Rajan Simkhada

Rajan Simkhada

Rajan Simkhada - co-founder of Earthbound Expeditions, tour planner, president of the company 

Passionaholic Rajan Simkhada has always let his love for the mountains dictate his drive for work. Born in a remote village of Darkha just below the Mighty Ganesh Himal, Mr. Simkhada was greatly influenced by the breathtaking scenic beauty of his hometown and the charm tourism industry eludes through its interaction with varied cultures, adventurous expeditions, and awe-inspiring nature.

At a tender age of 14, he saw himself in Kathmandu living independently to get some form of decent education, while he struggled in his new found role of adulthood he secretly dreamt one day of owning his own tourism business. His love of nature was so strong that despite clearing one of the most challenging exams in engineering, he chose to study business and work at a tourism company as a porter to support himself and his dreams. A believer in the potential of his country, Mr. Rajan Simkhada left a lasting impression on the organizations he worked for, often befriending his travel companions who vowed to come back and use his guidance once more.

In a career that has spanned more than 26 years, Mr. Rajan Simkhada had worked as a porter, receptionist, a guide and now a business owner in the field of tourism. Today, he is actively working to fulfill yet another dream which is to establish one of the most coveted tourism company in Asia; a company that provides tourism services to Asian countries like Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Vietnam, Tibet, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Peru and more.

Although his roles in the industry have changed over time, this potent value to deliver a personalized, authentic and engaging travel experience has not. A job as small as sketching out tiny maps for tourists or leading trekking that span over a month was done with high accountability, something that stands prevalent in the way he does business even after 23 years of establishment. In these years Mr. Simkhada has used his position in the industry for the better, working closely with new local talent to pass on his legacy of work by hiring driven, young teammates and training them to reach international standards and contribute further to the economy and society.

A philosophical being, Mr. Rajan Simkhada has never let conventional life plans come in the way of his love for Nepal, adamant to deliver an authentic experience, he started a travel company Earthbound Expeditions in 1999. The company has lived up to its values by providing the tourist with a personalized, trustworthy, safe and authentic experience. In fact, the company holds a 98% safety record and is said to be one of the most trustworthy services out there.

Under the guidance of Mr. Rajan Simkhada, the business has seen many revelations, always keen to try new things Earthbound Expeditions was one of the first companies in Nepal to use internet marketing to form contacts and establish a strong presence in the global market via websites like Lonely planet and Trip advisor. For the first time in Nepalese tourism history, the company also included blended programs such as yoga and meditation packages to deliver a personalized and life-changing experience. 

Mr. Simkhada and his team always go beyond the norm to make their guests feel comfortable, which is why the company is usually viewed as a leader in the tourism industry in Nepal, constantly introducing new ways to make their service better and more customer friendly.

A man of great sense of humor, Rajan Simkhada is also a well – known comedian for Nepali Television viewers. Despite being busy with his work, he has high regard for the social service so he gives away a certain percent of his profit to some charity and philanthropy works. He has extensively helped in building schools in the remote areas of Nepal; has helped visually impaired, orphans and helpless children.

You can read more at – http://ventureplus.com.np/the-mountain-guy

Today Rajan Simkhada is known as a young successful tourism entrepreneur, tour guide, visionary change maker, philanthropist, actor & Motivational Speaker also.

Recently Rajan wrote a motivational book called Hinde Pugincha - https://www.facebook.com/hindepugincha/

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