Skydiving, without a doubt, is one of the most adventurous activities in the world. It’s absolutely crazy for someone to even think of jumping out from a flying plane, yet alone transform it into a form of sport. Needless to say, it requires a person to be gutsy to perform a task quite like it. There are so many people all over the world who go for this activity every year, and many of them even do it repeatedly, as in their words, once is never enough. Skydiving in Nepal is comparatively new,but since its introduction, so many enthusiasts from all around the globe have enjoyed this sport, which is a great thing overall.

#Skydiving In Nepal

Skydiving in Nepal was first introduced in the year 2008. It was a collaboration between the English Company High and Wild, and a Nepali Company Everest Skydiving. The drop zone was near Syangboche village, which happens to be in the Solukhumbu district. After a successful two years of operation in the Everest region, in 2010, skydiving in Nepal was introduced in Pokhara. Currently, skydiving in Everest and skydiving in Pokhara are the two major venues for skydiving in Nepal. Skydiving in both the places have their own pros and cons. Depending on the features and your budget, you can make your pick.

Everest Skydiving

There are two kinds of skydiving – solo skydiving and tandem skydiving. Solo skydiving is something that only the professionals do. You’re allowed to do solo skydiving only when you have years of experience with you in your backpack. In this type of skydiving, basically, you jump solo out of the place, with a skydiving jacket and a parachute. Since you’re on your own, you’ll have the control of everything.

Tandem skydiving on the other hand is meant for tourists and novices, who want to experience the thrill of jumping from the plane. In this type of skydiving, you’re paired along with a skydiving expert, and both your bodies are tied together using a tandem. All you need to do is follow his instructions, which is quite minimal, and he will take care of everything. Just lay back and feel the thrill, as simple as that.

1. Everest Skydiving

Everest Skydiving is one of the most extreme skydiving experiences in the world. You jump from the plane flying at an altitude of 7000 m, after which you experience 2400 m of freefall, before finally opening your parachute. If you’re going for tandem jump, you wouldn’t have to worry much as your instructor would take care of everything, from exit to opening the parachute, and directing it to the drop zone. Provided that you don’t have a phobia, Everest skydiving is an experience that you need to try. Also, if you have some more time to spare, you could go for Everest Base Camp trek after the jump.

Everest Skydiving

As you’re in the Everest region, Everest skydiving would offer you outstanding views of mountains in the area. The sights that you’ll get to experience will be quite exclusive, as, for someone else to have the same view, they’d have to do the same thing. All you need to do to enjoy it is keep a hold of yourself.

There are numerous drop zones in the Everest region. The price might differ depending on the drop zone and the travel agency you’re going with. In general, the price of two solo jumps in a single drop zone is around $22,000, and the same for two tandem jumps is around $25,000. The cost includes all the expenses, mainly food and accommodation in 5 star hotel, transportation, equipment charge, government permit, memento, video, and so many others. It’s quite crucial that you properly communicate with your service provider before signing up for the trip, and paying the bills beforehand.

2. Pokhara Skydiving

Pokhara skydiving is a great alternative to Everest skydiving, and up to an extent, it is easier and safer. In comparison to Everest skydiving, Pokhara skydiving receives more adventure enthusiasts. Your jump starts from the airport where you’re briefed about the journey, and given the instructions. Then, you’re taken to the height of around 3400 m, right above the drop zone, which are generally wide grasslands. And then you make a jump. If you’re a solo jumper, you’ll be responsible for all your actions this point onwards, however, if you’re a tandem jumper, you’d have to do what the instructor says. After a couple of seconds of free fall, the instructor pulls out the parachute and guides the canopy to the drop zone.

Pokhara skydiving

While Skydiving in Pokhara, you’ll have the amazing view of the mountains. Provided that you’re able to keep yourself calm, and control the adrenaline rush, you’ll get to enjoy some of the exclusive sights of the region, including that of Pokhara city, the lakes, and other natural spectacles around it.

Generally, a single jump skydiving package includes an instructor, tandem and goggles, transfers to the airport, from where the plane starts, and from the drop zone, life insurance, and a video. The cost of a single jump is around NRs. 90000 for Nepali citizens, and around $3000 for foreign nationals. The solo jumpers aren’t generally offered insurance and equipment. All they get is the plane and vehicle ride. The features of the package and the services might vary as per the agency that offers Pokhara Skydiving.

#Skydiving Preparation

There is no such thing as skydiving preparation for tandem skydiving. Moments before the jump, or before you get inside the plane or the chopper, your instructor will give you minimal instructions that you’d have to follow throughout the time, i.e. from exit to landing. As you will be attached with your instructor, he will ensure that you are safe at all times. A lot of people wonder if one needs to be mentally prepared for skydiving, and look for answer to the question, how to mentally prepare for skydiving. Well, to answer the query, how to mentally prepare for skydiving, you might need some kind of motivation, as a lot of people are scared moments before skydiving, quite like any other adventure sports. You can be rest assured, as your instructor will help you calm down and make you feel safe at all time. If you have a phobia of heights, well, you shouldn’t go for this sport in the first place.

#Adventure Activities in Nepal

There are so many other adventure activities in Nepal apart from skydiving in Nepal. Since Nepal is a mountainous country, there are so many possibilities of adventure sports here. You will realize that most of the adventure activities available in Nepal revolves around the hills and the mountains. Few of the popular adventure sports in Nepal include white water rafting, trekking, expedition, bungee jumping, paragliding, cannoning, ultra-light and kayaking. Skydiving in Nepal is an activity that could be overwhelming for many, and if you’re one of them, you could try any of these other sports or activities.

Adventure Activities in Nepal

#Things To Do In Nepal

Apart from skydiving in Nepal and other forms of adventure activities in Nepal, there are so many other things to do in Nepal. If you’re an enthusiast when it comes to cultures, well, you can go for cultural tours. If you’re a foodie, and like to experience food items from different parts of the world, you can go for food tour. If you love animals and wildlife, and find it fun exploring them in their natural habitat, you could go for jungle safari. And if you’re one of those couch potatoes, who’s looking for a relaxing journey and no hard work, well, you can go for a luxury tour. Nepal is a country that has something for everyone, and if you haven’t visited it yet, well, you definitely should, and try out any of these activities here.

Things To Do In Nepal

Going for skydiving in Nepal is encountering the most audacious adventure sport out there. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of falling down from such a height. Fear, excitement, happiness, and many other emotions engulf you, and you patiently wait to land on the ground while enjoying the sceneries around you. Whether you choose to go for Pokhara Skydiving or Everest skydiving, one thing is for certain, you’d want to try them out one more time, if not at the same time, then at some other. Sadly, it is an activity that is meant only for a few people. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

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