on the situation after a week. 

As of now, everything in the Kathmandu valley remains closed except for essential services like medical support and daily consumer supplies. For government updates on the COVID19 situation, you can visit https://heoc.mohp.gov.np/ website. 

In Nepal, Monsoons are still very active ( ends late Sept.), Landslides and floods in mountain areas have claimed some 350 lives so far. 

International and domestic flights have been scheduled to open on 01st September 2020 but we may expect this schedule to be revised again. The tourism/travel industry hoping for a new date when air travel will be allowed. All land travel has almost come to a standstill in the country with major towns like Pokhara, Lumbini, Biratnagar, and Birgunj still under a locally imposed lockdown. A thick air of uncertainty hangs over most business and economic activities in Nepal, probably the same in many countries around the world.

The team at Earthbound Expeditions now working from home. We are assessing the situation on a weekly basis and adjusting our working style to whatever the situation demands, we will be available to reply to your emails/calls always. Our staff and trek crewmembers in Nepal and in other countries, many of them are in their mountain home working on the field helping their family/parents with some agricultural work as well. Ready to welcome you again once the corona is over.

We Nepalis are the way we are, that has not changed at all – still taking life as it gives – with deep smiles and laughter through all the hardship. No wonder we get a very resilient image in the world. In Nepal, the festival season is upon us but with the pandemic, all celebrations have been put on hold. While all this is going on, our message to you all – keep the dream of travel alive – Nepal is still the same and waiting patiently to welcome you again soon.
“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – And sings the tunes without the words – And never stops at all”. Emily Dickinson