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A short description to introduce Earthbound Expedition as a pioneer traveling agency in Nepal

Earthbound Expeditions is a fully licensed and registered company in Nepal. It has been recognized by the tourism authority of the government of Nepal to run tours, travel, trekking, mountaineering expeditions and other travel-related activities. Earthbound Expeditions is one of the best travel, tour, trekking and hiking management company based on Kathmandu, Nepal. 

In 1999, Mr. Rajan Simkhada (trek guide and one of the founder of the company) set out to build on his love of nature and exploring to establish his company Earthbound Expeditions. The company has received many accolades for its outstanding contribution to the Nepal tourism industry and in the year 2012-2013 was credited by TAAN as one of the most popular trekking companies in Nepal.

With a reputable image and driven work ethic, the company is proud to have set a high benchmark for tourism companies in Nepal. Earthbound Expeditions became top 2 trekking company in the year 2013 by bringing the highest number of trekkers that year. Creating Jobs to locals, building schools, giving scholarships, librarries, running health camps the company helps to uplift life and economy of many locals. 

To date the company has provided its services to more than 10,000 customers from around the world, helping them to achieve life-changing experiences. What sets apart Earthbound Expeditions is their commitment to follow through on their promises; they walk the talk. In fact, the company’s cautious and responsible way of doing business has led to a high safety record with a noteworthy 98 % percent satisfaction rate. Additionally, the company’s responsive team offer excellent communication; wherever you are our team is just an email away. Rajan believes in leading the business with rigor and passion and wants all of his customers to experience a positive change, one based on warm interactions and authenticity of services. To make sure our words are correct, Please check our trip advisor reviews, testimonials from many guest and also beatiful articles written about us before you book trekking in Nepal Himalaya and beyond with Earthbound Expeditions. As well as many any of our good works have been recognized by Newyork times, The Guardian, Lonely planet, Trip advisor, Apple daily, Venture plus, Action Asia, and many national & international newspapers and magazines. Checkout our certificates and articles to know more about our achievements in the field of Nepal Tour and Travel.

Value for Money

Earthbound Expedition does not use its stellar record to milk out more money from their clients. Instead, thought and careful articulation is used to price every package in a sustainable manner. We want to be accessible and provide a service that worth every penny and more.


We do not play when it comes to safety, we understand that each customer has different needs, hence we make sure to communicate with you regularly. Additionally, our certified and trained staff are always at your disposal to ensure comfort and safety are delivered on your end. We have the highest safety record in the Himalaya and beyond.

Making a Change

We are here to make a difference in your trip, to personalize your experience and be there to guide you every step of the way. Earthbound Expeditions takes note of each customers suggestions and needs, which is why we are ready to introduce new and exciting packages that fit you best. Our efforts are geared towards being a leading tourism company, specializing in group and custom journeys to bring a wide range of authentic travel experiences to you.


We at Earthbound Expeditions value your trust and are constantly available to hear your thoughts and views before, during and after your trip. We’ll be with you, even when wi-fi isn’t. Our end goal is to help you create a life-changing experience.

The reason for the success of Earthbound Expeditions can be boiled down to one prime objective – the drive to provide customers with an authentic travel experience. Huge efforts are exerted by the team to craft tourist packages that speak to each individual. To mention just a few, the company offers blended tours that combine trekking, expeditions, yoga, volunteering and meditation in Nepal.

Furthermore, in an effort to maintain this authenticity Earthbound Expedition chooses like-minded team members to deliver their service. As the company grows on to effectively provide their services to over 11 countries such as Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru and counting, the team has been cautious to stay true to their core objective of providing an authentic travel service by authentic locals. You just relax and enjoy the holiday where we take care of all of your needs.

Strong believers of the above statement, Earthbound Expeditions use our assets and knowledge to help our communities, which have in return given us fascinating culture and warm hospitality.

Firstly, our hiring policy focuses on providing employment opportunities to promote the local community, giving adequate training so that they can transfer this knowledge to their own networks and bring an employment opportunity in their society with the help of travel and tours. This has helped many people associated with our organization to improve their lives, to feel empowered and capable to educate the people around them as well.  

We believe sowing the seeds of knowledge can be transferred for generations. This is a sentiment that has been carried on to other social projects we have conducted, from providing locals with health camps and awareness programs, to free medical treatment and education.

Why Travel With Us?

Safety First

At Earthbound Expeditions, your safety is our foremost priority, which is why over the course of 23 years since its establishment, we have been able to maintain an idealistic safety record of 99%.

Hospitality that wins hearts

Our passion to create a unique experience extends to crafting unique packages just for you, as we vow to take care of you and provide you with experience equivalent of visiting a second home.

Creating Empowered Locals

We believe in responsibility towards the society, as a firm believer of the statement “you can’t grow without giving”, our efforts when conducting business has always been centered around helping the communities.

Committed To Authenticity, Small Group

Authenticity runs deeps in our company, a very important reason why we like to limit our touring groups to smaller sizes. Many of our trip will go even we have just 1, 2 or 4 people in the team at very reasonable price.

Value for money and time

Planning a holiday can be stressful, especially in regards to time and money. Hence, we have made sure to craft out sustainable packages that are well worth the money for our customers.

Well Trained & Experienced Leaders

Our team members comprise of long-term, experienced individuals who are often born and lived in the nooks and crannies of the exotic landscapes of Nepal or countries we run trips

Personalized Itineraries

All of our listed package itineraries are tried and tested for suitability. 60% of our clients are repeat visitors, the reason for which has been, our staff and also our well-crafted itineraries that cover all the major activities, places and some more.

Unparalleled Services Excelled by Experience

The company has excelled in providing services to its clients from around the world with 40 years of combined experience of leading amazing trips. Our great trips may even change your perspective on life making the trips a “life-changing journeys”.

24 Hrs x 7 Days Service

Our Customer Service is here to serve you 24 hrs/7 days all around the year and is committed to provide you with excellent and prompt response to all your queries. Call our assistance team at+977 9851017772 which is available 24 hrs/7days.
Rajan Simkhada

A young tourism entrepreneur, Rajan today is the president of the company. As a kind and dreamer, Rajan started his professional career working in a hotel as front desk assistant in the year 1994. But his interest, vision and ambition led him to take trekking guide training and work as a trekking and tour guide. He led many trips to different parts of Himalayas and after three years of working as a guide he started his own trekking company, Earthbound Expeditions.

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Mr. Rajan Simkhada
Mr. Rajan Simkhada


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Mr. Nischal Kunwar

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Mr. Badri Prasad Gajurel

Director - Europe

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