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Nepal border to border thru hike India to China

Nepal border to border thru hike India to China

Nepal border to border thru hike India to China
Nepal Border to Border Thru Hike - India to Tibet China 
On the occasion of glorious 25 years of excellence Earthbound Expeditions an award winning trekking company explored a new trek route India border to China border . 
Our president Mr. Rajan Simkhada from Earthbound Expeditions explored a new trek route India boarder to China boarder  a Thru Hike first time in Nepal with American citizen Mike Obester and 2 of our supporters Kaji and Chetan to connect historical, pilgrimage and cultural route and for economic benefit of the country through tourism.  They walked walked in 17 days, total of 440 KM,  634635 steps and 139 hours from Khunuwa India Nepal boarder Khunuwa - Taulihawa - Kapilvastu to Nepal China boarder of Rasuwagadhi close to Kerung.  It covers total of  9 districts - 3 Provinces  ( Lumbini - Gandaki and Bagmati) . They started journey on Jan 4th and completed on Jan 22,  2024.This historic movement news was covered by many Nepali news portals.  If you are interested to join this trek kindly visit website www.thruhikesnepal.com or contact us for more details.

Following the journals of our American friend from Northern California, Magic Mike, as he was completing over 12,000 kilometers of thru hikes the past few years, Mr. Rajan was inspired to design a trek similar to those in the USA which touch the borders of their neighboring counties, Mexico and Canada.  While our own Great Himalayan Trail, moving East-West, is considered one of the toughest challenges in the outdoors, its high elevations and massive commitment of time and resources, make it unattainable for nearly all trekkers.  

Knowing how the diversity of Nepal unfolds when traveling South to North, I realized it would be very reasonable and exciting to touch the India border, turn towards the Himalayas, and in 15-25 days be at our other neighbor’s border, China. Moving this direction not only takes one through all the layers of Nepal's geography, history, culture and spirituality, it does so all while watching our great Himal Mountains get nearer and larger each day of the trek.  I also felt this could be best done when we need tourists most in Nepal, December to February.  
So after two years of mapping the trek, and with Magic Mike’s encouragement, I discovered the best path would include stops along the way in Nepal’s treasured destinations like Tansen, Bandipur, Gorkha and Ruby Valley…this is when I knew I must make the first attempt myself along with Mike.  So with two of Earthbound’s most dedicated team members, Kaji Sherpa and Chetan Rai, on January 4th we boarded a flight to Lumbini, touching the India border around 4pm, and on January 22nd at 10:40am, 440 kilometers later and with our footsteps continuously linked, we arrived at the Tibet, China border at 10:40am.

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