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Tibet Overland Tour : 
North of the Himalayas ( Nepal) lies the roof of the world, a magical land of clear light and pure color rising more than two miles above sea level. This is Tibet, a land of wide-open spaces, ancient cultures, mystical Buddhist Tradition, richly decorated monasteries and temples and an aura of Mystery. Once known as the “Forbidden Land”, Tibet now beckons adventurous travelers with a taste for something truly different.

Despite years of social upheaval, Tibet’s grandeur, magic and mystery still remain undiminished-truly an adventurer’s paradise. Tibet’s breathing Himalayan range rising from the Tibetan Plateau; Holy Mt. Kailash; the ruins of lost cities Tsaprang and Tholing; and lake Manasarovar, one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world, are but a few places to which Earthbound Expeditions can escort you, either by road by air. We will provide you with all the necessary information. With a limited travel season for this region (April- November), early reservations are highly recommended to assure air transport availability.

The roof of the world Tibet is a unforgettable land of curious nomads, mysterious gompas and breathtakingly vast panoramas. In Lhasa, long the forbidden city, experience the timeless and most holy Jokhang temple and see the legendary eighth-wonder Potala Palace, go to visit the most Holy Mountain kaialsh and fresh water lake at 4600 mtr Mansarovar or go visit the ruins of Guge kingdom of 11th century. Admire north face of Mt.Everest from the moonscape of Everest Base Camp and end Tibet tour in exotic Kathmandu.
Tibet is an immensely historic place with unrivalled culture and is staggeringly beautiful in its stark simplicity. This is for you to discover and enjoy, we hope we can assist.

Earthbound Expeditions a trusted Tibet tour organizer :

We are the operator based in Nepal but we have become one of the premier Tibet tour organizers, Rajan has travelled across Kailash and Tibet over 20 times, completed ten koras of Kailash and even been to Simikot, Limi, Guge, Everest Lhasa we have trusted agent based in Lhasa and supportinmg staff in Nepal to ensure everything runs smoothly – use our experience for the journey of a lifetime to the most remote and beautiful part of the world. We have been recopmmended by Lonely planet and our guest have been appriciting our work in trip advisor.

You can begin the Tibet tour from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places in China. Many of them also do Kathmandu to Lhasa overland but our Beijing to Kathmandu overland also very popular. All The Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour start and and finish in Kathmandu. You can also conbine Tibet tour with some Nepal trek, India tour or Bhutan tour as well. But Lhasa to Kathmandu overland you can extend to Bhutan , India or other part as well.  Our group size varies but tends to be 5 -10 people and the maximum is 15 people, except Kailash pligrimage tour we may have group up to 35 Pax. 

Tibet travel permit and Visa  informations: 

If you are travelling Tibet / China via Nepal

How to get Tibet travel permit and China Group Visa successfully from Nepal : 

As Nepal border with Tibet / China a great number of tourists every year enter Tibet from Kathmandu  by overland to Lhasa or Kailash region. Kathmandu Nepal is tourist hub of South Asia and Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour is one of famous tour. 
To enter from Nepal to Tibet you need to get a Tibet Permit and a China Group Visa for entering Tibet from Nepal.  Once Tibet tour is confirmed, You need email the photos of your passport to apply for Tibet Permit and Visa , you have to apply for it with your original passport after you land in Kathmandu. The processing of it takes at least 3 -4 business days and we will help you. While waiting for Visa we will do some interesting sightseeing tour and hike around Kathmandu, Nepal. That also help to acclimatize and great way to relax after Jetlag. 
Tibet Permit and China Group Visa you will need to enter Tibet from Nepal : According to the Chinese immigration regulation, travelers who enter Tibet from Nepal are required to apply for both of China Group Tourist Visa and Tibet Visa (also named Tibet travel permit). For both travel documents, individual travelers can only get them through a local travel agency like Earthbound Expeditions. Last 23 years we have been successfully taking 1000s of people to Tibet tour from Kathmandu and Lhasa, your once-in-a-lifetime Tibet Tour from Nepal. 

Note: Once we have China group visa from Kathmandu if incase you already have China visa in your passport it will be cancelled, if you already have China visa in your passport it is advisable to travel via China like Shanghai, Beijing or Chengdu so your China visa won’t be cancel and we will help to get your Tibet travel permit. 


Tibet Visa and Permit information if you are doing Tibet Kailash tour via China :

Suppose you fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit, firstly, you need to confirm and book your Tibet tour with us. Then you need to offer the scanned copy of your passport and Chinese Visa. Once we receive you documents, we will send it to the Tibet Tourist Bureau and wait for your turn. Generally, it takes 12 working days to issue the Tibet Travel Permit and about 3 days to deliver it to your address in China. But the permit will be released to us just about 7 days before your departure by the Bureau. So you may receive the permit just a few days before you go to Tibet. There might be small fee to deliver your Tibet permit at your hotel beforenyou enter to Tibet. You can reach Lhasa by train ( we can help to book or suggest right train) or by flight from Lhasa we will take care everything. We can also assit you to book hotels or tours in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu for you. 

Please choose a list of Tibet tours and let us know if you wish to customize the Tiber tour for your friends and families, contact us for more details. 

We excel by experience and have been recognized for our excellence.

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