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Mountain Biking in Nepal 

If you are a biker, mountain biking in Nepal appeals to adrenaline addicts, nature lovers, and fitness buffs alike  and an absolutely thrilling experience in Himalaya. 
Biking in Nepal a fantastic way to put your endurance to the test, push yourself to your limits, and experience the top of the world on two wheels!
In Nepal we have many variety of Mountain biking trails and different  routes with varying degrees of difficulty, obstacles, and scenery.  Won’t it be a great experience to ride on the intimidating Himalayan foothills with the gorgeous Himalayas as a backdrop ? Nepal’s landscape is unlike anywhere in the world as  huge mountain panoramas with ice peaks against a crisp blue sky, a single track on nice terraces  are the traditional image of Nepal. 
Most people think of trekking in Nepal only, but recent days Nepal also becoming a popular destination for mountain biking tours. With great topographic contrasts Nepal offers excellent mountain biking trips. 
Mountain bike trails in Nepal allow you to see the stunning splendor of the Himalayas,  spend the morning in the fresh air, surrounded by lovely people and scenery, the Himalayan foothills sprinkled with lush flora. 
If you wish to enjoy the thrill of Nepal’s top mountain riding trails come and join our mountain biking tours in Nepal may satisfy your wanderlust. We can suggest following are the most popular and spectacular biking trails whether you're a skilled biker or just want to get outside and be active by pedaling great distances. Please contact us for Biking tour in Nepal. 
Kathmandu Valley rim Mountain Biking tour 1 - 5 days 
Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Tour - the lost Tibetan kingdom - 7 to 10 days 
 Annapurna Circuit Mountain Biking Tour  - 8 to 12 days 
Kathmandu to Pokhara midcill mountain biking trips - 10 days 

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