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Cuddle Happiness With Best Family Vacations On A Budget In Nepal

Cuddle Happiness With Best Family Vacations On A Budget In Nepal

Cuddle Happiness With Best Family Vacations On A Budget In Nepal

It is crucial for any family to go on a vacation at least once in a year. Activities as such help them better understand each other. Nepal can be a great choice for family holidays. If there is one thing that Nepal is famous for offering, it’s the best family vacations on a budget. If you’re thinking of visiting Nepal during your upcoming holidays, well, you’ve made the right choice, as the country is full of the best family vacation destinations.

What makes Nepal an ideal country for Nepal tour is the availability of numerous family adventure vacations options. These family tour options make sure that none of the family members feel left out. The best family vacation destinations consist of all kinds of places, from bustling cities to quiet villages. These family adventure vacations offer activities to the families such as adventure sports, helicopter tours, luxury tours, and so many other family tour options. When you visit Nepal during your holidays and try a couple of these activities, well, it is a guarantee that you will feel that Nepal is the ideal destination, as it offers best family vacations on a budget. You’d want to return time and again.

1. Annapurna Short Trek

Annapurna Short trek is one of the easiest and the most beautiful trekking journeys that you can go for. Spanning for a period of only 3 days, Annapurna Short trek is the best family vacations on a budget alternative. During the trek, you cover places places such as Tolkha, Phedi, Ghandruk, and so on. Since the trekkers are not required to walk for long distances, anyone can go for this trek. Probably, that’s what makes it the best family vacations on a budget option. Whether the members of the family include the elderly, or the children, this is a trek that anyone can complete.

annapurna region

Annapurna Region

Other significant thing about this trip is the altitude covered. The journey keeps you at a fairly low altitude, which makes sure that there is absolutely no chance for the trekkers to suffer from altitude sickness. This is yet another reason that makes it an ideal family vacation activity. Needless to say that it is  a beautiful trek. Throughout the journey, you will be offered great views of the mountains in the Annapurna region. Apart from that, you will also come across numerous natural and cultural spectacles. You will absolutely love the trip and places.

2. Chitwan National Park Safari

Chitwan National Park Safari is yet another one among the best family vacations on a budget choices. The journey allows you to explore the numerous species of animals that are rare and endangered. It’s always fun to spot them, and it is a notion shared not just by middle aged adults, but also young kids, teenagers and the elderly. Also, there are so many ways available through which one can explore the park, such as jeep safari, elephant ride, canoe ride and hiking. So, the members of the family can go for the medium that they are most comfortable with.


Chitwan National Park is one of the richest national parks in Nepal when it comes to the number of rare and endangered species of not just animals but birds, amphibians, fishes, and so on. Two of the most prominent animals in the park are Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhinoceros. Even gharial is an interesting creature that you could spot around rivers. Apart from going on Chitwan National Park Safari, you could also explore the local cultures followed by the Tharus who live here. For these reasons, it is the best family vacations on a budget option.

3. Rara Lake Short Trek

When you sign up for Rara Lake Short trek, your are guaranteed unlimited beauty of the numerous natural spectacles that are scattered on the route. During the trek, you will get the opportunity to soak in all this beauty. Needless to say that the major attraction of the trek is Rara Lake. Generally, Rara Lake trekking is a strenuous journey. What makes it so tough is the length of the trek, and that fact that it makes you walk on rough landscapes. However, this shorter version of the trip is comparatively easier, and still offers you everything that the longer one does. All these features make it best family vacations on a budget choice.

Rara Lake Short Trek

Altogether, it’s a five days long journey, and during this time you tend to cover places such as Cherechaur, Chauta, Jhyari, and so on. You also get to cover two of the biggest cities of Nepal – Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. You will spend a considerable amount of time there and get to explore some of the attractions there as well. Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest lake in Nepal. Surrounded by hills and mountains, you will surely love the moments that you will spend around the lake area.

4. Mountains and Temples in Nepal Tour

Nepal is a mountainous country. There is no doubt about it. But what makes this feature so interesting is the fact that it is home of 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world. These mountains are Everest, Kanchenjunga, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Manaslu, Annapurna and Lhotse. Now, if you’re a fan of the mountains, you can do so many things in Nepal to explore them. You could go for trekking, expedition, helicopter rides, mountain flight, and so on. Even hiking around the places can offer you distant yet beautiful mountain views.

Yeti Mountain Home - Lukla

On the other hand, Nepal is a country that is home to various religions. However, the two major ones among them are Hinduism and Buddhism. It is for the same reason that you will find so many religious heritages in the country, dedicated to these two religions. Many of them were built centuries ago, and they are still intact. Some of these heritage sites that you can explore in Nepal are Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Janaki Temple, Changu Narayan, Muktinath, and so on. Going on mountains and temples in Nepal tour is one of the best family vacations on a budget option.

5. Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini Tour

Kathmandu Pokhara and Lumbini are the trinity of places that you need to visit during your Nepal tour. If you fail to explore these places then your journey to this amazing country is incomplete. Kathmandu Pokhara and Lumbini tour is also the best family vacations on a budget alternative as traveling around these places is fairly easy, and it’s a guarantee that everyone in the family would find one or the other thing to connect to in this journey. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. Apart from being the most developed city in the country, it is also known as the city of temples. If you want to explore the history of Nepal, Kathmandu is the right place for you.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Pokhara on the other hand is known for its natural beauty. You can view the amazing mountains of the Annapurna region from here. Apart from that, the city also gives you the opportunity to try the numerous thrilling adventure sports. This is an ideal place for you to visit especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Finally, Lumbini, you should visit this place if you’re a lover of peace. It is known as the place where Gautam Buddha – the founder of Buddhism was born. To mark his birth, two heritages – the Mayadevi temple and the Ashokan pillar have been established.

6. Nepal Honeymoon Tour

One of the most important family members of yours is your life partner. He or she tends to stay close to you when the rest of them have left. So, it makes sense for the both of you to have a private time together in a country like Nepal, away from your burdens and responsibilities, once in a while. The best thing about Nepal Honeymoon tour is that you can go for it even after years of getting married and staying together. Trips like these help strengthen the relationship between the couple. During you honeymoon tour in Nepal, you get to explore the beautiful cities of Pokhara, Kathmandu and Chitwan.



While Kathmandu is known for its historical, religious and cultural significance, Pokhara is known for its natural beauty and the opportunity it offers you to try out the different adventure sports. Chitwan, on the other hand, is known for Chitwan National Park. It is one of the most visited national parks in Nepal, all because of the numerous species of rare and endangered animals that call the park home. Two of the prominent ones among them are Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhinoceros. You will also get to explore the cultures and traditions of the Tharu people, a tribe indigenous to the region, during your stay in Chitwan. Nepal Honeymoon tour is definitely the best family vacations on a budget option, not just for couples in the family to go separately, but also for the entire family to go together

7. Nepal Well-Being Tour

One of the crucial things that helps a family to walk together and stay connected is peace, and mental or spiritual health. However, because of today’s life that is hustling and bustling, people, and mainly families seem to get away from all this. Now, what if there was a way to enjoy your holidays and at the same time go one step closer to discovering your spirituality!. It is a journey that every family should go for at least once . Nepal well-being tour is a similar journey most probably the best family vacations on a budget alternative. It allows you to explore some of the most exciting places in Nepal, and at the same time work on your spiritual well-being.

Nepal Well-Being Tour

Sunrise View From Nagarkot

Altogether, the journey is 10 days long, and during this time, you cover places like Pokhara, Kathmandu and Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a small hill station which is only a couple of hours drive away from the city of Kathmandu. Due to the perfect sunrise and sunset views that it offers, along with that of the numerous mountains, it is an ideal weekend spot. During your stay in these places, you would also get the opportunity to practice yoga and be trained by an expert yoga practitioner. Yoga is an effective way to maintain the well-being of body and mind.

8. Nepal Soft Adventure Tour

A vacation is not a vacation if it doesn’t have the element of adventure in it. Now, provided that you are up for it, you can make your holidays as adventurous as you want. If there is one thing that Nepal is known for, it’s excruciating adventure sports. Since you’re going on a vacation with your family members, you should mellow down the level of adventure in it. As, not everyone might be capable of taking it. When you choose to go for Nepal soft adventure tour, you don’t just get to visit some of the prominent attractions of the country like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, you also get to be a part of an exciting rafting session.

Nepal Soft Adventure Tour

Rafting in Nepal

Now, rafting is an activity that can be considered an ideal one for families because, first of all, it is a team based adventure sport, and so, everyone gets to play their share. Also, the toughness level of the activity can be moderated, because of which no one has to refrain from it. Even when people are not quite sure how to swim, they can still go for rafting. The adventure sport gives you just the right amount of thrill and excitement. Because of all the reasons mentioned above and many more, it can be concluded that Nepal soft adventure tour is the best family vacations on a budget option.

9. Nepal Multi Adventure Tour

Now, there is a similarity and a difference in the Nepal soft adventure tour and Nepal multi adventure tour. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of them. Both the packages are the best family vacations on a budget options as they are designed keeping in mind the needs of all the members of the family. Both cover interesting destinations, along with an adventure sport, primarily rafting. The difference, however, is the inclusion of trekking in the latter one, and the exclusion of the visit to Chitwan.

annapurna Trekking

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

So, in the Nepal multi adventure tour, apart from covering places like Kathmandu and Pokhara, and being a part of an exciting rafting session, you get to go on a short trek in the Annapurna region. The trek is called Ghorepani and Poon Hill trek, and during the journey, you will have to walk for 4 days. Now, this can be an ideal family vacation for everyone unless they have a problem walking in the hills. The trek is one of the most popular ones in Nepal. It covers the beautiful villages of Ghandruk, Ghorepani, Tikhedhunga, Jhinu, and so on. These are beautiful places, and are populated by the most lovely people, who are going to offer you amazing hospitality. The major attraction of the trek is Poon Hill, which acts as a viewpoint. It has a height of 3210 m, and it offers great views of the hills and mountains.

10. Family Adventure Holidays in Nepal

Family Adventure Holidays in Nepal is yet another holiday option for families. The package is designed keeping in mind the level of strain that the different members of the family can take during a holiday. The strain generally comes from including adventurous activities in the journey. This one has mellowed down version of trekking. Family adventure holidays in Nepal is a 10 days long journey, and during this time, you cover places like Pokhara, Kathmandu and Chitwan. These destinations offer you so many things to do and it depends entirely one you, which ones you’d like to try and the ones you’d like to avoid.

Nepal Multi Adventure Tour

Ghandruk Trek

There is one activity that you’d definitely be doing, and that is trekking. You will trek for only a couple of hours, for two days altogether, and during this time, you will cover places such as Ghandruk, Tolka and Sarangkot. The trekking package is designed especially for the kids, i.e. to help them get acquainted with the activity of trekking. It is designed to ensure that they have fun and that it doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare for them. Family Adventure holidays in Nepal is the best family vacations on a budget option for everyone in the family, and especially for the kids who’ve never tried hiking.

11. Short Hike around Kathmandu

During your stay in Nepal, and especially in Kathmandu, you can choose to go for a short hike around Kathmandu. The major difference between hiking and trekking is that the former one is comparatively shorter and easier than the latter one. It is for the same reason that short hike around Kathmandu can prove to be the best family vacations on a budget alternative.


During the tour, you don’t just get to explore the outskirts of Kathmandu, but also the hills and the numerous settlements that are situated at the edge of the valley. Be prepared to be welcomed by some of the best mountain views. Also, depending on what journey you’re going for, you will come across numerous natural spectacles and cultural and religious heritages. These will make your hiking trip further exciting and enlightening. The only downside to going for these trips is that the family members who have problems walking may find this activity excruciating. Some of the most popular hiking routes around Kathmandu are Champadevi Hiking, Nagarkot Hiking, Sundarijal and Nagarjuna Hiking, Phulchowki Hiking, and many more. Provided that you go on these trips, you’re going to fall in love with them – the places, the journey and the attractions.


It’s crucial for families to go on a vacation once in a while. It doesn’t just help improve their bonding, but also helps the family members explore each other’s fun side. Now, one of the most challenging things about going on a family vacation is management. It’s hard to manage the itinerary, especially if the tour includes numerous activities and places to cover. Also, another aspect that is quite hard to manage is the budget. It is a tough thing to first find and then choose a package for the trip, as most family vacation packages are expensive. Quite a lot of things also depends on the destination.

For instance, Nepal – it is the country that offers best family vacations on a budget. What makes these family vacations the best is not just the price of the package but also the numerous options when it comes to places, and things to do. Nepal is the ideal country for family vacations from various aspects and alternatives when it comes to places and activities, affordability, and many more. You will surely fall in love with Nepal. So, if you;re looking for options for the best family vacations on a budget, make sure to try this country.

About Earthbound Expeditions

Earthbound Expeditions offers the best travel packages in Nepal. What makes their services the best one in the country is their focus on client satisfaction. They make sure to modify their itinerary as per the needs and interests of their clients. Their intention is to make the packages as personal and close to the hearts of the clients as it can get. As a travel agency, they are also the most reliable one. The packages that they offer are competitive from the perspective of price.

Earthbound Expedition specializes in trekking and expedition. However, if you’re not quite into challenging activities as such you could sign up for the more laid back kind, for instance, jungle safari, cultural tour, food tour, helicopter tour, mountain flight, and so on. Their itineraries feature the most popular and off-the-beat travel destinations from countries like Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. If you’re looking to visit any of these places during your upcoming holidays, or are willing to try any one of these activities, make sure to contact Earthbound Expedition. With them by your side as your travel partner, you can be rest assured about having the most amount of fun.


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