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Rhododendron flower Trek Trails

Rhododendron flower Trek Trails

Rhododendron flower Trek Trails

Spring trek in Nepal, choose the Rhododendron flower trek Trails… ( LaliGurans Marga).

A Guide to Nepal’s multi colored National Flower Rhododendron trek trail in Nepal
Nepal’s top 10 best treks to see Rhododendron flowers in spring time.

Nepal is known as trekker's paradise. The walking, hiking or trekking holidays in Nepal can be combined with colorful festivals of course, as it is known that Nepal have more festivals than days in a year. But how about trekking in Nepal while Nepal's national flower red rhododendrons or Lali Gurans are in full bloom? You will be walking in lush green Jungle with multi color rhododendrons flowers, an incredible time of year to hike in Nepal. Some of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal we can call them Rhododendron Trails. The trekking trails full of beautiful rhododendrons, which are in bloom between late March to mid May. The walking holidays in Himalayas will pass by colorful forests, villages, and mountain ranges making it one of the best treks in Nepal for nature lovers ! Like in movies Hiking the Rhododendron trail in the Himalayas is like stepping into a living painting.

It is said that Nepal is home to more than thirty species of rhododendron, including the popular Lali Gurans or Red Rhododendron- the national flower of Nepal. Our wild Rhododendron grows to be 18 to 30 meters tall and has beautiful red, pink, white and many other color blooms. The Himalayan rhododendron blooms in the upper elevations from 2,000 meters to 3000 meters in Spring which is Nepal’s popular trekking season. The mid Hills are a red sea of flowers against a backdrop of snow-covered white mountains that takes you to paradise. You will feel that walking in the piece of Heaven.

Nepal's north, eastern, and central regions of the country are covered by extensive rhododendron forests. It may either be a major rhododendron trees or interspersed among other forest types.
Trekking in Nepal’s mid hill is the greatest approach to see the beautiful rhododendron forest during its flowering time ( March to may each year). To see the rhododendron forest during the trek you can choose Poon Hill Ghorepani Trek, Langtang valley trek, Everest Panorama trek , Mardi Himal trek or Mohare Danda trek. At Earthbound Expeditions here is our advice for you to consider following treks as you plan your next trek to Nepal to admire rhododendron blooms in Nepal Himalayan region, we can also call it the Rhododendron trail trek in Nepal.

Nepal’s top 10 best treks to see Rhododendron flowers in spring trek season time in Nepal ( March to May)

Poon Hill Ghorepani Trek in the Annapurna region from 5 to 10 days trek

Annapurna Himalaya , mid western part of Nepal. A short hikes from Pokhara trek you to a beautiful colorful forest of rhododendron blooming everywhere.

Langtang valley and Gosainkunda Lake trek - 8 to 14 days trek - rhododendron trek 
The spring time is n excellent time to go to see the rhododendron bloom in Langtang valley and ChandanBari area.
Langtang trek can be done late April - early May also for flowers.

Here are other popular treks in Nepal to do in spring season to see rhododendron flowers.
East Kangchenjunga Base Camp Trek from 18 to 25 days
Manaslu Circuit Trek - about 15 to 20 days

Makalu trek - about 18 to 25 days
Pikey peak trek - about 7 to 10 days
Mohare Danda trek - about 8 days
Mardi Himal trek - about 8 days
Khopra Danda trek - about  8 days
Dhorpatan Dhaulagiri area trek about 12 days
Everest Panorama trek up to Tengboche about 10 days

Here in this piece of beautiful article https://happydiyhome.com/rhododendron-varieties/ our friend Jillian Stark have mentioned about Rhododendron Varieties and how to care Rhododendrons at your Garden. It might be useful if you are thinking to grow Rhododendron at your home Garden.

Please contact us at Earthbound Expeditions to know about Rhododendron trek trail in Nepal we will be happy to send you the itinerary and cost with best suggestions for Flower trekking in Nepal Himalaya in spring season to see beautiful Rhododendron flower Varieties with stunning mountain views. There are other flowers in west Nepal we can see in other season time. There is also valley of flwoers in India trek we can do in summer time.


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